Swaggy Christmas Gift Ideas for Justin: Boxers! Cars! and More!

MTV News caught up with some beliebers, and asked them what they would buy Justin Bieber for Christmas — with a budget restriction “sky’s the limit.” Check out their swaggy Christmas gift ideas for Justin:

“I would buy Justin Bieber a really nice car, ’cause he’s always into cars.” –Adriana Cronin

“I would probably buy him boxers, I don’t know. What do boys like?” –Sofia Badalamenti

“A customized iPhone, With my face on it.” –Isabelle Clark

“If I had to think of it right on the spot, probably a new cell phone because he probably has to change his number all the time.” –Andrew Provencher

“I’d buy him me and put me in a box and, like, give it to him.” –Catherine Witkowski

“I would probably take him to a restaurant and then go see a movie with him.” –Illeana Cohen

“So I would get him a honeymoon … that me and him could spend together.” –Cyndie Funaro

“I would want to buy him a house next to us, so we can always be close to him.” –Willa Neubauer

What would you get for Justin for Christmas? :)
Watch the video interview:

112 thoughts on “Swaggy Christmas Gift Ideas for Justin: Boxers! Cars! and More!

  1. retarted fangirls

    I would love to give him some new pants that actually fit him and a new word he would use instead of that gay a** word “swaggy”.

    1. Liyah Bieber

      do you have anything better to say then that stop hatin cause your not him but the pants thing im with im not with the sag

    2. Rhea

      Swaggy would mean SWAG. Bieber has it all. You’re all just jealous of the SWAG he’s got. Too difficult for you to understand RETARDED FANGIRL?
      Hater’s gonna Hate. <3
      Believer forever —<@
      And AGAIN, he's got SWAG (Y)

      1. Rhea

        Gosh, you creep.
        Stop commenting if you hate him so much.
        Don’t you get it?
        He has SWAG.
        Andandandandand, don’t use a word that you don’t know the meaning of: SWAG.<3

    3. Rhea

      And, about the pants, I bet all you haters together can’t buy the pants he owns.
      So haters, from all the BELIEBERS IN THE WORLD, I’m gonna say just one thing-
      You mustn’t have heard this common phrase before. Tough to understand?
      But guess what?

      1. retarted fangirls

        Who wants to buy his pants anyways they look like one of those gay pants built for “dropping the soap”.

      2. #Believe In Biebah

        @retardedfangirls, I swear your dad’s condom was such a fail. Yeah, I went there. That’s what you get when you hate. Be about the love. If you were a Belieber, you won’t be hated so much. So stfu, you c*nt a** n*gga.

      3. retarted fangirls

        Blah blah blah and blah talking about being a belieber, what’s Justin going to do for your scrawny behind? Nothing little girl. You should be spreading the peace, not your legs. :)

      4. #Believe In Biebah

        That’s the worst comeback I’ve ever heard. TBH, we all know you like Justin, because you come here, on his fansite, and read the latest news. Idiot.

      5. retarted fangirls

        And your dad’s condom is such a fail. Really b*** really? Your talking like that was so good. Haha

      6. Jade

        Exactly like I don’t wanna hear they spotted togther and off again like come on just move on period.Is like they are afraid to let the fans know they not back together anymore like their better now.See im happy but one thing is that still not over is the jelena name yeah is get’s on my damn nerves like really is this going to compete over and over because they was together but im (not hating) I just like not couple anymore is much better :)

      7. Rhea

        DUDE, GO.
        You’re a creep. This site is for beliebers okay?
        So please, if you aren’t one, don’t fill the site with FILTH. Like you.
        GO. PLEASE.

      8. Powerina

        I dnt knw wat he lyks, cos guyz ve deir own problem , xo i wil try to make him happy 4 a day or sing him his fav song or mine. Or set a date 4 him wit selena

  2. Liyah Bieber

    I Would Give Him A Basketball And Basketball Socks Because He Loves Basketball!!! Srry For The CAPS On The Beginning Of Ever Word Love You Justin

  3. Karla .L

    My Gift To Justin Would Be A Build A Bear With A Recording Of My Voice Saying He’s Well Missed And Never Alone <3

  4. Justin Bieber

    You know what ill give all of you,a big kiss because of how sweet you all are.Love you all,have a Happy Christmas!

