Barbara Palvin on JELENA’s Break up: “Selena Started All the Drama”


Barbara Palvin – the Victoria’s Secret model who was linked to JELENA’s breakup last year – has spoken out for the first time about the rumors Justin cheated on girlfriend Selena Gomez with her, and it’s safe to say that Barbara’s not happy.

In fact, she blames Selena for the whole thing.

Barbara (19) tells Celebuzz that she and Justin Bieber were never romantically involved:

“You know how the drama started – Selena retweeted the picture.” [referring to when Selena re-posted photo which shows Justin hanging out with Lil Twist and Barbara along with the caption '...'.]

“That was it . . . that’s why it was so weird. They thought I caused a big drama, their break-up.”

“I wanted to meet him real bad. I watched his movie [Justin Bieber: Never Say Never] and I was like, ‘He’s such a cool kid, I want to meet him.’ And then when I did at the [Victoria’s Secret] show we met and of course we had a conversation and then I took the picture with him.” 

Just days later the two fueled the romance fire when they were spotted catching The Lion King on Broadway. According to Palvin, it was anything but a date. She explained:

“It was my sister’s first time in New York and we so wanted to go to Broadway, but there were no more tickets. I just came up and was telling him: ‘My sister is here, but she’s sad because we can’t go to Broadway, no more tickets.’ And he was like, ‘Well, I can get you one.’ And his friends came . . . like six people and then me, my sister and agent. So friends.”

“So we were just like okay, nice to meet you, that was fun, and then bye.”

But the headlines didn’t stop there.

“It was so funny when I read we were hanging out in Miami and I was also wearing his t-shirt. Dude, that’s my t-shirt!”

“And you see the mobile homes in the back [of my Twitter photo] — when you’re shooting on location you have mobile homes to do the hair and makeup and dress. And they put everything together like that’s Bieber’s tour bus, that’s Bieber’s shirt. I was like, ‘No!’”

Barbara admits the speculation made her angry because she already has a boyfriend in her hometown:

“They [the media] gave me a real hard time with this with my boyfriend. They also put him in the press and he’s not a celebrity or anything. Him being back home [in Hungary] with a normal life and everybody is like, ‘Your girlfriend is dating Justin.’ It’s very hard for him.”

“It made me pissed, but there’s always a dark side of this business.”

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Ileana Belieber

    Another reason why I dislike Selena -_-

    • Belieber_Swagie

      Yeah i agree :s

      • Savannah

        Why? If my boyfriend took a picture like that, I would be mad too. Barbra is just an attention sicker, that had her 15 minutes of fame and still wants it. I wish she would go away

      • Mj and jb fan

        And am sure you would totally be pissed if someone made people hate you and ruined the relation between you and your boyfriend …even though you are not sure if what even happened! I dislike Barbara …but hating on people won’t make sense.

      • #Believe In Biebah

        No @Savannah! Barbara is just a f*cking model, who NEVER wanted to get involved with Jelena. She didn’t even know if she took one picture with Justin, it would cause drama. Barbara is just a belieber. She has a bf, she is nice, and she doesn’t seek attention. She’s been quiet for the past three months. All she was saying is her opinion, and what really happened. Don’t hate on her, she’s a human. -___-

      • khloe99

        Thank you!!!! @Believe in Biebah

      • Belieber for life

        I’m starting to see what people are meaning about her but, I still support Justins decisions

      • Mrs.Kidrauhl

        @#Believe In Biebah is right

    • xoBelieberxo


    • Natalie

      what did Selena ever do personally to you?

      • Natrisha

        She didn’t do nothing okay are you happy now! Is like idk is just so many thing that we get so sick of her why don’t you see it yourself,stop bothering us you making the JB fans made and I know you want like that so.Is just that she change our justin is like right their in front your face are you blind so you get what she did for us.

    • Natalie

      and @BelieveInBeibah .. k the photo wasn’t the problem.. the fact that they went to the movies together was the problem

      • Natrisha

        So and what wrong with that and they didn’t went to the movies they went to go see the lion king in NYC Broadway.You want him to be around boys then they complain he this and that.

