Vacation in Mexico!


Enjoying the sun in Mexico.


  • Ellen Wilkins

    i would love to go there with justin!

    • ☮VegasGirl☮BELIEBER☮

      Solo Dio sa quello che provo per lui! TI AMO

    • Mrs.Bieber

      I thought Justin was the hottest guy ever…Until I saw the movie Magic Mike lol. Justin has quite a ways to grow into a man lol! At least he looks like he is a year older than me. I’m 15.

    • The Real Bieber – Lover

      He looks sexy hot!! i think i melted!!

      • Dekeys Baby

        I agree wit u i thiught justin bieber was cute to intell I also saw magic mike

      • Olivia yetins

        Yeah got that right

    • Olivia yetins

      I agreee

    • Olivia yetins


    • Jb lover

      I can’t believe thAt any of you girls think he’s ganna read any of these letters and reply to em I agree that he’s cute and can sing good but curiously he’s got like12 hundred fan sights

  • je t’adore


    • Jb lover


  • Melissa



  • Nicole

    Omg! Justin looks really sexy!!!. Aw he’s dose looks really Good :)

  • Justy

    He’s beautiful

    • Alisha

      Sooo beautiful. Swag! hope u have a great time there, enjoy it justin.

      • Olivia yetins

        I love you so much Justin #1fan

    • Olivia yetins


  • Monica

    Like DAYUMM He loos really sexy he is gorgeous

  • kd bieber

    OMG dear god if you hear god, tell justin bieber to stop doing this to us

  • True. Beileber


    • Jsha bieber

      Hot,Hotter,Hotttest :)

  • True. Beileber

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Omg. I will kiss. Him

  • No longer a Belieber :)

    Bleughhh I was a belieber but now he and Selena make me sick tbh #DontJudgeMe

    • Bieber Love

      Same! But im not goin to let Selena STOP ME FROM BEING A BELIEBER! I say.. if he’s happy, i’m happy! ;) I just don’t give ah shit about Jelena anymore! Whatever happens that’s there personal life so it’s dere buzz. But i hope Justin be careful an have his head on. That’s all i have to say :)

    • #Believe In Biebah

      @NolongeraBelieber, yeah um you were a FAN, NOT a BELIEBER. Because if you were a Belieber, you wouldn’t give two sh*ts to who he dates, you would only care about Justin’s HAPPINESS. So b*tch please, know the difference.

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        #Believe in Biebah is right you can’t stop being a belieber because of Selena.

  • essie j

    hes so f*cking hot *o* ;)

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    I love that pic ;) he’s looking good <333333

  • jazmyne

    somkin…………………………………………….. HOT

  • Bieber Love

    Awwii you look so cute ;) Love you so much!
    Hope you have a great vacation an have lots of fun ;)
    Hope no one ruins it! Mwahz! Love you! <3 ;)


    cute <3

    • Jb lover

      Yes bery

  • @Belieber_YoungSletzz

    btchs xD
    btw justin youuu loook so damn hot *;

  • Bieberlover1301

    Hope you have a great time Justin. Wish I was there with you

  • halah

    you sexy so much I love you justin bieber you boy very hot

  • Mrs. Bieber Forever

    Smokin . Sexy. Hot I love you

  • Ana

    Oh no, another naked picture, is this your hobby?

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    really hotyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy justin
    u r really hot killer justin u stole my heart
    i love u justin

  • Angelique

    Omg I love you Justin I want to go with you!!!!!!!

  • GABY

    ok so he looks so funny with his eyes like that but were all human

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    hes so hot en super sexyyy love you JUSTIN !

  • sarabiebs

    * le dead * ♥__♥

  • Cristy

    He looks so hot!!! I wish i was there with him. Have a good vacation. I LOVE JUSTIN.

  • Belieber


  • Ms. Bieber. Forever


  • Hue

    Your Hair jels messed up! Why you taking pictures of your ladybody? Oh yea i know, you want people to faint because they think you are too ugly. We know

    • Jb lover

      That is not so and that wasn’t nice

      • Jb lover

        Gash that really wasn’t nice

  • dndjs

    Some of u guys really forget that its about the music, u say like only omg justin u are so hot. Yes he is but stop talking about he is sexy. Like back in 2009, 2010 it was not only about the looks but really about the music. I dont mean it to hate or something.

    • Jb lover

      Yeah that is true