Justin Bieber Message to Fans “I’m Trying to be Better”


Justin Bieber tweeted a message to fans on Saturday after photos surfaced online showing him holding what appears to be a marijuana joint.

“Everyday growing and learning. Trying to be better. U get knocked down, u get up.”

“Back on tour tomorrow. Ready to see u all smile. Time to do what I’m supposed to be doing. Performing.”

Justin didn’t address the photos directly, but thanked to the beliebers for the support.

“I see all of u. I hear all of u. I never want to let any of you down. I love u and thank u.”

“like i said…2013…new challenges. new doubters…Im ready. We are ready. see u all tomorrow and everyday after that. #BELIEVEtour”

“i will never give up on you. as long as u r there for me i will always be there for u. thanks “

Justin’s set to perform tonight (Jan5, 7pm) in Salt Lake City, Utah at EnergySolutions Arena (formerly The Delta Center).

      • I see what Justin is trying 2 say, i would love 2 tell u all but i feel it is too (or way too) personal 2 tell any1!! This shoud b a talk between Justin & I; some fans just don’t get it but i do!!

      • Oh so now he’s not perfect. -___- so many of you guys say he is perfect and all then he smoked weed and now your trying to tell me that he is human and nobody’s perfect bullshi*.
        What’s up with that?

      • Hahaha &therealbiebah don’t waist ur time with her she is just a lifeless hater who is trying to fill her desperate life!

      • i really dont care about the haters anymore i love you justin and i love you beliebers(= #beliebers will never leave

      • Oh,so I proved that u are a lifeless hater who doesn’t know how to fill her desperate life? Hahahahaha am no more Gunna reply to ur idiotic comments!

      • So basically @retarTed fan girl what ever crap, your saying I’m young and flat (in shape) and your old and fat (round) that’s not a good shape… I play 3 sports and have never gotten anything below a b.. So USA has been pretty good to me, coming from Asia or Iraq or wherever the heck it is your from, not much of anything but fights and ungrateful ppl. You should b the one shutting up b/c NO ONE CARES ABOUT A FREAKIN RETARD that is uneducated… Deuces

      • Every teenager would have tried one thig or the other and especially after selena was being a bitch he would most probably be tempted to remove his anger so he smoked (not weed!!!) and we who always said ” ONCE A BELIEBER ALWAYS A BELIEBER” should respect him…. I don’t get the big deal in that.. When 1D does it , it looks cool but when jb does it you guys start leaving him!?!? I will always stick by him !

    • Looks like we have some company here *cough* Haterz here ‘WHICH’are @retardedfangirl and @the truth is! Hahahaha I feel sorry for their empty lives

      • If you had a braincell little kid I am a Justin fan, but one with common sense because i know he isn’t perfect. As far as i know anyone can come on this site, who died and made you mother theresa kiddo?

      • Yeah right !!! Common sense justin fan is calling Justin’s fan 9 year olds and supporting a hater! Yep… Now I know that ur the one who has a serious proplem! Oh and am no kiddo am 19!

        You’re a living proof on why USA’s educational system is messed up. ;)

      • @retardedfangirlZ. What kinda crappy name is that? Your sitting here saying your smart and not stupid , but your name is “retarded” you need to suck it up, put your big boy panties on and get.a.life..

      • @pretty and smart,
        I would first like to say what kinda of username is that. Pretty and smart more like stupid and young. My username is “retarted” not “retarded”. Shut the f*ck up and get your facts straight. Till then sit your flat behind down. ;)

      • Lol true dat @mrs.$wagg who loves to $wag u have a long name bro I had to look at if name like five times to eerie that lol
        Not hating just sayin in not a


  1. It’s too bad he can’t just tell the truth. Either he smoked or he didn’t! has to hide behind his vague words he must think his fans are stupid.

    • He’s in a state of confusion after the break up as he never wanted it!!!! So why can’t we accept the fact and support him instead of dissing him or calling him stupid??

    • I just want him to stay true to himself! The old Justin was way smarter than this!! That little kid he used to be is still somewhere inside him!! I’m not not saying he can’t grow up, I’m just saying that he should be the person that wouldn’t do something as stupid as this!! He is stronger than this. He needs to remember who he was and what got him here! He needs stop and think!

