An Open Letter To Justin Bieber – From “Belieber” Author Cathleen Falsani


Cathleen Falsani is an award-winning religion journalist and author of four books including her latest, BELIEBER: Fame, Faith and the Heart of Justin Bieber.

Dear Justin,

Please consider this a well-being check from someone who genuinely cares about you: Me.

Let me begin by saying that I am for you. I have studied you and your career since you stepped into the public spotlight as an adolescent. You are a gift to the world – to your family, your friends and your tens of millions of devoted fans.

Sweetheart, here’s the thing (and this is an “and,” not a “but”): I’m worried about you. It’s not that you smoke pot (or anything else). It’s what that choice and behavior means.

Like so many of your admirers, I have celebrated your successes, danced to your music, sung along with you in the car, prayed with you when you’ve publicly asked us to join you in lifting up the victims of cataclysm and despair, and prayed for you – for your protection and health, direction and inspiration.

I know you are keenly aware of the many gifts you’ve been given and who bestowed them on you. And I know you understand that to whom much is given, much is expected and required.

With a perspective and sense of responsibility far beyond your years, throughout your public life thus far you have articulated beautifully and clearly your gratitude for the extraordinary favor and experiences you have had and continue to have as the most famous teenager on the planet.

And you have given thanks publicly and consistently to your supporters, the team that manages your business, mentors, creative partners, and your God.

You regularly encourage your fans – young and old – to follow your lead and recognize the blessings in their own lives, to “pay it forward,” give back, and try to change the world for the better.

Justin, as has been your intention, you have been a positive influence on countless children and young people around the globe. And I believe that you will continue to be a force of light and joy as long as you don’t choose to ignore the divine GPS located in your heart of hearts.

Few of us, who know you only through your public persona, can fathom the pressures of superstardom that you live with every day.

Last year you reached a milestone when you turned 18. You are living in a liminal state, standing at the threshold between childhood and adulthood, still more boy than man.

Times of transition and change are difficult for anyone, never mind someone whose every move in public is chronicled by relentless paparazzi and other members of the media. You must be gentle with yourself as you navigate these new waters, but you also must be diligent to guard your heart and mind more now than ever.
Whether you’ve partaken of the “sacred herb” just once or burn more cabbage than Tommy Chong at a Furthur show is not the issue that most concerns me.

It’s the decision to light a spliff or one-hitter or cigarette or whatever it was in that Newport Beach hotel room last week where folks were snapping pictures with their smartphones that troubles me.

What you do and say echoes around the world. Your very young fans watch and listen to you carefully. When they see images of you with a butt or blunt in your hand or waiting for a friend to pour you a glass of vodka, the message they receive is inconsistent and confusing.

I can’t imagine that was your intention, if you gave much thought at all to what you were doing before you chose to do it, but that’s the reality.

Is it fair that you should need to consider millions of other people before you decide how to spend an evening with friends? Probably not. But that is the life you have chosen (or that, perhaps at least, in part, was chosen for you by others) and you have a responsibility to act accordingly.

You do have the choice to disregard your responsibilities. But you don’t have the choice to avoid the consequences of your actions.

Everybody makes mistakes, and all of us behave in ways that are not our highest and best selves. None of us is defined by our worst moments. That’s what grace – and I know you understand what grace is – is all about.
In the past, when you’ve made choices that maybe weren’t the best, you have owned them, apologized, made amends and self-corrected. As you lean farther into young adulthood, I pray that you will continue to do so.
You know better than anyone exactly what temptations and opportunities celebrity brings. And I know you know well the cautionary tales of far too many child celebrities who have reached the threshold in which you now stand and made terrible choices that have led to their destruction.

I don’t believe that’s how your story is meant to end. But it could be if you are reckless and lose sight of true north.

Remember who you are, Justin. Remember who you were created to be. A city on a hill. Salt and light.

You are loved because you are. Full stop. Nothing you could ever do would make God love you less. Nothing you could ever do would make God love you more.

