• Same! But im not goin to let Selena STOP ME FROM BEING A BELIEBER! I say.. if he’s happy, i’m happy! ;) I just don’t give ah shit about Jelena anymore! Whatever happens that’s there personal life so it’s dere buzz. But i hope Justin be careful an have his head on. That’s all i have to say :)

    • @NolongeraBelieber, yeah um you were a FAN, NOT a BELIEBER. Because if you were a Belieber, you wouldn’t give two sh*ts to who he dates, you would only care about Justin’s HAPPINESS. So b*tch please, know the difference.

  1. Awwii you look so cute ;) Love you so much!
    Hope you have a great vacation an have lots of fun ;)
    Hope no one ruins it! Mwahz! Love you! <3 ;)

  2. Your Hair jels messed up! Why you taking pictures of your ladybody? Oh yea i know, you want people to faint because they think you are too ugly. We know

  3. Some of u guys really forget that its about the music, u say like only omg justin u are so hot. Yes he is but stop talking about he is sexy. Like back in 2009, 2010 it was not only about the looks but really about the music. I dont mean it to hate or something.

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