Justin Bieber “Nothing Like Us” Lyrics Video!

Such a beautiful song yet very heartbreaking!
Is this about him and Selena Gomez? leave comments!

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Justin Bieber “Nothing Like Us” LYRICS

Lately I’ve been thinkin’, thinkin’ ’bout what we had
I know it was hard, it was all that we knew, yeah.
Have you been drinkin’, to take all the pain away?
I wish that I could give you what you, deserve
‘Cause nothing could ever, ever replace you
Nothing can make me feel like you do.
You know there’s no one, I can relate to
And know we won’t find a love that’s so true.

There’s nothing like us, there’s nothing like you and me
Together through the storm.
There’s nothing like us, there’s nothing like you and me

I gave you everything, baby, everything I had to give
Girl, why would you push me away?
Lost in confusion, like an illusion
You know I’m used to making your day.
But that is the past now, we didn’t last now
Guess that this is meant to be.
Tell me was it worth it? We were so perfect
But baby I just want you to see

There’s nothing like us, there’s nothing like you and me
Together through the storm.
There’s nothing like us, there’s nothing like you and me
There’s nothing like us, there’s nothing like you and me
Together through the storm.
There’s nothing like us, there’s nothing like you and me

  • 1 of Justin Bieber’s Biggest Fans

    I can’t wait for this song!!!! LoveYou Justin <333

    • Hannah

      Awhh :'( this is so sad:'((( love him

    • Mrs.Bieber

      I already know all the words and I listened to it once. I knew what he was going to say because I am a dedicated fan!!!

      • Jaden Bieber

        I am a dedicated belieber not fan. They are two completely kinds of people!

    • sarahhhh

      It’s taking all of my power not to watch this. I MUST WAIT

    • sarahhhh

      crying ;(

  • retarted fangirls

    It’s about Selena dumping his behind, hahaha classic. ;)

    • retarted fangirls

      Btw I can’t stand the “drinkin” line, this guy’s a total try-hard.


    why does it say “i would lyrics” when the song is cleary not it its a differnet song “nothing like us,wtf?

    • julieve_rauL

      haahahaha really lol :D

      • Alexis is a belieber

        I love you Justin your my idol!!!!!! <3

  • oxBelieberxo

    Beautiful song.. it made me cry.

    • MorethanAbelieber

      meeeee tooooo tears:( o my i cant even justin baby i still love you and i would never push you away….(hopefully)….i only said that because you said never say never love you justin

  • Belieber forever

    This has to be down right my favorite new song even though it made me tear up I felt like justin really put out all his feelings and poured it into this song <3

  • Beliebeeer

    He really ment it when he said that we will found what he thinks and feel about everything.. I cried more than 1 time on this song:$$
    Im proud of Justin because he just… like he just express his feelings through the music.. He is really growing up and I love him very much<333

    • Belieber for life

      I really want to her the song, but I want to wait for the album coming out. Seems so beautiful <3

  • adrian

    Awww I think he should get selena back…when she hears this song…it’ll make her tear up too….Im proud of the bieber! It takes alot to pour your soul into a song. He’s got it!!! Alot of people are so wrong about him.

  • sofia bieber



    omgg justin is so heart-brokened right now i cried by the time the chorus came gud job justin i love u

  • Fatima Bieber official

    I love u Justin this song is so sad! But I love it!

  • Taylor Bieber

    i am freaking balling if this is bout jelena then Selena lost the BEST person ever! ugh if she did brake his heart omb :'( idk how i feel bout her if she hurt him i dont like her simple as that :'(

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    :( omg his little heart is breaking :( Which makes mine break too. This could explain why he’s been acting out a bit. He misses her so much.

  • @SwagBieberSwag

    Nothing Like Us is dedicated to Selena?! OMG ._. can not be, I will cry, I thought Justin was the devoted NLU his Beliebers :'(

    • anna

      it is about selena he is devoted to his beliebers but he can hav heart breaks over other things

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    He’ll just have to move on if Selena don’t get back with him. Justin Bieber shouldn’t worry, there will be plenty of others out there for him </3 :(

  • woah

    I think he already moved on, its his goodbye song to her.

