Justin Bieber Dedicated his Stratford Culliton Tattoo to his Grandpa!


Justin debuted some fresh Indian tattoo on the back of his shoulder via Instagram today, which he dedicated to a special person in his life – his grandpa. His tattoo is also matching his favorite Canadian ice hockey team logo – the Stratford Cullitons.

“My grandfather always took me to the stratford culliton every friday night this is for u Grampa … My man @chenterios hooked it up.”

Less than a week ago, Justin had another tattoo session where he added some roses to a pre-existing tattoo of praying hands on his leg.

More pic:

43 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Dedicated his Stratford Culliton Tattoo to his Grandpa!

    1. Rue b

      Girl 18 is legal for some…’He’s only 18′ doesn’t mean jack in the u.s … Like really where do you live??? It’s not like he’s still 16 …. Like will everybody keep on doing this until they say ‘ he should be doing this he’s only 30’?

  1. Niha bieber

    nice tattoo justin darling..but dnt u think its enough! plz think my love.. i love u so much and i dnt want ur beautiful body to get ruin by any more tattos..

  2. $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    hey justin no more tattoo plz it willl hurt your soft ad cute skin my justin don,t do this again i love u justin plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. daughterofLordRauhl

    Again, get something for a special reason. Nothing wrong with that. I thought that he wouldn’t get something just because he could. Almost thought it was something for the Redskins. I watch too much football… Whatever. But that’s sweet.

    1. daughterofLordRauhl

      The hell… I didn’t say anything was wrong with it. I like his tattoos… If he wants more, I support him. I was saying that I thought he just got it to get it, not for a special reason.

  4. Niha bieber

    u got an indian tattoo.. nice.. but wen r u coming to india? plz justin.. guys let us tel justin to come to india..


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