    • K.Bieber

      I agree Ileana Belieber!! Shes to much drama !

    • Isabella Bieber

      same here… same here

      • Savannah

        SHE’S MILKING IT AND DRAWING ATTENTION. Any regular person, if asked would be like (I’d rather not talk about it) or (I had nothing to do with it) but Barbra, “It’s all Selena’s fault.” And I have my OWN opinion, tyvm.:)) and I’m hating? LMFAO. You’re excused. I’m not hating on ANYONE. I just feel like she’s an attention seeker, and a lot of other people on Twitter agree.

      • honey

        People on twitter have nothing to do with it. And Barbra stated her side, it doesn’t always mean that they want attention. She mostly likely felt Selena was being petty and she wanted her side to be told because of all the crap she got over it. And another thing is there are bold people who don’t care and will tell the truth and not brush it off when ask, so a “regular person” doesn’t apply. She is a regular person.

    • Natrisha

      Me too girl don’t worry your not the only one LLeana Belieber this is going to take forever and they still talking about this sh -_-

    • jirdum toko

      yeah! u’re exactly correct

      • Savannah

        Well no one knows what’s going on. Especially after Barbra and Selena took pics together at the Golden Globe??? We will never know what’s going on with Jelena, or the cause of why Selena retweeted that picture.

    • Scout Marie


    • jelena


    • Yoon Leဲt Paing


    • maddie

      Whatever barbra u can suck it b#ch c:

  • sup

    okay there is no more jelena anymore so you don,t have to talk adout it the past is past people

    • kd bieber

      Tell them agin !!:)

      • jessie believe

        I agree!! Their relationship has been rocky since they started being on the other side of the world. U can’t blame Barbara bcuz the past is the past. Let I go people!!

      • Kailua

        I DK, I will always like Selena. Barbara, is well stupid.

      • No Name

        @Kailua like u REALLY outta be callin anybody stupid

  • hey guys

    i think your right sup

  • bieber girl

    That’s why I hate Selena. She never be a girlfriend. Because she has no heart. Justin u should date with anyone. I love u Justin.

    • Natalie

      @biebergirl k where do i start? Selena is a sweetheart.. she was a good girlfriend to Justin, obviously since he wants her back so badly.. Selena is a women and Justin acts like a kid, Selena needs a real man.. soooooo Selena is apparently “heartless” because she broke it off with Justin.. SIT!

      • bieber girl

        No she is not a good girlfriend.

      • Savannah

        I agree with Natalie. She has no heart? Explain why Justin dated (s) her, explain why she works with UNICEF? Explain all the charities????? Yeah, you’re excused:)

      • bieber girl

        Yes she has not heart. She is showing because of public.

      • Biebs girl

        Um really justin gave her everything!

  • Rihanna

    Lol , its so obvious they F**ked .

    • #Believe In Biebah

      Justin wouldn’t f*ck a girl that has a boyfriend, and that isn’t his girlfriend…We’re talking about the boy raised by Pattie Mallete.

      • Rihanna

        So? Who cares about Pattie when he gets to f**k a VS model lmfao. They obviously f***ed

      • #Believe In Biebah

        Okay, think whatever you want… :/

      • KAILUA


      • Tonia

        @Kailua Barbara is not slut stupid Selena is.

    • JB…and ME !!!!!

      i hesitated, but i think ur right. i mean even if hes got straight ideas, once uve known celebrity, it changes u. ur not the same person. first he broke up with his girl, then the whole world knows about it. its frustrating ! i understand him. so it may have happened between them (barbara and him), im sure…oh, well, nobodys perfect !

      • belieBarb

        Yea maybe it did happen between barbara and justin everybody makes mistakes and who wouldn’t wana sleep wid justin even thou he s selena s bf!I love selena buh I ll as well steal justin if I could lol!heyy its ‘the justin bieber’ I have a huge crush on him and many gals does also probably barbra too.

  • donnajustin belieberluv jelena4ever(real)

    i think its paparazzi’s fault:| i hate them so bad:||

    • Kailua

      Shutterbugs are well annoying and irritating. Selena loves Justin very much.