  2. Aww I feel bad for Justin biebs so much. :( whether he was smoking or not, we need to realize that he goes through rough times also :( don’t worry though, hopefully he will try his best not to disappoint us #belieber 4 ever <3

  3. What a great way to start off the year. Lmfao -they broke up -Justin smokes weed, now his fans are leaving him – he’s now getting harassed because he supposedly killed a Guy. 2013 is definitely his year lol

    • Well that’s stupid when he has 32 million of us so do you think he can search just to notice you…. Come on girl make sense…


      He will notice you all you gotta do is post heeps and heeps of videos about how much of a fan you are and BA BAM he might notice you.

      from Belieber Allie

    • You are a number, sorry to say. There’s nothing wrong with being a fan, but expecting him to notice you is setting yourself up for disappointment.

  4. I’ve had enough of the stupid speeches. Does he think I’m stupid or what? He’s either indirectly saying the smoke joint party was real or won’t address the situation at hand. Growing up doesn’t come with smoking pot or drinking alcohol. I don’t know where his brain is, but it’s not where it used to be.

    • Well,when it comes to being a huge heartthrob and having so money..then yes! He’s under pressure right now and he said that he will try better! He is a human and he makes mistakes ! And we have appreciate and forgive when ppl try to apolagise! If there is no forgiveness in this world then they whole world will be hatin each other!•

      • Learn how to type moron. It’s true no one is perfect, but when it comes to Justin, all of you have to defend him in some way when your completely in denial. So when Justin robs a bank your going to say “Oh he’s just human”? or “Everyone robs banks”?

      • Ur comment shows that ur the moron! B*tch there is a difference between robing a bank and smoking! Smoking is not the red line! So at this point….we will defend him no matter what! Got a proplem !

    • true that. he can’t always say “yo I’m growing up and that’s why I make mistakes”. Many people are young, growing but they can still make good decicions. Justin needs to take more resposibility for his actions and find some better people to spend time with. he always speaks speak negatively of drugs, alcohol and this is the reality then, huh? great role model.

      • If you look into the history of music pop stars every single one of them have the clean image and they have to say they don’t like drugs and alcohol. Behinde closed doors they’re drinking the most expensive brand of whisky to snorting coke, to smoke pot and the list just goes on. Justin Bieber is like no different than any other pop musician out there. He’s LYING to your faces saying he’s clean when in reality he’s like the rest of them. I have yet to see a pop star that have stuck true to their words and not be something else behind closed doors. He is just a marketing ploy for you little girls and he is enjoying every minute of it because you are making him rich!. So of course Justin and his team will try and act like everything Justin does is clean when reality he isn’t. He is rich and famous and Justin will do whatever he wants because he can. He can only keep up with this for so long.

      • I’m sorry I agree with @Marley. Justin, half of your Beliebers are 15-20 others are OVER that age…WE ARENT STUPID. -__-

      • agree with u. you can say no to drugs if you are just smart enough like many people but apparently justin isn’t. this kid is just going to be a bad influence.

      • “the truth is” – chill man, I definitely agree with u, all i’m saying is that many people who look up to him are still underage and he should be a good role model for them. and i can tell you not every musician do drugs – them who are strong and smart enough to say no to them.

      • Guys! He is a human and he made a mistake and he tryed to tell us that won’t anymore!!! What part if that dont u understand? Gash can beliebers be frustrating!!!

      • @believeinbiebah and @jalyabieber I kinda thought u were the true beliebers here! So u think Justin is trying to fool u! Woooooow am soo glad that this Justin smoking thing came out to see who are the real true beliebers!

      • Stfu @retardedfangirl I ment every single word of what I’ve said! But doesn’t look like u did!

      • Oh really, man you act like everything he do is okay. Stop lying to yourself. ” Woooooow am soo glad that this Justin smoking thing came out to see who are the real true beliebers!”. Really if your actually a true fan you would open your eyes and see the wrong he is doing and would stop saying he’s human too or people make mistakes, when you say he is perfect all the time. -__- idiots these days

      • Okay! So now we must hate every single person who smokes weed in this world! Cuz no matter what ppl should not make mistakes and trip ! That is ur point of view! Poor brainless hater!

      • @The real biebah
        Because I’m not stupid and believe every word that comes from Justin’s mouth even when pictures of Justin smoking weed are right in my face, I’m not a Belieber? Okay.

      • @The real biebah
        Wtf is wrong with you where you aren’t able to spell my name right? Legit question right here. .-.

      • @retardedfangirls! Inti thora ….t3rafafi ya3ni sho thora? Ya3ni ox! Bi5ti9aar: inti definition lil kilma ox! Hahahaha

  5. Justin I like/love you, but can you just f*cking tell us, YOUR BELIEBERS THAT BEEN HERE SINCE 2009, if you smoked weed, or you didn’t. I hate it when you just don’t tell us what is true and what is not… IT GIVES ME HEADACHES… -___- Hate on me all you want but this b*tch, is hurting my brain. (Okay maybe he’s not a b*tch but whatever.)

