Justin Bieber Betrayed by a Friend who Sold Marijuana Photos for $25000


The alleged marijuana images, posted by TMZ last week were reportedly taken in a hotel room in Newport Beach, California with Justin holding an blunt while surrounded by friends, including BFF lil twist.

While Justin has not publicly commented on the incident, he is said to be upset that he has been sold out by someone he trusted.

An insider told the New York Post: “Justin feels betrayed by someone who sold these pictures for $25,000 who he thought was a friend.”

  • Mrs.Bieber

    1st suckers

    • JKJKJK


      • adamwright

        see the justion bieder next next

    • EmilyBieber

      Ya’ll are stupid a’f. I’m not believing any of this bull unless Justin comes out and says something about it for himself. Who knows who this ‘source’ is? It could be someone making up more lies or there could be no ‘source’ at all and they can be making it all up. And for anyone who’s gonna start a fight with me saying I’m in denial or something, save it. Because I really don’t care what you have to say…never trust what the media tells you, alright kids ?

      • Hope

        Who told you to talk like my MAMA?! HAHAHA! That’s what I thought!

      • Savannah

        Laughing because people think it isn’t Justin. Are you serious? He hasn’t came out and said no; do you know what that means??? He did it. Scooter didn’t say anything so you wanna know what??? He did it. Why would the famous Justin Bieber have such a huge rumor over him if he didn’t do it!? Well anyways, I’m still a fan an can’t wait until Tomorrow, I see him in concert :D

      • Emma Kate

        Justin bieber managers Came out and said that it was him but it wouldn’t of happened if he wasn’t friends with lil twist and he is a bad influence on Justin and I didn’t read it in a magazine I saw it on tv so the media can’t make anything up if u see his managers actually saying it !


        @Savannah, and and when he was on SNL he was playing a skit and he was a boy and was talking about justin bieber and saying that he was sorry for smoking weed and that people make mistakes and that wont ever happen again. and u can find the vid on you tube just type in
        justin bieber skit SNL miley cyrus fan. P.S. justin was playing this Miley Cyrus fan XD well,byeeeeeeeee LOVE U JUSTIN!

    • Margret

      Fan freacking tastic. want a chocolate bar or sumthin’

      • Saadia Bieber

        This is for Savannah. Um you said, “Why would the famous Justin Bieber have such a huge rumor over him if he didn’t do it?!” Remember the rumor about Mariah Yeater..that was a HUGE rumor worldwide..and it wasn’t him. Stop assuming shit

    • Margret

      GOOD JOB, SWEETIE! Want a chocolate bar, honey?

      • Margret

        For The @Mrs.Bieber and @JK JK JK. God. what’s the big deal about first or second comments? I’ve had it like 10 times. It’s no big deal.

    • briannabieber:)



        u dont have to mention “church” in this situation. Catholic bitch. Just dont ever again mention church on this website. -.-

    • believer forever

      shut up bich

      • Justin Bieber

        Obviously not a belieber. No one asked your opinion. Why call her a bitch? She just said a message meant for him not you. Just Shutup bich. How does it feel? Ever wondered? He would NOT want you to say that. As if I care what ou have to say


    Can you believer??? Would you have thought???

  • retarted fangirls

    So all the stupid b*tches who still think it’s fake, here’s your proof.

    • retarted fangirls

      Proof that he was blowing trees. Don’t cry. ;)

      • JKJKJK

        We all knew… you guys just didnt!

      • retarted fangirls

        Man I knew all along

      • JKJKJK

        Wasnt talking bout it in a negative way, retarted fangirls

      • بيليبر عربية

        @retardedfangirls انتي ثورة يا هبلة!

    • retarted fangirls II

      Man, I think you are a legend on this site. LOL i laugh at your every comment you make about the retarded fangirls. Justin don’t give a shit about you girls! he is using you. We may look like haters, but you will be bummed out one day. Without his so called “family” he would be still living in the ghetto of canada… Where he belongs. The avon theatre.

      • retarted fangirls

        Lol thank you. I know, they think Justin is so perfect then when he makes a mistake they want to say he is human again. -___- I mean I’m sure he cares a little bit, about the fans, but. Im pretty sure he doesn’t give 2 f*cks about what you guys do except for buying his stuff. Lol at the last part

      • retarted fangirls II

        @retarted fangirls
        I sometimes wonder if these 2 year old’s will one day grow up and realize how stupid they were. Like seriously, the retards think they have a close relationship to justin. You never know what that 18 year old twat would be doing after he has had camera’s shoved up his a**. And they want to say “I know my boy wouldn’t do this!”. He tries to keep is good kid image by donating hundred’s of thousands to charities. You think he would be glad to throw so much money on charities like that? probably not. I see so many talented buskers in Wellington ( New Zealand, where I reside ), and I wish I was in scooters position. I would have picked the talented buskers in Wellington, rather than this untalented, girl sounding prick. Wait, does he have a vag or a peni*? probably a little of both.


