Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner Dating? – Fake Pic


Justin Bieber dating Kim Kardashian’s sister — 15-year-old Kylie Jenner?

Rumors the two are dating started after Kylie posted a photo of herself and Justin holding hands to her Instagram account. The photo was later deleted.

The photo in question is a clear fake, using a photo of Justin and Selena from a date back in 2012. All they did was change the filter and attach Kylie’s head.

See the real pic:


    • This was probably TMZ did it if not then “Who Dun It?” So true Kylie Jenner is so not Justin’s type! But I took a quiz on shopping & Kendall Jenner was my shopping buddy glad it was not Selena! Anyway Justin, I really dont ppl do all this crap for! I mean rumors for no shit ass reason like why why even try when u r da 1 going 2 get ur ass kicked (for some gossiop show & 2 haters)! Justin, I know what u r going through really trusrt me! The question is “Where Are You Now?”

      • i don’t think it was tmz they are not that bright. must be one of those magazines tabloids. tmz is mostly videos and they haven’t add this pic to the website.

    • Or it’s called it’s a fake instagram account this was posted on kylie old instagram name. So get over yourself. You don’t know kylie so why say that. How would you feel if someone called you a slut and ugly. Celebrities are people too

  1. Hmmm I’m wondering if Kylie is hinting at something. Maybe she finds herself interested in Justin Bieber, and jb likes her too. It would be odd to just add a picture like that for no reason. Kylie seems like Justin Bieber’s type……

  2. You have to be pretty f*cking stupid to believe this. I took one look at this and knew it was fake. Kylie is just another Belieber wishing she could date him.

  3. Aint she too young i mean she 15 but Justin gonna be 19 he can’t get any ass from her would be illegal LOL plus did anyone hear that stupid rumor that Justin cheated on Selena with a Milyn Jenson chick

  4. This Kardashian just wants Jerry. -___- I wonder what Selena has to say about this. Lol. xD LET THE HUNGAR GAMES BEGIN!

  5. Star magazine has an alleged incident of smoking, drinking, and sex on the part of Justin which is exposed in the site gossipcop.com. we have to be cautious in believing anything these tabloids say unless there is reliable confirmation. the site hollywoodlife.com which should be known as hollywoodlies also publishes daily negative stories which are unsubstantiated.
    Believe nothing from these sites unless confirmed by reliable sources.

    • Ugh, but can you imagine Justin and Kanye at the same house? The two guys with the worst fashion taste in the industry . Lord…

  6. Ok I really thought that was true for a second but then I saw the pic with Selena and everything is all good now if Justin dated anyone from the kardashian family I would never like them as a couple I don’t care who it is and how long they have been dating I will never like it the kardashian family will just bring too much drama Kylie wishes she could date Justin but she could never be his type and I’m sure she just wants Jerry or some more fame by dating him

  7. I hope jelena never happens again Selena such a bitch and she used justin to the max now she left him broken hearted. I feel so bad 4 justin cuz he’s goin through alot and the r just so many haters and every one is making rumors about justin just 4 publicity why not bug 1d

  8. People have been making fun of justin since he became famous and
    I have not herd one bad thing about one direction or Cody Simson of people like that like if anything one d and Cody Simson look more like lesbians to me and THEY sound like girls LIKE HAVE U HEaRD CODY SIMSON!!!!

    • Ooohhh hell no u dumb bitch! Dont u ever ever make fun of my angel cody! It aint my fault justin is losing his balls nd looks uglier nd sings uglier and a potthead. At least 1d and cody were RAISED RIGHT!!

      • Oh wow. Your angel Cody. Hahaha. Do you ever take a good look at what 1D does? The tabloids may not show it, but they go out drinking, partying and whatever else they do. I don’t know anything about Cody Simpson because I just don’t like him at all, so I don’t give a care about him. But instead of saying that they were “raised right” (which is exactly what Justin was), look at the facts outside of media and think. I’m sure when 1D and Cody Simpson (if he ever does) gets really big, the media will open up to bad stuff about them too. And I’ll sit back, watch, and laugh until my head explodes. But I don’t hate on your opinion on Cody Simpson. Don’t hate on mine.

      • By the way, it’s not my fault that Cody Simpson looks like an old man and sings “Yi Yi Yi” that gets really annoying after a while… And what does he do? I don’t even know what he does. He’ll never be near as popular as Justin, even if he is the “Australian version” of him. See? We all have different opinions of people. Don’t hate on someone because they don’t like your precious angel.

      • Oh stfu u dumb ratchet h0e and go somewhere! Dont call cody an old man cuz pretty soon thats what your gonna be and your lil potthead idol is after his ciggarets! Cody is barley as popular as justin? Do simpsonizers look like they give a two sh*ts?! No we dont! Next time say it when he doesnt perform infront of 50,000 people and performed at the staples center!! Exactly u dont know what he does cause like u said you dont care just like i dont care about justin or beliebers or stupid bitchy fangirls!

      • I’m gonna be an old man? Lol, that’s too damn funny. Because that didn’t make any sense you dumb bitch. Calling me a hoe don’t do shit to me. He performed at the Staples Center. Ooohhh… has he performed at MSG? I don’t think so. Seriously though, unless you’re a Cody Simpson fan you don’t know anything. So you’re called Simpsonizers… like womanizers? If you didn’t understand that you’re pretty damn stupid. I don’t give a shit what the hell you say or about your angel just like you whiny CS bitches that don’t have anything better to do than come on here don’t care about us. Like I said, Cody will never be as popular as Justin. You should tell because you don’t hear anything about him. Justin being a pothead you get from the media, and if you believe the media, you’re an idiot. I hate having to call people out like this, but I have a temper and I can get really pissed off. Have fun with your old man- oh sorry, I can’t call him that or I’ll undergo a miraculous sex change, become a man and get old so I’ll be an old man. It’s called the curse of Cody Simpson. Whatever. Just shut the hell up. Then we’ll have no more f*cking problems.

      • By the way, you know “barley” is a food right? Lol. Make sure what you’re saying is actually smart before you try to talk to me. That’s why I love when people try to use my own words against me. Because usually it doesn’t make sense or, if it does, i sounds pretty damn stupid.

    • I guess you don’t know One direction, and how can you say he wasn’t raised right like really? How do know little Cody is an innocent little angel do you live with him? I think not.

      • Oh hell nah u did not just go there u lil bitch justin is not a pothead cody simpson ain’t as perfect as u think and do u know this justin and cody are bff’s like justin instead of thinking of what justin has done that’s bad think on what he does for us he’s seen girls with cuts on the wrist and made them promise to stop he donates to charity he visits his fans in the hospitial that are suffering with cancer and clearly all u care about is the dumb ass rumors goin around about him I hate to be a bitch but when someone insults my justin I’m gonna be pissed off so stfu and let it go -.-

  9. I just don’t get u haters it makes NO SENSE!!!!! Just leave jb alone like go do fun stuff live life to the max haters and don’t ruin Justin’s he normal like us the only thing not normal is how much stress he has at the age 18!!!

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