Pick yourself up, knock the dust off, check that sacred GPS, and walk on.

May the God who loves you more than all of your millions of fans ever will continue to bless and protect you.

Grace and all the good things,


  • adrianag

    firstttt :)

  • retarted fangirls

    B*tch he doesn’t have time to read all that. I mean use your common sense here lol

    • JKJKJK

      What’s wrong with you?

    • Mrs.Bieber♥

      SO TRUE!:D

      • Mrs.Bieber♥


  • Allison

    Well your name sure does say a lot about you ^^^

    • retarted fangirls

      Ha don’t make me start

      • Samantha luvs Justin♥

        Oh don’t even make me start! You think Justin even gives two living craps about you either!? Somebody’s *coughs* what ur name says *coughs* You just annoy me soooooooooo much! Y’know I don’t even know why I read comments anymore cuz ppl like YOU really just r words that God would not want me to say! Why do you even go on Justin Bieber fansites? Oh let me think YOU HAVE NO LIFE!!!! At least I don’t hate on ppl who don’t deserve it! *Somebody right now does though* If I were u I would stop going onto websites of ppl that u don’t like right now I could say I’m pretty lazy to get my butt away from this computer but when someone that hates on a person & goes & hates on them just to get ppl riled up really really REALLY just ugh I can’t even say it! Really I don’t watch videos of ppl that I don’t like cuz I know it’s pointless if I don’t like them. But really how can u hate Justin he has made wrong choices but hey God still loves him & all of his sons & daughters (incase u didn’t know that’s us) I love Justin with all my heart that you keep making ache in pain cuz you can’t just get your butt away from ppl that you hate I mean what ppl hated when you if u were famous *coughs* doubt it *coughs* would like it if ppl hated you? O right ppl already do hate cuz you’re basically famous just for hating someone thay doesn’t deserve hate not that I hate u cuz I don’t personally know u so how could I? I just hate the way u act… I just wish that if u knew how u made ppl feel then maybe u would stop look I hate being mean to ppl but when someone seems like they deserve it then I give it back but I don’t like to. I’m sorry throughout the comment I sounded really mean or as your name says “retarted” But I guess what I’m trying to say is how would you feel if someone said they hated on someone u cared or just really like about them? So plz I really hope that my comment can change your ways of trying to hate someone that doesn’t deserve it. Just think about it plz I hope u can forgive all the hate comments that you’ve gotten cuz I mean what if your friends like someone u don’t & you give them hate just cuz they like someone u don’t same goes the other way just remember that I hope u know that someone actually cares about u okay? Bye, I hope u learn the better way soon but if u don’t think it is then so be it bye love♥

      • Babe

        Samantha im with you on this. *retarded* fangirl you really do need to change your ways because in the furture what ever hiw ild you are you arent going ti have friend you may say you dont care but you really do! And please say nice things because if yiu dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all im trying to help you. I just hope you think about this for a really long hard time because you need to. Good luck babe!

      • minejbieberever

        oh just stfu..and get out of here…this is a Justin Bieber fansite for god sake…and i think this letter is so good and right…i hope justin reads it and thinks about everything…and go to the good way …but no matter what..oce a belieber always a belieber

      • minejbieberever

        this is to retarted fangirls…or for those hopeless bitches

      • Darius


      • retarted fangirls

        To all of ya’ll, if you guys like to preach a lot then go to church, cause you guys had no effect on me. ;)

  • Emstin bieber

    Dats ryt jx mak us proude

    • Reallyyyyyyy

      what language is this??? ^^^^^^^

  • gracious belieber

    yesss !! cathleen is right.. all of us ofcourse is worried about justin.. i like the letter. :’))


    • Jazmyn Beadle

      but no matter what i will always support him! <3

  • cindy


    Well said. You just told Justin what lots of us are thinking.

    Thank you!

