Justin Bieber ‘HARASSED AND STALKED’ By Dead Paparazzi (AUDIO)


Justin Bieber was stalked and harassed by Chris Guerra — the paparazzi who was killed while taking pictures of JB’s Ferrari on New Year’s Day, and he lied about J.B. smoking pot …reports TMZ.

According to TMZ … photographer Chris Guerra made Justin’s life hell … following and chasing him at every opportunity.

The sources claim Chris flat-out lied when he called a friend shortly before he was killed, claiming he saw Justin smoking pot in a pipe while driving his Ferrari earlier that day. The sources say multiple witnesses will say the only time Justin left the Four Seasons on New Year’s Day was to go to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Hollywood for lunch, and there was never a pipe in sight.

The sources say Justin had “very little respect” for Chris Guerra but was trying not to say anything out of respect for the family, but Chris made it “very difficult by telling this guy (his friend) lies about Justin.”

Listen Chris’s friend talks about Justin smoking pot on new year’s day.

  • belieber forever

    i feel so bad for justin he is probably devistated BUT its not his fault the pap is responsible FOR HIS OWN DEATH so people should STOP herassing my baby leave him ALONE bitches

    • I tell the Trtuh

      The pap isn’t responsible for his own death it’s there job to do that if not they get no money for their family and instead of being helpful the stars fan just get on all the pap IT’S THEIR JOB TO TAKE PICTURE PICTURES NEVER HURT ANYBOYD oh wait they did when the pap died yes it’s not his fault but justin was not even there AND NOW please shut up and learn something before you talk

      • Belibah till forevs :-D

        Shut up bitch oh and it’s spelled * anybody * not ” anyboyd ”

        RETARD!!!!!! F U

        Luv yuh justin

      • David Conway

        hi my name is david conway , i just what to check in with this web site , that,s all ,



      • justin.adele

        its true that’s pap doing his job but he’s doing his job so bad because he dosent notice to his health and other
        [all people doing job for earn money but not to price their health]

    • Isabella Bieber


      • I tell the Trtuh

        Beliba tills foreves or what ever your name is shut up you corrected a simple typo and you feel so smart nobody even cares ANYBODY < (better) with a brain can see that you are retarded I have no time for you

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        @I tell the Truth- You know who else got hurt 15 years ago? Princess Diana. She was trying to get away from paps that engaged her in a high speed chase. Ask her what that was like. Oh wait, you can’t because she’s dead. The bottom line is: paparazzi can do their job without stalking people. It’s possible. The celebs don’t like the harassing part of it. That’s all.

  • one direction

    I fell bad to about Justin he has propably for his own death so people they needs to stop it right no belieber forever….

  • marie

    RIPpapChris . l hope that ther will be no paps after this accident

  • Mrz.Bieber


  • Jess

    Awh, i feel sorry for Justin and the paparazzi really:/:(

    • vagiabelieber

      Let’s stop this now and directioners get away from here!

      • Mrs.Bieber

        Right belieber’s only B-)

  • Niha bieber

    Praying to god.. feeling sorry abt that paparazzi.. hope his family is fine,..

  • Becky

    JUSTIN WASN’T EVEN THERE..? lol Justin doesn’t do weed

  • Sayda

    Is not JB fault

    • Jsha bieber

      4 sure.

  • Jehhh

    Zero respect for the pap. He was a stalker who went way beyond his remit of taking pictures for money. I appreciate this is a life we are talking about and I have sympathy for his family but seriously, what a disgraceful way to make a living.

    • meme 643

      @Jehhh I agree with u and also Lil Twist was driving Justin’s car when his car got pulled over

  • ivan

    He lied about Justin smoking pot in his car. If he was smoking why did he not take a pic or video? He did follow the car and tried to take pics after that so why not then? He taught Justin was in the car but it was Twist. I did not believe it from the biginning for this and other reasons.
    Selena and Justin apparently had an argument on the 30th and broke up.

  • Niha bieber

    I agree with u sayda

  • Niha bieber

    Jelena broke up?? again!!

    • khloe99

      Stay what???

    • justin.adele

      Jelena not broke up
      and I’m sure about it
      its just roumor

  • ivan

    His death was an unfortunate accident-that is all. Hope his friends and family don’t try to blame Justin for this, that could put him in danger of retaliation by some morons.

  • ivan

    Singer Frank Ocean was stopped by police and they smelled pot in his car today, this never happened to Justin on the occasions his car was stopped.

  • Niha bieber

    It was nt jb’s fault, so why would they blame jb? hope justin is ok..

  • JaylaBieber

    A police officer told him to go back to his own car TWICE. And when he did, apparently he wasn’t looking, and got hit. I still feel bad for him and his family even if he was stalking and making up lies about Justin. I don’t think someone should just *die* like that.

    • BBB.Belieberxxx


    • khloe99

      True @Jaylabieber

  • kiki

    That’s sad the paps need to mind there own and stop being stalkers and harassing

  • rosa bieber


  • Lenora

    I want to know who the hell would cross a freakin highway in LA filled with cars speeding

    • khloe99

      A mental person?

  • vagiabelieber

    Well… Justin wasn’t in the car, how the should know it? We don’t know if Justin was smoking that you say, so why do you believe that he wasn’t smoking that? Don’t talk if you don’t know, ok??? o_O :@

  • vagiabelieber

    *how the pap…

  • khloe99

    Rip pap despite his mischievous and horrible ways

  • Allison Bielieber


  • ivan

    Unless we have Genuine pics or videos or testimony by name of a friend who says he smokes pot or Justin admits to it, there is no reason to assume he smokes. If he does,it is merely on occasion not all the time-But I don’t accept even that unless there is indisputable evidence. The fact that Twist, Chis Brown, Wayne and others he sees once in in while smoke pot does not mean he himself does.

  • Really?

    That guy said its particially justins fault because of Justins recent antics around LA? Um no its not his fault at all!
    Justin wouldn’t need to drive so recklessly if he wasn’t being chased.
    Yes it is the papz job to get photos but be in a high speed chase with Justin, constantly follow his car everywhere is not okay. There should be rules for whats papz are and aren’t aloud to do. They endanger their lives. Look what they did to poor princes Di. They cause so much shit, they make up so much shit. Justin wouldn’t ever touch that shit. Plus lil twist was driving the car so its not justins fault at all. Justin can’t be blamed for some random pap getting run over by some other car just because they tried to stalk his car. Its the papz own fault for crossing a dangerous road and not looking properly.

  • #Believe In Biebah

    I knew Justin wouldn’t smoke weed, like no…Never. -_-

  • ivan

    really: you are absolute right! Also, when he’s on tour he is surrounded by a least 15-20 people-12 dancers, a cook, probably a doctor, 2 security guards the pilot, hair stylist and maybe a couple more handlers-How can be be smoking pot among these people if he smokes regularly as a source claimed?

    • Real Alisha

      @ivan good point

  • Kieren Paola

    Why do you always blame Bieber? :( It’s the own fault of the paparazzi why he died!


    why can’t they do investigation, and find out wat went wrong n stop blaming Bieber 4 papz death.. but i hope papz rest in peace.. n his family too.


      also his family wish them da best.

  • prince

    so sad …………………