  • mohmad jb2

    hi justin me mohmad jb2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The real biebah

    True, posting that pic of Selena was really immature of her . It’s like insulting Justin…she made every one think that he is a cheater,and she dumped him and now she wants to move to other famous guys…I just hate how she tried to make Justin look like the bad guy:@ (ps;Iam not on Barbara’s side at all!to be honest I think that she might have had some feelings for him but mostly concentrated on the fact that Justin is crazy famous! And y the heck is the media trying to bring Justin ‘s name through the dirt…but I will keep on supporting Justin no matter what!!! I crazy love him…never mind if he was a boyfriend,big bro or a very beat close friend :) . I just want Justin to move on…he is trying his best to win her back but she only egnoures him :( which is not fair,plz beliebers let’s all support Justin but no need to hate on selena! This was what I think .

    • #Believe In Biebah

      I agree! Even though I like Selena, she isn’t a good girlfriend. I mean, whenever I watch Selena’s interviews, she’s always so sweet and nice. But whenever she’s with Justin, she’s like, “I’m the boss, b*tch.” And posting that pic, with the death tweet, “…..” so stupid. ITS JUST A F*CKING PICTURE. Selena was acting like Justin and Barbara were holding hands, and kissing. WTF….

    • khloe99

      @the real biebah and @Belive in Biebah you both completely read my mind and it was really immature of her to post that pic

    • bieber girl

      I agree all!

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        agree too so agreed !

  • thatswhatshesaid

    I love how she was not afraid to be upfront about the situation and pretty much said it was Selena’s fault.

    • #Believe In Biebah

      LOL, IKR. You gotta love Barbara.

      • tabitha.morales

        what is there 2 believe

      • JB…and ME !!!!!

        sry, i dont. i think she did have feelings for him, but wouldnt admit it. but her feelings were based on his fame and money ! Thats what i think !

  • Melody

    I dOnt support Barbara either but Selena had to think more than twice before postin thag pic on twitter :( I mean look at the trouble Selena caused for Justin ,Barbara and her self too…in a way were she made Justin look like a cheater and made people hate on Barbara and her boyfriend had a real rough time and Selena isnt even sure if he cheated on her or not …she just has trust issues..,,and caused herself trouble in a way were the break up baca me public and media and press never stop talking till the day of today…and the media r also making Justin look bad…in a way I was very susspicious that she might have payed the media to write all these bad things about Justin :(

    • Sasso Wed

      I don’t believe her and I don’t why but why she speak now why I don’t understand I think that Selena did the right thing because Selena as we all know isn’t a young girl hanging with a boy no she is so smart and wise like an older woman she wouldn’t do such thing for only a doubt in her head and no one here mention that Justin in the last fight told her don’t let the door hit you on leaving that’s so mean for her I love both of them but I’m sure Justin was the wrong one in the problems between them I hope they remember their love & back again

      • Belieber

        Get ur facts straight ur not making any sence Justin can hang with a girl if he want’s to ur acting like selena dosen’t hang with other boys while she’s dating Justin dang ur dumb

      • Sasso Wed

        What are you saying Selena hanging with other boys of course she doesn’t when you have friends that’s okay but when you text to other girls that’s not okay Selena have friends only not more than that and any one can tell you that she is loyal to him but she found texts to other girls and that’s a fact the media can tell you that and he didn’t deny am I wrong ? I am a big belieber I love Justin so much as I love Selena but Justin is a human he can do mistakes not any thing say Selena is the cause & it’s so easy that Sel is more mature than Justin and that’s not wrong but Sel in the case I am sure that she was the right and about my straight facts you can see every thing I said in any news site all of them said that Justin said don’t let the door hit you on leaving they said about it that’s so mean I wish for Justin & Selena the best I love the both of them .


