Justin Bieber Billboard Cover Feb2!


In his fourth cover story for Billboard Magazine, Justin talks about the new Acoustic Album release, how he turned his sadness into a song and whether he thinks he was snubbed by the Grammys.

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    • Guys! Did you hear? Their are a lot of Selena fans who were being rude to Justin downstairs his hotel! And I read the billboard cover already! He is sad and the song nothing like us is about Selena … And oh he isn’t following her anywhere and her not picking up the phone is not true either but they did relally break up! Guys support Justin if we all come together he will feel so much better :) and I changed my mind ! If Selena fans are harassing Justin then Iam gonna Harris her too and if she ever trashes him in any of her songs I’ll trash her back the same exact way ! :@

  1. The article will be posted in the internet. It might even be better than the Oprah interview. He is starting to reveal more of himself than ever before which is good.
    By the way, some fans were rude in his Orlando hotel-wonder what happened. I hope he is careful walking around even fans can act stupid.

    • I’m so glad that you are a fan (not sure if you’re a belieber or Not!) of Justin while being a Directioner. I don’t know why people think that we can’t Love both of them because in my opinion they are both awesome! :)

  2. Hey I love you guys but why do u hate Selena so much we broke up but enough with the hate please XOXO Justin love you guys

    • just hope you and selena can end up like Justin Timberlake and Jessica girl. broke up, but got back together. cause they couldn’t stand being away from each other.

    • Justin, no one can take the pain of a heartbreak; im hoping that Selena understands that! I mostly feel bad for Justin, all those comments i made to Justin when i said “women” the woman who wants to marry him is “Right Here”! Justin, some fans can be rude, sad, selfish, happy, mad, despreate & sometime crazy but they just dont understand the u want to “Live My(your) Life” we love eachother all but… im crying bcuz see i “Told U” (a song that i wanna write u came up with the title from the twitter pic) im better at showing than telling.

    • Aw, I’m sorry @JustinBieber… I hate seeing you sad or being heart broken…but whatever happens in your relationships, your Beliebers will always support you and be there for you no matter

    • no, I’m so heartbroken and crying that you and Justin aren’t getting back together. I love you both together.just hope you and Justin will end up Justin Timberlake and Jessica girl.

      • you must be damn stupid to believe that this is actually Justin and selena because first off Justin hasn’t been on here since probably 2010 and selena barely knows this site since there are plenty of other fansites. and third that why would they fight on a damn public fansite on this like come on do you have any common sense or are you just an 8 year old because any body can put Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as their name.

  3. @selenaGomez I can’t believe you baby I cared for you I bought you stuff I tried to be the best boyfriend ever and you treat me like dirt on the ground ): I WANNA WORK THIS OUT BUT FINE IF U DON’T IM DONE ……

  4. She don’t want me anymore I hate myself I’m a bad BOYFRIEND I don’t know why my fans think I’m perfect I’m NOT PERFECT I’m not SEXY IM UGly even Selena probaly thinks that too

    • Justin, dont take yourself of an opposite good boy, u should have seen what i almost done to my self while i was thinking about u! Love u Brother & friend but more of a Brother! to be honest i dont think Justin as pop star… well yeah i do but he is Justin, a normal person who is going through a breakup trouble! i know what its like i see this everyday at school, tv shows, tv stars, etc. its just that there is a message! u just have to figure it out unless u know what r u talking about!

    • message i found it: u r empty! i think that if we see eachother 1 one day it will not will not be a day to regret. im not one of them im of u Justin, im not one of those people who dont care about love! im the opposite of that! If there 1 of u they know truly what is going on if not they just have to figure out the rest of the other messages bcuz they are in all of the songs even the hit songs “Baby” & “One Time”!

  5. There he goes acting like a little Baby like he is and trying to act like he’s 25 years old and stop crying you baby don’t cry for me ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH stop your making me cry JUSTIN

  6. @selenaGomez I loved you so much I bought you things cared for you loved u kissed u please don’t get Jealus of Barbara and don’t let my fans attack you and let your confidence down deep down inside you probaly know who I love more inside but please take me back ):

      • They cant if Selena does not want to be with Justin then thats her fault bcuz Justin gave her what he had she didnt want then she will regret it one day bcuz Selena is going to see Justin on live national tv getting married to what the women wants is love! To be loved by someone who will never let go, to be loved by someone who will just “Make You Believe” “What Is Love?” (another song i wanna write)

    • Wow Justin & Selena! Now i see what u mean! Justin, Selena may not think who you are but i know who you are! Really no no lie! I got like 60+ songs i would love to write! “Show & Tell” You show Selena ur love but she just tells you no i mean why why even try to be to someone who loves you! Justin, If i were Selena i would “Never Let You Go”! Like im not 1 of those girls who think they get the world! My World is your world, your world is My World! When a relationship starts & when it ends there is always message begginng to end you just have to figure out the message!

      • that was really Justin! i know what Justin would comment on a site like this (i dont stalk him). I know bcuz i see it in my dreams most of the time when i see the brightest star outside that i make my wish on! may not have come true now but it will before August 2013. Justiin, u will see it in ur dreams one night! not a joke not a lie telling the truth!

  7. Justin is performing this minute in Florida. Girls, don’t be fooled by fakes playing with your minds. He has no time for comments on this site

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