  • Darius


    • retarted fangirls

      Aww someone is mad. Don’t cry cause you know justin doesn’t give 2 sh*ts about you. ;)

      • Darius

        awww someone is insane…who can be ? I know retarted fangirls is insane…go visit a doctor

      • retarted fangirls

        Rather be insane than a fan of a Guy that doesn’t care about you. I rather be insane then to be apart of a group who likes to cut themselves over a scam, and I rather be insane than to cry 24/7 over something Justin does, thinking he is actually going to stop just because you cried. Lol pathetic

      • retarted fangirls

        *than to be*

      • Darius

        If u wanna know I didnt cut myself…I am just a normal fan…I dont cut my arms for anybody! He is child of God like all of us and everybody makes mistakes but God will always love us! I dont wanna swear to you cuz I am a child of God…..He helps those poor kids and u act like a person that doesnt have a heart…Go to the church and pray to God to change you

      • Belieber for ever

        Get lost your such a loser.

      • Darius

        @Believer for ever I think u didnt understand me..Yes I said I dont cut for nobody but I didnt said that I am not a BELIEBER..I am one of u guys!!!! I AM A BOY AND I AM A BELIEBER!!! JUSTIN BIEBER GJ FOR MAKING THESE GREAT SONGS!

    • alexandria vinci

      i agree with you on that one i used not to like justin bieber but i love sinse march 31, 2012 i still love him and i still love selena gomez you rock. my room is full of justin bieber and selena gomez posters. if you want justin bieber and or selena gomez posters buy magazines at the store and you see justin bieber and selena gomez posters in there and articles about them

      • JKJKJK

        But retarted fangirls atleast he wouldnt **i* on Darius, Justin would **i* on you.

      • Darius

        JKJKJK thanks for the support ;)

  • Jasmine Rose

    Omg what she wrote made me cry :,)

    • Believer

      REALLY hahahahaha

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        almost me;)

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        we love Justin so much yeah :D *tears*


      Hey Jasmine Rose this is One Direction Bieber anika Bieber……..I love Justin Biebe so I glad that Justin Bieber broke up Selena Gomez I think that Selena Gomez was a bad girlfriend……………….

  • JaylaBieber

    Read it all and I have to say she’s my new favorite person right now. I like how she wasn’t quick to judge like most of us here and that she encouraged Justin to stay true to himself. I’m glad to see that the human race hasn’t completely gone to shit yet.

  • DiamondsRock

    This was deep, you can tell she really put her feelings into this. If jb does get a chance to see this maybe it’ll give something to think about. I know he’s trying to be a better person and I just believe he went through a phase most teenagers go through so no one really has a right to judge.

  • tammy bieber

    This letter is so true


    Cathleen, thank u 4 diz amazin’ letter, hope Justin read it and understand .. loved dat letter through.. :)

  • Mrs.Bieber

    omg everything she said here was so true justin truly needs to realize how much we care about him he is really making wrong choices
    that is if the allegations are TRUE

  • #Believe In Biebah

    I’m going to go cry….BRB

    • Mrs.Kidrauhl

      I did iy was so…touching

  • woah

    He probably hears similar crap from his handlers on daily basis anyhow . This letter is pointless and doesnt really help. Dont forget he i a human like everyone else, dont be so serious.

  • Silver&love

    Pointless letter. he has no time to read that. Also, it’s the first 45 belieber. never herd of it but there’s a fist time for everything.

  • Azaria

    He has to be free to live his life. I understand he’s a role-model, but he does have to experiment and enjoy life. For one, marijuana is the safest drug out there. It’s natural and has no harmful side-effects apart from the fact you are inhaling smoke. Smoke inhalation can burn your throat and lungs, but generally speaking smoking pot is not harmful. While he should definitely be careful who he’s around, since obviously someone doesn’t care as much about him as they do his money, he should be free to smoke whatever he wants. However, drinking can be a problem. I hope that he’s not partaking in that as much, the damage that can do is limitless. He has not said anything about this and honestly I don’t think he cares to. Let him live his life and try new experiences.