    I wonder what Barbara’s boyfriends reaction he people are telling him his girlfriend is going out with justin bieber…

  • justin.adele

    i think it isnt selena fault bcoz she was in bad situiation
    just think ur boyfriend hang out with anygirl like barbara! u surly will be annoy. but justin never have mistake and after this back with selena but now theyre break up too and i think justin still loves selena but probably he annoying selena in vacation but try to back to her but selena dont want it!
    Justin Love U so much

    • Belieber jenne

      Maybe it’s Justin’s fault and maybe it isn’t ! Selena wasn’t sure either but she shouldn’t have insulted Justin and barbara in public not being sure of what happened

    • tabitha.morales

      IT IS HER FAULT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH HER BIG MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Belieber

      Ur not suppose to get jello no boy would want that I would maybe be annoyed but I wouldn’t do any thing that would hurt him and besides a relationship is always based on trust and honesty n that isn’t what they had in there relationship cause if it was Selena wouldn’t post that pic up then start hanging with that grig (or something like that) guy

  • belieber2.0

    More like the stalkarrazi made justin look bad. i may not like selena but why everyone hatin o_o- its the stalkarrazi and all them other drug addict tabloids that make up stuff like this not selly!!! not sayin u hav to like her to be a true belieber but you dont hav to hate her either. Juatin said it himself he doesnt like to rub it in our faces thats why he dont like to talk about it- the least we can do is not hate on her but some still do anyway for stupid explanations like “its for the fame & attention” thats getting old imma need some people to get on with they lives and MOVE ON T_T

    • The real biebah

      Yeah,but Imagine you are a model and have a bieber fever and took a pic with him and had a small conversation,..just like any other belieber would,and just cuz his girlfriend has trust issues so she posts a pic where she insults you & Justin both and having your boyfriend being under pressure of the press and ppl hating on you. Just like the first time beliebers saw Justin and Selena…Selena made Barbara go through a hard time…not that I support Barbara at all and am not sure and don’t care wether she wants attention or not…but imagine ur self in the position I just explained to you .

      • #Believe In Biebah

        Exactly, Selena had to post the picture. It’s just insulting your own boyfriend. Barbara is just a Belieber… Selena should’ve knew the media was gonna assume it was Justin’s fault. She has been famous since she was like 7.

      • khloe99

        Man I’m late I didn’t know who Selena was until she started dating Justin

      • JELENA

        THE PROBLEM IS NOT TO BE OR NOT TO BELIEVE and wanted a picture with him …. THE PROBLEM IS THAT TELL IF YOUR BOYFRIEND Q go to a site with some friends and suddenly you find on Twitter who joined him THIS GIRL SHE WOULD NOT KNOW how i would you react … Also have to understand … WHAT WAS THE LEAST Q TWEETS she could do

      • The real biebah

        I know Selena’s true colours now too…she knew that the media would think its all Justin’s fault :@ but she won’t get away with it.

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        Damn Selena brings a lot of drama, No hate !

      • belieber

        How in the freakin world is “….” insulting?! If that’s so insulting I wonder Wht people would say if she put an “!” Come on people’s……next story?

  • Desss

    why tf is yall still pressed on JELENA theyre done……over…no more if they get back together than whoopdy dooo no one cares bringing up something thats the past is stupid

  • KABY


    • Fangirl Tia

      Exactly. If your boyfriend was hanging out with a really beautiful girl when you weren’t around you’d be pretty pissed too. And Barbara is a b*tch for going to the media when I’m sure she probably got paid for her story. She would wait til 2 MONTHS LATER to talk about it when no one cares.

      • Arabian belieber

        I agree with every word belieber jenne said

    • Belieber jenne

      Yeah , but if you thought about it she shouldn’t have insulted Justin in public that way… I don’t care about barbara but as I hear of Selena being a mature lady … She should have just talked to Justin of freak out but with out insulting ppl in public that way… Am honestly pissed at Selena becuz she insulted Justin and tried to make ppl think he is a cheater when is not even sure about it.

      • #Believe In Biebah

        I agree with @belieberjenne. Selena didn’t have to freak the f*ck out. It’s not like Justin kissed Barbara. They just took a damn picture! She shouldn’t be so overprotective over Justin. It’s not like she owns him. Even if she did get a little jealous, and wanted to know what was going on, she could’ve just called Justin personally. She didn’t have to tweet the picture, with “……” THAT IS IMMATURE.