    WTF? :( those who betrayed ma bieber,,, u w’ll regret .. stupid pple

  • !00% Belieber

    sorry justin that suck just be aware and careful of you you call your friend

  • sheezabusted

    I think its messed up that everyone is making a big deal about this…he never did anything to hurt anyone but himself…I can bet that at least 90 percent of 18 year olds have smoked or did alot worse. Just end thus bs and leave him alone and let him do what he does good and gives his fans what they want (his music)…and to the person that sold the pics carma is a bitch

    • Reallyyyyyyy

      fyi, Karma is spelled with a “K”

    • Anniiz

      Amen :D

      these lil girls dont wanna know what hes doin BESIDES smokin weed, what didnt make it to the public by now….. hes not 12 anymore.
      next “scandal” will be justin takin home different girls every other night… cuz he CAN :D

      • retarted fangirls II

        And they’ll say ” he’s human too! “


        :D hehe i like the last part.

  • Leah Bieber

    Wow. I dont know what to say. :(

  • victoria

    Why he smokes marijuana?? I’m seriously discouraged! I think Lil Twist puts in problems that trouveque Lil Twist gives the bored?

    • JKJKJK

      “discouraged!”… the right word

  • belieber2.0

    Wow tht “so called friend” thinks they’re feeling good on the outside yet in the inside the feel guilt and betrayal and they know one day they’ll regret it and it will haunt them :D

  • victoria

    I too am speechless

    • Kailua

      Wow, I don’t know what to say, that’s messed up, if his friend did that to him. I would hope that his friends stay loyal to him. that he can trust them and not do anything behind his back. then again TMZ is full of SHIT,

  • Biebergotswag68


    • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

      I love you Justin you are dam hot &sexy

  • Still a belieber!(:

    wtf.. so he does smoke? or was he just holding it?.. i can’t believe this :S

    • To hater stfu

      He was just having a little fun he do not smoke it was like a one time thing

      • JKJKJK

        Guess we will see? hope it was a “One Time” thing ;)

  • sheezabusted

    CARMA IS A BITCH (to the person who sold pics)

  • victoria

    My God why he smokes marijuana????? I am without words (the wrong way)

    • To hater stfu

      He probably just wanted to have a little fun gosh it was probably just a one time thing let it go

      • Georgia

        well justin should know that ONE TIME can lead to more times..people who smokes tries something stronger, and more deadly.Im not sayin justin is gonna do that but he should know better. and he has little kids that looks up to him..and this is not FUN.

      • retarted fangirls II

        One time thing? Oh really? He is probably smoking pot as we speak. Have a little fun? Drugs ain’t a little fun, it can send you to jail. It just shows how mature he is.

  • victoria


  • Biebergotswag68

    ” oh I’m justin’s friend and I like to be a bitch and I’m gay also I like to betray him”
    That’s B*tch

    • retarted fangirls

      Well Justin was being the stupid person himself to trust everybody around him. He should of known better.

      • Biebergotswag68

        I know right…. (now I’m disappointed :()

      • Bieberswagg

        Why do you guys expect so much from him?… He is just a human for gods sake. And i WILL not believe it until i have damn hard proof where he come out and says it himself.

  • Mimi


  • Georgia

    oh my poor baby :( u shouldnt trust anyone these days….but justin should know better smoking is NOT COOL!

  • Biebergotswag68

    I already know its real…

  • khloe99

    Wow that person is a real asshole for doing that now Justin must feel like he can’t trust anyone. The first time I saw the pics I immediately knew that Justin was smoking but it didn’t upset me even though I didn’t like the idea of him smoking but I didn’t like quit being a belieber that some guys did or like start cutting my wrists and stuff like an obsessed fan. I actually stood by him! But the stuff that made me LMAO the entire time was when some ppl were saying it’s a pencil or probably its a pretzel. lol But poor JB he must be REALLY pissed off right now :( :( :(

  • Tiff

    I feel like part of this is justin’s fault. I’m not saying he did it, yet, because it hasn’t been confirmed yet (though i doubt it ever will be confirmed)- however, there’s a lot of evidence signifying that he did. If he didn’t want to be in the tabloids for doing something stupid then he shouldn’t have done the stupid thing in the first place then there be no problem here now, would there? You can’t trust anybody and this is a perfect example why.