    1. Bieber - Lover

      Justin, I would go on a date at a restaurant (you choose the restaurant you like) and I will pay for everything!!

    2. Yasmin

      I will make out with him to show him how much I loved him to death and tell him how god make him a cute white boy, has never change he still is that JB when he first had came out with his album xoxo.♥

    1. Rhea

      OHMYGOD, come up with something original. Seriously.
      Wait, I totally forgot! You can’t, cuz you’re an illiterate idiot. And of course, you aren’t really a BELIEBER, as you went against a true BELIEBER previously. So, let me suggest something.
      NOW, Haters gonna hate. B|

      1. JaylaBieber

        Learn the definition of thirsty because when you look it up, it’ll be you. I think that’s the main reason you’re here. To hate on Justin and get attention because you’re alcoholic mother won’t give you any. You should put it on your Christmas list, though.

      2. Rhea

        Thirsty would mean: Having a craving for a liquid.
        Get your english right before you speak. Okay?
        And keep one thing in your mind while commenting: All the BELIEBERS in the world are going to read what you write. SO PLEASE, TALK SOME SENSE. AND THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

      3. retarted fangirls

        For all you idiots out there that think there is only one definition of thirsty are some Dumbas***. It also means a craving you c*nts, so stfu until you know multiple meanings of a word.

      4. #Believe In Biebah

        @retartedfangirls, EXACTLY. Your just like a pap, longing for a photo. Should I throw a water bottle at you? THE THIRST.

      5. JaylaBieber

        That isn’t the only definition *CLEARLY*. I know what the word thirsty means, I’ve been through and finished elementary school as well as middle school. Got some dumb ass mofo’s on here…

      6. Rhea

        What do you even think of yourself?
        You’re out on a mission to fill the world with FILTH.
        And listen, what do you wants everyone to say to you??
        “Ohmygod! You’re so kewl B|.
        Cool like that yo. All learned with the synonyms yo. ”
        Keep dreaming.

      7. Rhea

        Now, by saying something like that, you are sort of going AGAINST JUSTIN.
        So, now you know who the REAL MOFO here is. YOU.

  5. #1 BELIEBER

    I would buy Justin Bieber a HUGE teddy bear that says i love you every time he presses the teddy bears paw and i would spray a lot of perfume on the teddy bear so it could smell i would also make him a card and i would sing a song to him and record it so he could always listen to my voice and remember me!!!!!!!!! :D Love you Justin <3

  6. kaela scott

    i will record myself so justin bieber can hear me sing his song all i want is you christmas song with different lyrics includding boyfriend and make a cd for him to hear it that include believe and so he can hear it so he can cry and let him know i am a super die hard fan i am to him because he will always be my shawty mane all the time and always be in my heart to have and hold forever

  7. kaela scott

    i will buy him a toothbrush and toothpaste so he can brush his teeth so his breath will not stink how can he kiss selena gomez with bad and stinky breath? maybe he need to brush his teeth everyday without people telling him to or ealse i tell his manager scooter braun and his mom pattie mallulette

  8. kaela scott

    i will call his mom and tell her justin bieber did not brush his teeth and that is why i have 3 phone numbers of justin bieber for me to call too.. andi do not want him get sassy with me either.

  9. kaela scott

    i will send justin bieber and selena gomez to hawaii for their moonlit picnic under the stars for their honeymoon for christmas

  10. Bieber Love

    I would give him all my love :)
    Give him a nice home cook meal with just me an him by the fire place.
    Make him smile :)
    Then give him a sweet kiss under the mistletoe :)
    Love you Justin:)! Mwah!
    Merry Christmas Baby :)


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