4Chan Trolls Campaign “Cut For Bieber” Urged Beliebers to Cut Themselves! DONT!


On Monday afternoon, 4chan (internet trolls) unleashed its latest prank on the Internet: a disturbing campaign to get beliebers to cut themselves in order to stop Justin Bieber from smoking marijuana.

From gawker:

Operation Cut For Bieber launched with a hashtag on Twitter that proved so successful, it was trending nationwide within hours … “You stop using drugs and we’ll stop cutting. You make this world meaningless and we’ve lost hope,” tweeted @brittanyscrapma, one of several dummy accounts … The hashtags #cutforbieber and #cuttingforbieber quickly amassed dozens of photos from teens and tweens who claim to have slashed their wrists and forearms over Bieber’s drug use, but it remains unclear how many of the photos are authentic, and how many have been seeded by 4chan users. Regardless, the fact that the hashtags are trending at all is disturbing enough.


Miley Cyrus took a stance on the disturbing “cut for Bieber” Twitter trend last night by re-tweeting another user’s comments on the bizarre campaign.

@officialCANCER who tweeted “‪#cutforbieber? Cutting is NOT something to joke about. There are people who are actually suffering from self-harm, this is so disrespectful.”

It’s unclear if Justin is aware of the situation.

  1. yes this is crazy but justin plz don,t do this i am saying this again and again plz don,t do this i love u justinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    • If they just dropped justin like a paper bag and let him fly away then they ovbiously werent TRUE beliebers!!!!
      Im not going to believe some random article that says bad things about justin! Why should i?
      The fact they even started #cuttingbieber is very disappointing
      He always tells us beliebers that he is there for us no matter what and that he loves us and ever since this stupid rumor came up some beliebers (in return) just left him like he didnt do THOUSANDS of concerts and world tours for us :( :(
      Dont worry justin, most of us are still standing and fighting with you through this tough battle :D
      We <3 you and always will :)

  2. oh my god… I can’t believe this ….. I am crying …. This is so sad….. so … as I understand except for smoking marijuana he also uses drugs? if yes… then my life is useless…… but remember… ”I will always love you..” Justin……:’) :’) :’) :’)

      • Yo! Justin didn’t do that. And, even if he did, we should forgive him because everybody makes mistakes plus he’s growing up. It’s his life. He’s human. He learns everyday about different things. It’s just the friends he’s surrounded with (I also accept it) but he’ll survive anyway cause we all know that he’s a polite boy and was raised by a queen. We should NOT be stupid enough to leave Justin for something like that right? It’s just the society who’s ugly…I mean, please give him a break! </3 True beliebers will never Justin no matter what! Right? :D #MyOpinion

      • people are pranking Beliebers to cut them self to stop justin from smoking but its okay its just a prank so dont do it ever do it justin wouldnt want you to

  3. Okay, i love Bieber, but not to that extreme. I will NEVER and I mean EVER cut my self for Justin Drew Bieber or any other man, women, or child even if my life depended on it

  4. I mean this sh!t is crazy! Why would u do that? I will state that once again I love Bieber, but I’m 17 yrs old and my life barely even started. I will not kill myself over anyone. Those girls should remember somthin’ CUTTING=-BLOOD AND BLOOD=DEATH! Plus, my body is way to sexy for any scars. They shouldn’t be ruining their lifes and killing themselves basically over somethin’ that Justin got himself into in the first place.They should know that they’re too precious for that.

      • I don’t look anorexic thank u verry much. plus last time i checked, I’m talking about the thing above and I’m not making fun of people like ur doing. U probobly look like some fat ass ass hole who can’t get a man. Yea. See how that feels. whore

      • First of all, I know how she looks in real life ‘cuz she’s my birth sister. And she has all the guys coming from every corner trying to get a lil’ taste. She IS sexy. So before u start talking about my sis that way, u better think about what u say. Don’t talk about her that way. U probobly look like a volture what got shot in each wing 4 times and is still trying to fly. So shut up.

  5. Some believers are really preventing certain people from being his fans by their stupidity and nasty behavior. First of all nobody should do something this stupid for anyone. Justin has not become a drug addict, he is smart enough to know drugs and excessive alcohol can ruin him and his career-he has said so. He only drinks moderately on occation-not a sin. If he takes pot once in a while, he will be ok. It is not a hard drug or a crime. I don’t recommend it but I won’t cease to be supporting him regardless. that is what loyalty is about.


      • Well here’s the thing when some beliebers do it all beliebers are supposedly responsible for this because all of us are family and this doesn’t make any sense these girls need to start thinking straight and there probably younger Than 12 who were doing this they need to get their heads straight and get any sense about what’s going on and what they’ve done so of course They’ll blame on the whole fan base these days so I’m just waiting for the Everyone to say you girls are crazy!!!!
        Our reputation has now been tarnished for the most supportive Fanbase to the most stupidest fan base ever!!!
        And I don’t like being known as for the Fanbase to have offended the real cutters because those girls have just pretty much offended them and that’s not good at all It’s like saying that you can cut for any reason because you could cut for anything but that’s not the issue at all and those girls have just pretty much made the wrong saying that you can just cut for anything now a days and that’s not the point so I’m really embarrassed but very concerned for those girls since those marks will permanently be on there bodies… And when ppl ask how did you get them they’ll say
        ” oh well it was for my idol who smoked marajuina and I wanted him to stop”
        Like really even my friends who were directioners teased me about it saying ” wow do you guys cut yourselves know”
        I knew she was joking but at first I didn’t know til now… Just hope Justin says something quick cause this has been I think our 4th worldwide shocking news that beliebers did
        1.Selena Gomez death threats
        2. Dirty Bieber secrets
        3. And anything else that we even did that was stupidly stupid if you guys can name any

    • @ivan I can clearly understand that you are not a belieber so you can’t now this feeling . we love him that we’d do everything for him to protect him ……if it works I can do even craziest things for him . this is LOVE . but if it works……..