    • belieberforever

      Drugs are drugs. Wether it’s the safest or not, it will still bring bad effects on those who consume it. Drugs also make the person who use it become addicted to it. This is the first time we saw justin smoking weed, yet this is the first time we see only the picture. We don’t know howmany times justin already did it. Even in this very moment, justin might still doing it. Everybody knows that doing drugs or even smoking will lead you to a bad end. Even if this is the first time justin smoking weed or cigarettes (if it was), there’s still a chance for him to doing it again.
      That’s all i’m saying, i jusy want the best for justin. And i have to say that the letter iss trulywhat all the true beliebers feels and want for justin. My prayers will go for Justin always.

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    This lady really meant well with this letter. People have to realize that Justin has the right to have fun, party, and make mistakes!! He is eighteen years old. I feel bad for Justin having no freedom. just let him live and learn like everyone else has.

  • Samantha luvs Justin♥

    2 all the people who think that this letter is pointless is STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved that letter I felt like crying when I read it because it is the most meaningful letter I have ever read from an ADULT fan & I totally think that if you guys think it’s pointless you’re not a fan. I know you’re not a fan “retarted fangirls” but I mean I thought that the other people who read it were cuz I’ve seen you guys write really nice comments about Justin, but I guess I was just seeing things! Also, if you thought it was pointless why did you bother reading it in the first place!?

  • Liliana

    Justin you are my favorite singer,I love your songs because I fell a connection with you,you mean a lot to me.I love you very much.

  • Belieber

    I hope he sees this its amazing.

  • kayla beiber

    justin i get her we dont like it that other people are inventing rumors about u just to make u look bad FOR REAL THOSE WHOE SAY THAT GO TO THE MALL ND BUY YOURSELF A GOOD LIFE well people at my skul keep saying that wat a good influence for me that i shouldnt be a true beliber that i am. im just glad thats all not true

  • princess

    she is right justin we all love you

  • cutie b

    guys justin is depressed that’s why she wrote this. That’s why he’s posting those funny videos on twitter because he wants to keep himself happy. There’s so many things thats been going on and he made many mistakes this year. he can lose he’s mind and eventually kill himself he’s not as happy as you guys think. The kid is stress out. He’s doing a lot to keep us happy but we don’t know that he’s probably not as happy as we are.

  • Maleni

    i hope Justin read this letter, this is what we think about everything that is happening xD

  • amy

    WOW! What a pathetic publicity stunt by Cathleen Falsani! All she is trying to do is get attention (and book sales) over Justin’s recent negative publicity. If she really cared she wouldn’t have made the letter open to the public…just another person trying to leach off of Justin’s fame

  • JUST’NiK

    I LOVE IT !

  • Reallyyyyyyy

    I pray Justin sees this….and takes a good long look in the mirror (like we ALL need to do)
    She is EXACTLY right….Justin is a gift to this world….he just needs to remember WHO gave him the talents he has….Justin was given his talent by GOD Who created him….he will do well to REMEMBER THAT!

    • Jazmyn Beadle


    • adrian

      I totally agree with you. I think it was passionate of this woman to reach out to justin. Those who know the Lord knows that she is just reaching out to Justin before he’s no longer reachable. I know Justin is growing up, and he’s not perfect he’s gonna make mistakes, and we all make mistakes but at the end of the day we learn from them, and sometimes going through things makes us stronger people. I’m not upset with Justin because he made an expieremental choice, people do it. we all experience life. Were very much human. All we can do is continue to be loyal fans of justin and continue to Pray for him and stand by him even if he does get knocked down. Not only the Lord to hold him up but we must do the same if we love him too. Jesus doesn’t love less or more He just Loves us much so we have to love as Christ Jesus does. Hope people aren’t so narrow-minded when they into this. Like i said Justin is growing and trying to find himself out.

  • Real Alisha

    Wow! Its soo true, this letter has everything which i thinks………….she is right.

  • Tarini bieber

    I am coming to your concert u are the best nobody can beat u !! Love u bieber