  • Jazzy Drew Biebs

    Oh my God! What kind of a friend he has,that is so mean..
    Anyway! Justin really smoke marijuana?? :-( what makes him do that. He must have a hard life out there.. I hope he quits before it gets serious

  • Bieber

    I won’t believe he smokes weed till i see a video of him saying it himself cause the photos of “Him” smoking wasn’t him. His leg tattoos and ARM tattoos were missing and he doesnt wear the type of nikes on the picture like EVER.

    • Trollala

      Umm if your were a Belieber you would know that he does wear Nikes (and Jordans) just not as much as he wears Supras. Bought the shoes when he was in Australia. And the arm tattoos are much higher on his arm near his elbow, you wouldn’t be able to see it with the sleeve in the pics. You’re like the only one who doesn’t know this.

      • Bieber

        ACTUALLY. I am a belieber. and yes he does wear Nikes but not those Nikes that look like Air Maxes or Jordans. and He’s Owl Tattoo on his arm is BELOW his elbow therefore you should be able to see it in the pics.

    • Amels

      I agree! until i/we havent saw a video of him smoking, im not believing in this nonsense..

    • Justin’s sexy new girlfriend Samantha

      I Know you don’t smoke or do drugs
      I Love you boyfriend. Just the way
      You are forever&always xxxx

  • Alejandra

    That is so sad and if that happen to me I will feel the same way as he is feeling that is the worst thing ever.

  • alexis belieber

    thats what happens when you got friends who are drug addicts he needed the money to buy more pot. i wonder how long justin has smoke marijuana sense he met lil twist or when he was in canada? this will not end well guys first is marijuana and later could be heavy drugs like cocaine or worst. i just hope that if he does don’t do it in front of other people.

    • Trollala

      In 2 months he’ll have like 7 more tattoos and will have pics of him doing cocaine. Sad what he’s become.

      • Rue b

        but heres the thing we cant judge him for what he has done…its like the miley cyrus incident like before…we cant just assume oh he’s going to do this and that…its like really what if this was his first smoke? (but I highly doubt it). And who says he would be addicted to it? Like really im sorry but I don’t like people like you who assume he’s going to do worst when we our selve are going to do worst when we get older just like he did. But heres the twist we all have the option to continue it or stop so who knows what he’ll do next. ONLY HE KNOWS! not what people assume or say ‘oh he’ll be like the rest’. I haven’t given up on him and I hope you haven’t either.

      • Bieber

        If you were a Belieber you would trust Justin and not assume such things about him. Be positive don’t be negative. Justin is a good person.

  • Biebergotswag68

    I don’t want my idol doing drugs… :(

    • Lindia

      Me neither.

  • Marley

    I really don’t care about this anymore.
    A pretty good half of this is Justin’s fault. Whether he confirms it or not, everyone now knows it’s real. When someone calls for doing stupid things you have to pay the price later. ALSO to all the people saying it was fake, how do you like me now? :P

    • RyanNolan

      You’re right, half of the Beliebers don’t want to recognize the truth. Make excuses. Making excuses doesn’t help him. Just makes him spin more out of control.

    • Rue b

      I really didn’t care either because the boy is 18 and that’s what most 18 year olds do now a days. I’m still on the fence about if its actually real because I just hate tabloids but if it is then let it be and get over it. its Justin life so let Justin do Justin and you keep doing what we are suppose to do and that is to be Beliebers not his mom. He got a mama to tell him whats right from wrong and its definitely not us. #stillbeliebin’
      PS: not directly to you @Marley but you know to all of us.

  • ivan

    Justin had told Oprah he does not trust anybody. Now you see why. The person who did this is probably fired if he worked for him. this is really good news since now his handlers will be more concerned and watchful over him. He will do fine. We should not worry so much about his going into alcoholism or hard drug use-he knows what it can do as he told Oprah.

  • lisa

    wow some people say”im his biggest fan’oh wiat he smokes im leaving him”..only true beliebers will stick by his side…who cares if he smokes.he is normal just like u.he was probably just trying to get over the break up.that doesnt mean to go all syco on selena either. he made those choices,on his own.what 18 year old doesnt smoke,every once in a while…i love him wether he smoes or not…

  • ivan

    If this greedy moron did not betray Justin and sold those pics to a gossip site, we would not be talking about this. Give Justin a break–he did not start this. He did not hurt anyone.