• i have no freakin idea how a person can feel better after breaking up with Justin…….he’s so perfect and such a sweet boy. And THAT SONG!!!!!!! i would come running back if i were in Selena’s pace….but then again if i was in her place i would never break up with him. I am not saying this because i am a Belieber or because i love Justin. i am saying this because Justin is like the PERFECT BOYFRIEND. i respected Selena a lot thinking that she loved him a lot but i don’t know, was i wrong? its not like that i hate Selena now because she is the person Justin once loved dearly but my respect for her has decreased…..A LOT. i don’t like her that mucj anymore. Justin, just know that i am always there for you and you are amazing in your own!!!!!! =) <3

      • The relationship could not have lasted forever they are too young; it is time for them to go their seperate ways. It is no ones fault it is just time and the best for both of them. And you have no way of knowing if Justin is perfect he has faults just like everyone else. Don’t be so nieve no one is perfect. Let him sow his teenage oats, this is the time of his life he can live it up and she knows this, she is doing him a favor by letting him go. She also needs a more mature man in her life with a not so big ego and someone she does not have to share with thousands of screaming crazed teeny booper.

      • I completely agree selena is out partying after break up and Justin is singing Nothing like is … Love that song .. Selena has moved on FAST !!!! Personally I am now not a big fan of selena

  1. Justin Bieber’s looking sexy there :D I love that pic…..But then again, I love every Justin Bieber pic LOL! <33333333

  2. wow jusin u r looking more hotyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wow justin i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  3. wow!!!!!!!!! so hottt!!!!wohoh! we look dirty in mud he looks flirty in mud!!!!!!!!!! so great!!!!!!!!!! #wildkids #swaggy @justinbieber love u

  4. Nice pic. But Lil Twist looks ridiculous with that hat on. I don’t hate him (just because I don’t like the hat doesn’t mean that I don’t like him), but look at that hat. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that. Lol. With that said, however, this pic is hot.

  5. oooooh myyyy gosssshhhhhh :)

    biebs is hella sexy in this piccc <3

    i ddnt know u got down like tht in the country biebssss #Respect..

    come down herre to south carolina and we will raceeee :) hahaa


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