    • I understand Justin is growing to be his own person and I don’t even care that he smokes weed, but dodging the truth or lying to your fans isn’t nice. Most of us aren’t middle schoolers and can handle the truth. We’re not naive. I just hope he isn’t drifting away from the things that were important to him back in 2009. All of the tattoos, weed/partying, new friends doesn’t seem like a good road to be going down.

    • Would you look at that! A belieber almost called just a bitch! Goodbye!it was nice having u as a belieber..looks like am the only true belieber left here!

  6. If I were in Justin’s shoes I probably would need a drink or joint myself with haters on on side and fans attacking him over either a joint that was photoshopped in his hand or his taking up smoking occasionally in recent weeks because of the stress he is undergoing with Selena, being probably overworked, etc. Lets not throw him under the bus over this and forget the great way he has treated us. He needs our support more than ever. We would do it for a brother or personal friend.
    gossipcop.com, the most reliable celebrity gossip site is investigating as well as his people-wait for answers.

  7. justin bieber is perfect without trying to be better
    and his smile is priceless i love him so much
    justin you are perfect and your fans are always
    with you to support you

  8. Nobody is going to put the breaks on Justin and tell him no. It’s a money train and if you open your mouth you get thrown from the train. Who wants to mess up a good thing? To be honest, I think he actually was smoking weed.

  9. maybe u did smoke weed oru didnt. u say the most powerful words no one cant even say to ur beliebers. everybody makes mistakes. ur not perfect. it do not make him a bitch for it. he not a bitch he not gay. he best singer in the world. he my idol. justin bieber i hope u have great day and a great performance . its okay . once a belieber always a belieber. i luv you justin bieber.he makes me happy. bye beliebers

    • guys sorry for saying this. im not hating on lil twist . but lil twist i think hes a bad influence on justin. before justin didnt do any of this stuff doing now. i love you justin,. im sorry for saying that. im a true belieber

      • I definitely think his new crew aren’t the best crowd, but they can’t force Justin to do anything. It’s not really their fault if Justin chose to befriend them and do the things they do.

  10. Pot is not a hard drug like heroin and is legal in some states there is also a division of opinion on weather it is addictive, physically harmful, or an entry drug.
    It’s not possible he is smoking pot constantly because he is recording, rehearsing for his tour, or performing much of the time . If he does smoke. it would be only occasionally if he smokes at all. President Obama smoked pot a lot in his college days and it has no effect on his job or reputation. He’s not the only one.

    • many recording artist smoke pot even on the road. They bring the hot chicks known as groupies on their tour buses almost after every show and start smoking pipe and all.

    • You’re right, weed is much less harmless the alcohol (which can kill you). I really don’t see why a lot of people are so in denial and butthurt about him smoking.

      • Smoking weed can cause cancer you know…
        And it’s not just the weed. It’s the tattoos, the people he hangs out with, the speeding tickets, the way he talks. We’re practically fans of a clone. Don’t give me that “he’s growing up” bullshit.
        He’s completely changed into what he was 2 years ago.

      • I didn’t say weed was harmless, what I said was that fans seem so upset about the weed but didn’t care about the alcohol. I can see if fans are mad about the partying/weed/drinking/new friends/new style combined, but to be upset at one thing and not all of the others? Helllloooo, even I think Justin is letting this Hollywood life overtake him. He’s no longer that innocent kid with the nice hair. He’s trying to belong to a crowd. He even started dressing more like his rapper friends.

  11. WHy the hell woud he tell everyone if he smoked or not ,hes been having bad time lately and maybe he smoked to calm him self , other celebs smoke just to calm them selfs ,like justin timberlake , but i really dont think justin smoked

      • Exactly Marley. An 18 yr old drinking, smoking weed, and partying all the time is not okay. It seems as if that is becoming his priority now and in 2-3 years he might really get into some bad drugs. I guess Justin has got caught up like every other teen idol :/ even though he said he wouldn’t.

      • Yea, everyone who said Justin is going to end up like everyone else may be right….The 2009 Justin wouldn’t smoke weed or do any sort of drugs. He has surely changed for the worst. I think part of it has to do with his new group of friends.

