Justin Bieber Hopes Paparazzi’s Death Stops Dangerous Chases


Justin Bieber hopes that the death of a paparazzi who was trying to photograph his car will slow the snapping masses’ relentless pursuit of him.

Justin said in a statement released by his spokesperson:

“While I was not present nor directly involved with this tragic accident, my thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim. Hopefully this tragedy will finally inspire meaningful legislation and whatever other necessary steps to protect the lives and safety of celebrities, police officers, innocent public bystanders, and the photographers themselves.”

A photographer, who thought he spied Justin sitting in his parked white Ferrari, was struck and killed by oncoming traffic as he walked across a Los Angeles freeway to get back to his car after snapping photos.

  • Beliber Forever

    Not going to happen. Also since the other thread isn’t going to be looked at..

    Most of you all go on about how nasty and distasteful the paparazzi scene is yet they get you all these pictures to get excited about.

    To be honest some of the “belieber croud” is quite honestly, evil. Death threats at the slight criticsm of Justin Bieber is so dark and cruel.

    • Voice of Reason.

      Finally someone who can type and has reason on this website. We need more people like you to handle the little girls that come on here.

      • #Believe In Biebah

        We are all sad about the death of this pap, so please stop with this nonsense and drama, and pray for this pap’s family.

      • David Conway


    • MorethanAbelieber

      like no lie my heart dropped when i woke up i got on my computer and all i see was ‘JUSTIN CAR GETS STRIKED’ like i really hope this guy’s family is ok and ppl stop this justin already gives us soo much,does he really need to give us more???
      Let justin keep some things to himself

    • BieBERloveER

      My thoughts and prayers goes out to his family and friends. BTW ANY ONE OF YOU HAVE A NINTENDO 3DS??? tnx

    • Sumia

      I hope he’s going out before summer or right know cause I love him and I can’t stop thinking about him I love u justin bieber but I got one question why did you kill the pappriza it’s ok I don’t hate you I still love you no mater what justin I hope you go out this month please someone has to help him and I feel bad for his parents. and if your reading this parents please don’t ground him people make mistakes probably he had a boys night out

  • essie j

    my prayers goes out to that guy’s family :(

    • Jsha bieber

      Mine too.

    • tabitha.morales

      (crying) meeeeeeeeeeeeee 2 i hope jb is ok

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        mine too

  • Mrs.bieberYE$

    Well first of all they should not have ben chasing his car cuz they no the dangers of speed driving let alone takeing a pic
    jb did nothng rong at all I ,mean wtf I feal bad and all but he put it on his slef whatever rip love u jb

    • Voice of Reason.

      A few spelling errors in your post, people which do not speak English may not understand. I will translate’

      Well, first off they should not have been chasing his car because there is a potential danger of increased speed in driving, as well as taking a picture.

      Justin Bieber did nothing wrong at all, I mean (insert unnecessary remark here) I feel bad and all but he puts this on himself.


      My translation does not mean I agree with what you said.

      • Mrs.bieberYE$

        Yo smarty I did not need ur input

  • JaylaBieber

    I hope it does.

  • M.M

    Hey this is a little random but does jb have a google + or a kik because I keep telling people he doesn’t I know he doesn’t have one but does anyone know ? Please reply back

    • Voice of Reason.

      He does not have an official page for Google +, various fan pages have been created and VEVO also has a page.

      • M.M

        Thx so much for telling me. It’s so annoying like people keep saying he has one but he doesn’t. Does he have a kik people keep asking me and stuff I don’t think he does but it’s just so annoying people keep asking me

    • Sumia

      I think EVERONE is not different from no one and I think she Kind of right

  • Justinbieberfan

    Will Justin bieber get sent to prison? I hope not. My prayers go out to that man but he should not have been chasing or taking pics in the first place. What ever happens I will support Justin bieber. One last thing Justin bieber DOES NOT SMOKE. Biggest belieber in the world!
    P.s. stop making stupid romers that Justin bieber smokes. I HATE Justin bieber haters.

    • Voice of Reason.

      You contradict yourself a bit there.

      “Will Justin bieber get sent to prison? I hope not.”

      So, if this WAS his fault and he did you would still support a killer ? as stated by your second comment.

      ‘What ever happens I will support Justin bieber.” So yeah..

      ” I HATE Justin bieber haters.”

      This part of your comment is quite funny, you “beliebers” send death threats to people that criticize Justin Bieber yet you call yourself calm ?

      • Nikolisa De Maria Armati

        Oh come on you
        You are trying to correct everyone

    • tabitha.morales

      im not hatin i love jb

  • retarted fangirls

    Yeah right, this I their job they’re not going to stop

    • retarted fangirls


      • tabitha.morales

        r u insulting jb?