  • iLoveU

    whatt???!!!!,,,is not selena her to blame ….and barbara why you didn’t say those things before they broke up????:,,,but noo you was waiting for them to breake up….a yes you so stupit barbarahhh ….you the one to blame here..****

    • The real biebah

      Would you like it if ppl start hating on you and making your boyfriend go through a hard time just becuz u took a pic with Justin and his girlfriend didnt know how to deal with it? She could have just talked to Justin and tell him about the feeling she had towards that instead of disturbing your life…if she was or wasn’t an attention seaker(barabara) it is still not fair.

  • iLoveU

    and im a sel fan but i have respect for the bieber fans ….and sel didn’t made justin look like a bad guy but rumours did…so…

    • Bitch Please

      Come on dude! We all know that Slutena Hoemez is a bitch I mean no wonder nick broke up with her and then she was trying to get with taylor L. while he was was with taylor S. Like seriously how much of a whore can you be
      Just saying

      • bieber fever

        Very right my dear Haha! Good nickname by the way xP

      • #Believe In Biebah


      • Bitch Please

        Well its true #Believe In Biebah

      • No Name

        like u REALLY outta be callin anybody a whore as u r 1 yourself

  • sofia

    jarbra forevsss

    • The real biebah


  • ….


  • Bieber Love

    Selena was just looking for excuses to break up with Justin! He’s a singer… its his job.. everywhere he goes girls will want to meet him or take pics of him. Im so fed of Jelena! I m glad its over an i hope its 4 gud! Selena always takes advantage of all the guys she dates! She can’t stand the taught of Justin being friends with someone who’s more beautiful than her! She needs to check herself! An so do Justin! Im fed up of all this DRAMA!

    • Arabian belieber

      Wise one :)

    • BIEBER’s Shawty

      yeah girl, ur right.. :)

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        ya right :)

  • essie j

    it’s all slutena’s fault she’s so immature ;)

    • alison

      nope. calling a person slut is immature.

  • ivan

    HollywoodLife is now reporting that a source at the after party of Golden Globes saw her being ‘friendly and flirting with Josh Hutcherson. If this story is made up HollywoodLife should be out of business. If its true, Justin should forget about her and date someone else. He should stop pursuing her like a puppy, let her make her move this time to reconcile. To be fair, he also has been a little flirty at times and they are both jealous types. I do wish the rumours are untrue and they make up and really make it work.

    • directioner

      agree sorry but why hates everyone Selena? she is a good person! not a fan but she is good. and Barbara make its difficult!!

  • tammy bieber

    This is why you should not say something until you have evidence.. REAL evidence

  • xoBelieberxo

    Yah, I totally agree with Barbara. Selena did start the drama.

  • Marley

    I really don’t judge anyone when it comes to situations like this, unless it’s about Justin and Justin only. I wouldn’t believe this either considering EVERYONE is taught to lie in the entertainment business. She could be talking complete bullshit for all we know.

  • michaela

    i love justin but i think justin and selena should be together again they look so perfect and my friend kristina loves him too

  • kristal

    HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII jb is alright but not like OMG IM GONN CUT BECAUSE HE SMOKED WEED like wtf o.O he smoked weed so what its his choice :D

    • tabitha.morales

      i heard about that jb never smoked & he shouldn’t

    • michaela

      i know kristal she is my bffl !!!!!!

      • kristal

        psh hi candy girl!!!!!! :P (\(0.0)/)

  • JaylaBieber

    I love how immature Selena was when she posted the photo like it seems to me that Barbara was walking in the room and they took the picture. I’m glad she stepped up and spoke up about it and about Selena’s childish antics.

    • BBB.Belieberxxx


  • tabitha.morales

    thats wat selena gets

    • retarted fangirls

      Shut up b*tch

  • ivan

    Now in the latest article Hollywood-lies by someone claiming she was at the party that Josh is a better person for Selena, demeaning Justin as unworthy of her. I could see why they always put him in a bad light, those writers don’t seem to like him. Justin would be furious with them if he knows what they are saying.