Fan: “Justin Bieber Didn’t Mean to Grab My Breast”. Bad Camera Angle?


During a recent meet-and-greet in Miami, a belieber got both a kiss on the cheek and a seemingly inappropriate squeeze from Justin. But did Justin really get so grabby?

While it certainly looks that way, the girl, who has since been identified as Jocelyn — tweets under the handle @JocelynnBieber, clarifies that things may not be exactly as they appear.


She later wrote, “People can think what they want but I know what really happened & Justin does too – so everyone else’s opinions don’t matter to me.”

  1. Didn’t hear about this at all… Oh well. But who the hell cares? Even though I don’t think he would do that, it’s really not important, it was probably just a bad shot. Come on, I’m sure a lot of us wouldn’t mind that.

  2. She does not have too much breasts to hold anyway-much ado about nothing. The media makes a big deal about everything he does. she looks a little like Conie Francis a former teen pop star

  3. Who cares?I don’t think Justin would do something like that.Bad shot… Ok like the girl wrote”People can think what they want.” Its just a picture.

    • Bitch stfu Justin Bieber would never have the s word at this age!! :@ :@ So no go sit in a corner a think bout wht u did u disgusting lil kaka = shit!!

  4. Haha that’s actually pretty funny. But if someone actually tried to touch me like that weather I’m a fan or not you’ll get your ass kicked lmao.

    • How dumb are you? This is an OFFICIAL meet and greet picture taken by the concert cameras, not some cell phone pic. It’s real.

      But seriously it’s no big deal. He does whatever pose fans ask him to.

      • bitch how dumb r u not me go to @JocelynnBieber and read her tweets idk what she did to that pic .. and i write whatever i want so next time don’t waste ur time replying to me cuz i don’t give a f about ur opinion ;)

  5. How come when justin bieber was smoking weed all his fans said it was photo shopped its not you guys are just saying that too make it like he didn’t really smoke

  6. Lol he toched it cuz look her shirt is all
    Wrinkle there but if he didn’t if would have
    Been all plain ….hope you get what I am
    Saying any ways me probable
    Did not mean to he was trying to reach
    Her arm it looks like …!!!!!!!

  7. Extra and all those TV shows are more interested in talking about this non story and ignore the album which is number 1 in sales in over 50-55 countries worldwide overnight.

    • I swear, i’ts all fake. First, Justin was hugging her, and then he was putting his hands to himself after, and before he could… the photographers took a picture to make it look like Justin did do that. Justin even denied it. Don’t believe me? Look him up on the internet and check for yourself. No trying to yell or nothing… Just getting that out to you.

  8. That is not even were her boob is … His hand would have been lower … He wouldn’t do that and disrespect his fans ….she would have been bragging on how he did touch her there instead of defending the situation so it’s a Misunderstanding … But like she said EVERYONE CAN HAVE AN OPINION BUT IT ONLY MATTERS OF WAT REALLY HAPPENED BTW. HER AND JUSTIN


    -I<3JUSTIN :)

  9. This incident and the one involving him being sued by a woman for allegedly being hit by a rubber from a toy gun while playing with his little bro and sis are among the most stupid things that have been brought up by gossip sites yet and keep people from knowing about the good things he does. That’s what most are talking about on TV. today. Entertainment Tonight, however has been the best and most fair gossip site on TV toward Justin

  10. And isnt it weird that as just when his new acoustic album comes out so does this? Ppl. Just can’t wait to see him crash and burn…..WELL THAT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN …..HE IS TALENTED AND WE ALL SEE SOMETHING IN HIM THAT WE HAVE NEVER SEEN IN ANY OTHER ARTIST …… SO F*** THE MEDIA AND STUFF LIKE THAT WE ALL LOVE JUSTIN FOR WHO HE IS <3

  11. Ok look, I think it was just a mistake. and i wish that was me ;) I know that if justin realy did that because he wanted to he would like be denien it and saying this crap but i know the it was a mistake and he did not even probably know where his hand was because he was kissing her while smiling. sooo…. SUCKERS JUST LEAVE JUSTIN ALONE AND FORGET ABOUT IT AND JUST HOPE THAT IT WAS A MISTAKE! oh follow me on twitter @missbieber7ll

  12. I give much praise to Entertainment Tonight for saying nice things about his album and ignoring this stupid story over nothing. They gave an excellent report today.

  13. What the media does as well as haters here is called stacking the deck where you pile up every imperfection and mistake and overblown story to make him look bad ignoring the far more examples of good things he does.

  14. I feel bad for him people always care about negative things about him. And some don’t even care his new acoustic came out anyone agree with me?

  15. He didnt do that.. its just a photo mistake thats it,. i think he was going to touch her cheeks,by mistake his hand touched her that thing..only by mistake.. he dont do those things.. i think he wil only do to his girlfriend,. love you baby..

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