  6. Beliebers . Why you cutting your wrist. Just believe in @Justin . You people’s are using your hopes. I LOVE JUSTIN……. I believe in you…. @hana

  7. Seriously!?! With all the bad things happening to kids now a days as it is what kind of animal encourages them to harm them selves my 6 uear old is totally in love with the beib she hates selena for “stealing” her husband she says lol. So with that being said its the parents job to somewhat controll this obsession that our lil girls have with him. Hes adorable but girls you cant make him your life. As you can see by the disturbing hashtags others know its an obsession too. And as far as him smokin weed and doung drugs u have bo truth ro those statements just pics of him smoking tjat could be anygjing but even if it was maryjane so what you cant depend on him to teach ur kids morals tell them its wrong! They shouldnt be doing everything they see on tv anyway. I know there obbsessed with him and it mey be a bad example but everybody needs to remember hea still young and he needs to live out his younger years and learn from his own
    mistakes hes not deliberately trying to be any kind of influence he just has no personal life left and no privacy cause of all the money ppl make off one pic of him

  8. Cutting isn’t a joke and everyone on Twitter yesterday was treating it like it was. Some girls even posted pictures of themselves bleeding and shit.

  9. This is so……………………, beliebers stop cutting urself, we can understand that u all luv him like us, but this is definatly not a right way. U all can just request him to stop smoking, heyy! But he has not become addicted. Guys! Just forgive him, he is human too, he can make mistakes and just support him at this time, when everyone hating on him.

  10. I’m sorry to break it to you people, but you are turning Justin Bieber into some kind of God. Seriously?? I mean, I get that you like him and all, but SERIOUSLY?? Mutilating your bodies because he did something ALL celebs probably do?? You’re all taking it WAYYY too far.

  11. people who are cutting themselves just because hes smokig marijuana are really dumb like its not that bad. its actually a good stress reliever.

  12. I saw this on the internet yesterday. THE F*CK?! I understand if you’re upset over this, but don’t take it out on yourself. Cutting yourself leaves permanent scars and probably a whole lot worse. If you were to cut yourself and bleed without stopping it, guess what? YOU’D DIE. And some of this is real. Girls were posting pics of themselves bleeding after they were cut… Even if half of these aren’t real (because it is possible to just cause a visual image when you’re not really cut), it’s disturbing that the hash-tag started trending. That’s disrespectful, both to the people who are actually cutting themselves and to everyone else. Bottom line: It’s not right. How many of you cut yourself for God or Jesus? If you don’t cut yourself for them, why the hell would you cut yourself for Justin? It is possible to get your point across, but this is not the right way. I love Justin deeply, but may God do so to me and may he add to it if I ever cut myself for him. And all this because of shit that got put on TMZ? Use some common sense, people. This better stop as a topic on Twitter, because if it doesn’t, I’m gonna have a heart attack. This is ridiculous and sickening.

  13. This is just too idiotic. I, being a belieber who self harms, wouldn’t cut for hIm to stop smoking weed. And really love him. It is disrespectful for other people who self harm because its a slap on the face for people who go through depression, bullying and home abuse. Why would you cut for such a problem that could easyly be solved if you just idk made signsfor his concerts or if meet him plead him to stop.

  14. The people who did this at 4 channel who were responsible for claiming Justin had cancer and that Belilevers should shave their heads should go to jail. I was tempted to inform the FBI on this but don’t know if they could do anything. We have to stop being stupid and believe everything in the internet-fool me once fool me twice

  15. So this was started by f*cking morons. Again. What the hell??? I’ve had enough of stupid people starting trends to trick people. Just like the Bald 4 Bieber topic. But unfortunately, you can’t fix stupid. I would just start ignoring topics that tell you to do something to your well-being for a celeb. What gets me is… um, what was it… oh, yeah- WHAT SICK PEOPLE THINK THAT THIS IS AMUSING?!?!?! That’s even more ridiculous than the fact that this topic even got started.

    • But hey this is a what TMZ wanted was to start a chain reaction they posted the pictures of Justin smoking the girls get sad and it started then they started cutting which is going to make another
      Article probably on the cover page that Beliebers cut because Justin smokes TMZ pretty much had it all Planned to have something go wrong and they’ve done just that but I’m very concern for the girls and hope Justin talks about this or tweet for them to stop

      • Exactly what I thought. Something stupid that TMZ did started a bunch of bull. As soon as they do something… chain reaction. Then other idiots will take advantage of the situation and do something that hurts other people. Thanks, TMZ. All you do is lie and cause a lot of problems.

  16. I am not being funny or anything,I don’t know why you are all cutting your wrist just because justin is smoking weed it is justins life let him do what he want x.

  17. Some are blaming Justin or the entire fandom for this. It was the fault of criminals masquerading as fans who instigated this-pranksters. Some of Justin’s fans are obviously disturbed you girls who are giving the rest a bad name. I wish these people are prosecuted and jailed for fraud and a type of child abuse.

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