Video: Justin Bieber Dancers Flash Mob at Airport

Justin Bieber’s dancers’ flight got cancelled from Atlanta to Washington DC… so how did they kill the time? DANCE.

As one of Justins’ back-ups, Nick deMoura, explained:

“So our flight got cancelled in atlanta and Johnny said imagine if we just started dancing in the terminal…So i pulled out my camera and BOOM this happened!!!”

Bieber dancers dance to the “Beauty and a Beat”.
Watch the video: 

  1. lmao… thats is amazing….

    y’all made ur own fun… #Creative and #Cool!!!

    wish i just sooooo happened 2 b there wen this happened.. :( haa

    much love,

  2. justin bieber is to awsone fr me and i want is next consert in İndia so if he can all İndians want justin to come here and do a consert

    Jυδτιи βιεβεя ιδ τηε βεδτ

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