  12. You kids now its just weed right? Not coke or heroin just plain old weed. Finally JB is going to be appealing to adults I hope his next album got him singing about that zip and that double cup

    • What is so appealing about smoking weed? It makes you smell and your teeth get all yellow just like a regular cigarette would do. Zero respect for people like you >.>

    • DRUGS ARE DRUGS…You think just because he smokes older people will like him ? If they didn’t like him before all this s*it happened then they honestly shouldn’t just like him because he smokes…I’m not gonna say he did and I’m not finna say he didn’t , cuz I don’t know…

    • It’s time that he stops catering to 10 yr olds and starting making music for older people. That’s clearly what he wants to do as he only shows interest in older girls and having older friends. Whenever I see Justin, I see sadness because you can tell that he has to hide the things he does because of his fans. He can’t post certain picks on instagram, or certain tweets, etc. because of how these girls react. He needs to give up the “innocent” act and just show himself as he is (weedhead/drinker/partier). People would respect him more because it’s real.

      • Or probably respect him less. Whether he keeps it real or not it would be a lose-lose situation on his part.

      • Older ppl would respect him more, his younger fans would respect him less. But it’s clear he wants to appeal to the older crowd more now so it would be a win in his mind. Sorry to say but he doesn’t really care that much about 5-15 yr olds since he’s not that age anymore. He caters to them since he/his team doesn’t want to lose fans.

  13. WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!!! From those photos of “Justin” smoking, I don’t think it was Justin or Robin… I think it was just a fake photo… But I wish Justin can just open his sexy mouth or move his flawless finger and type if he really did/didn’t smoke… can’t he just be damn truthful tho… In my opinion, Justin didn’t smoke, because considering Pattie’s drug issues… If Justin did smoke, Pattie would be slapping him, with a Bible…

  14. those pictures are FAKE that guy isn’t Justin ok justin didn’t smoke anything it’s so obvious that the guy isn’t him O.o and about the tweets he was tweeting about the #BELIEVEtour that’s all :) don’t believe everything u read or see ;)

  15. For the people who believe TMZ’s weed story, don’t forget that TMZ once also said Justin fathered a child, and died several times.

      • did it or not..that doen’t make him an adict or a drinker….if he did it it was just for one time…he was feeling bad about the break up..and that’s all..idk if its real or its made up..but doing or not doing the wrong thing…is human…if we are true beliebers we shouldn’t leave him for something that we even don’t know that is real forsure..so the real biebah…ur right…once a belieber always a belieber

  16. *Seeing pictures of Justin smoking weed* Fans: “OMG NO HE’S CHANGING!!! I’M LEAVING!” Beliebers: “TMZ, WHY YOU WANNA DO ME LIKE THAT? THAT AIN’T MY BABY”

  17. According to Webmd.com among other sites, pot does not cause cancer. Furthermore, a traffic ticket does not mean a person has committed a crime-it’s a violation and millions of Americans get them every week. Futhermore, if it’s bad for Justin Bieber it’s also bad for Justin Timberlake. a lot of teens speak much worse than Justin who merely overuses the word swag in my opinion.

  18. The thing that really looks bad is how he badmouthed the dead photographer who LIED about seeing him smoking. Guess it wasnt so much a lie after all. Secondly, he would not be my role model, but when you say you are — and you do this crap, it makes it worse. I give him a year before he is on Dr. Drew’s celebrity rehab!

    • Exactly. The real problem isn’t the smoking, it’s his team lying on an innocent person that is no longer here who was telling the truth. They SWORE that Justin doesn’t smoke and now this shows that it’s true. They haven’t come out and denied these pics so what does that tell you. Makes you wonder if they always lie to fans….

      • But when it will be confirmed that these pictures are fake, you all will look stupid. And then won’t be welcomed back to the family. TMZ gave us these pics! They also confirmed Justin was the father on Mariah Yeater’s baby and said that he was dead…SUCH a reliable source. -__-

      • Wow. That’s really depressing to hear when I happened to know who Justin was since his YouTube days.

      • @#Believe In Biebah
        I would be nowhere near surprised when Justin’s team confirms it fake. Justin has this clean image about him (sort of) and they’re going to do whatever it takes for him to keep it.

      • It’s like how can you feel comfortable being a fan when all they do is lie to you? Some of the Beliebers are immature, but not all. We can handle the truth and are not stupid. If they do speak about it they’re going to say it’s fake, but clearly it’s him. There’s even a VIDEO floating around on youtube that was taken at the party. And don’t say it’s Robin, Robin has made a dozen tweets saying “it’s not him and stop lying on him”. Again, Justin smokes and that’s his choice, but don’t manipulate fans.

      • FIRST justin was not there when the man died , yes justin was at the hotel but witnesses there said , that they never saw justin smoke . But i guess he smoked on jan 2. ALso they guy said that he saw selena there too , so u really believe the guy

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