  • Belieber

    Unlike some beliebers I’m not going to be like ” that man shouldn’t hav been trying to chase Justin” cuz- it’s there job!
    What I want to say is whoever hit the man should’ve been a careful driver and shouldn’t hav made a “hit and run” scene.
    Now this is part where I’m going to agree with some people cuz we all hav our opinions- but yeah this wasn’t Justin’s fault in any way so idk why they’re putting all eyes and cameras on him. Like wat the heck?!
    What they should be doing is get them cameras and questions OFF of Justin and onto the person that hit the man.
    Doesn’t Justin already hav enough cameras and drama in his face already? :D
    (Prayers go out to that man that died :( )

  • vagiabelieber

    Oh shut up! None wanted to happend what happend. Don’t you see that what happend, happend by accident? Think logically!

  • belieber2.0

    You said that well put :D I mean exactly! Justin wasn’t the person that hit the paparazzi guy because if he did then I could understand why they would put all the cameras on him but they’re so busy asking Justin all of the questions- that the person who may of actually hit the guy is getting a chance to run away and may possibly end up a criminal from the rest of the way!!
    Prayers go out to the man and his family :( And I hope they let Justin go and go actually find the person who hit the man

  • Karla.L

    It’s A Shame That Paparazzi Was So Caught Up In His Work That He Didn’t Realize What Was Going On Around Him.May He Rest In Peace

  • #Believe In Biebah

    It wasn’t Justin’s fault so Justin isn’t going to jail or anything. Though, I wish good luck to the pap’s family. I hope other people learn from this and things like this don’t happen in the future.

  • Ivan

    Don’t people get the fact that his life was threatened a short time ago by criminals? What if the person or persons following may not be in fact persons out to do him harm.
    that is what is scary about people following him in cars.

  • Ivan

    the person killed spoke to a person he called claiming he saw Justin with a pipe apparently smoking before this incident. Keep in mind it’s easy to make up a juicy story to sell to gossip sites-this has happened before. If it’s true, than Justin probably smokes on occasion as most pop stars do. It is not the end of the world although I don’t approve of it. I still support Justin regardless.

  • Trollala

    The story is that the pap guy saw Justin smoking weed from a pipe and followed him to the hotel to get a picture to prove it (and sell the pics). When he saw the car leave from the hotel again he thought it was Justin but it was twist. That’s when the accident occurred.

    Sad that this had to happen but you really shouldn’t be following people.

  • halah

    so sexy jb

  • vandroske

    Some of you guys are fake as h*ll

  • Jessica

    Hey guys I think that it was the idiots fault for walking across the road that was busy without looking, at least Justin was the bigger guy right he did go to where the guy died and prayed for his family. Hey could you all do me a favor and follow me on twitter, I promise I’ll follow you back. @jessicabiwbwe

  • tammy bieber

    it wasn’t justin’s fault that the paparazzi died. it was him who was trying to get back to his car and got in an accident.

  • cutie b

    You guys are talking about the paparazzi chasing him but if Justin was across the street walking to he’s car half of you guys would have ran to him to get a autograph and a
    picture and some of you would have gotten hit by cars.

    • daughterofLordRauhl

      A mentally stable person would not walk in the middle of an L.A. highway without paying attention for that. That’s stupid. So what the hell?

      • Paula Faye

        You don’t know that, people are crazy enough.

  • Hold on

    Yeah that’s crazy The paps should know now to take it slow on trying to get pics of these celebritys …They Could of ended Justin’s life because That time when justin was speeding on the highway as they were chasing him at high speeds .. justin could of easily sped out of control and gotten killed .. And mind you when your speeding over 100mph The wheel Is very light almost as it feels like its loose or something . R.i.p to the pap

  • yash

    justin i’m with u that i believe u never did this…

  • M.M

    Does jb have a kik people,keep asking me its so annoying please reply back thx

  • tabitha.morales

    hey guys im senting this message to everybody to prayyyyyyyyyyy 4 this guy i heard it on the inside edition i was pretty shocked when i heard it

  • brendaa14;*

    awwwh i hope they dont put justin in jail ////:

  • bieberpaws65

    wow my prayers are out to the paparazzi. i feel so sorry for the family. and tonight when i go to bed i’ll pray and every night i’ll do the same. oh and M.M i think he does but im not so shure.

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    hey r u crazy how could u say that or think about that
    i am saying to u brendaa 14
    how could u say that
    simple justin was not there he didn,t see anything then how how how tell me
    brendaa14 tell me
    he was not there at that time
    after he see that
    i will kill who say this again that justin is the killer
    i will kill that person ok

    justin i love u
    and if anyone will say u something or hurt u
    that person will not be there anymore
    love u justin

    • tay

      hi do ou love JB

  • justin.adele

    it’s not justin’s fault
    We Love Justin
    till the end

  • ivan

    TMZ is reporting the guy killed stalked and lied about Justin smoking in the car according to sources

    • JB Fan

      It’s the paparazzi’s fault the police already told him to get back in his car,but didn’t listen so maybe some people will actually listen paparazzi’s celebs needs a break 2 u know.
      I think papparazi should give Justin Bieber some friken space, he needs his privacy. And theres no one to blame, but the paparazzi!!!!!!!!!!

  • tay

    hay JB im going thruohg a lot i have cancer please for this last time can you plaese place this on you justin bieber site that you will nevere forget me my name is haylie