    • Mrs. Bieber. Forever

      Justin Bieber I know. How. You feel. It’s. So sad. That you. Broke up. With Selena.
      I. Would. Be so happy if you guys were. Dating. Again. Justin Bieber Selena. Want you back. And she. Having. A terrible time. And it’s. Just so. So. Sad! You. Treated her like. A princess. She. As so happy. And now. She’s. Sad. You have been. Crying.
      And. I don’. Want you. To cry! You. Have. To. Have to. Get her back! Life is. So sad. Foryou. And her! You loved her so much. And. She. Loved you back! You were. So. God. With her! You guys. We’re the. Bst couple. Ever! I. Want. To know. The truth. About. How. You. Broke. Up. With her! Justin Bieber. You. Really. Need. To. Get. Her back. I’m beyond. Serious! My heart. Is. Already. Broken Cause. All of the. Pain and i’ ve. been crying. For. Days. And. I. Want you. Not get. Her. Back. She. Needs. You! I’m. Beyond. Serious!!! Youguys. Did. Everything together!!!! You need. Her! Justin Bieber. I. Love you with. All. Of my. Heart!! You mean everything to. Me! You are. The. Only person. I love. And. Care. About! I ‘m. So. Broken. About. This. Beyond. Badly! Please!!!!! You need her. Back. It’s so. Sad! Mi’m. Crying. And I. Haven’t. Even. Stopped. Once! Justin Bieber. I really. Really. Want. You. To. Have her. Come back!!!!!!! It’s the right. Thing! Please!!!!!!! Justin Bieber. I will love. You. And always. Be. A. Belieber!!!!!!!!! I,loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. You. With. All of my. Ernie. Heart!!!!!!! I hope. You write. Back! Please! I love you!!!

      • Mahla

        youre right i love jelena <3

  • MaliaBieber

    This song literally made me want to cry. It’s such a beautiful song…sorry…I’m crying ! :c

    • Mrs. Bieber. Forever

      Me too. He needs. To be. Her bf again!!! So sad!:(



  • ivan

    they are taking down a few of the leaked songs on u-tube which are copyrighted. People might download and not buy the album. This could cut down on sales; we want to try to make it #1 on Billboard chart.

  • essie j

    this song shows how much he loved that slut u can hear the pain through his voice :( that bitch never loved him the same

    • *BELIEBER*

      @essie j I kno,he needs to get over her! If he dusnt he won’t get anyware or move on ever since that pathetic piece of shit started dating him I knew shed break his heart.Just look at him now.

  • beliver gril

    i love it so much and i wish that i think that i woll write for a boy I like to me but i know you will like it much but he is not my boyfriend but i love hemi dontknow if he like me and because the song I think the song seems to be me and he woul be boyfriends

  • Mrs. Bieber. Forever

    OMG!!!! I. Love. His SONG! Thei song is sooooo sad!!! I. Really Want them. Back. Together!!!!!! Soooooo sad! He’s. Seems. So caring! He’s just telling. Us. How he Really.feels about himself! He’s. A. Kind. Wonderful, beautiful Person ever! I. Jelena. To come back!!! I don’t. Know. What. Happend! What. Went. Wrong? I. Need them back! Please. Justin Bieber. You. Have to. Keep begging. Selena to. Come back! He. Is going. To be. The biggest. His year! I just know. It!!!!!!!!!!! Its so sad! Beilebers are. Are Best fan base ever!!!I want him to perform. This!!!!!this makes me. Cry when they are not together! I.want them back again! This . The saddest.thing. I have ever If heard. It’s. The. Breakup! My heart. Is already. Broken! It Just. So sad!!! Justin Bieber means. Everything to her!!!!!! I can;’t even. Listen so. Very extremely. Sad!
    Justin Bieber. Is. My biggest. Inspiration ever. And. Hero! Justin Bieber. Means everything. To. Me!!!!! I love. Him. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! He’s the. Only person I love, care, adore, inspire. Ever!!!!!!!!!! Justin Bieber. I love you with. Every. Bit of my. Heart!!!!!!!nI haved loved. Him since. His. First. Video was posted. On YouTube!!!! I know everything. About. Him! I want him to have. A. Nice. Life. And get. Back with Selena! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Justin Bieber you. Have to have to. Do it! I will. Love him. Forever. And. Be. A Belieber. Always!!!!!!!!!!I love you. Justin Bieber. I hope. I get meet. You!!!!!!!!!!!

  • none of your business

    This sucks balls just like all his other ones

    • Mrs. Bieber. Forever

      @noneofyourbusiness. You are. Mean! You.are. A. Such a. Hater!
      Justin Bieber. Has. Loved. Her sooo much! So. Stop.and leave

    • alexandria vinci

      plz. stop being mean and picking on justin bieber

      • none of your business

        um let me see hmmmm uh yeah no! she’s annoying and unloved her and slutena.

  • Mrs. Bieber. Forever

    I think they. Are. Done. For good:( sad!

  • alexandria vinci

    justin bieber you are very sexy if i saw u i will go nuts and run to you anf hug and kiss u u r freaking hoooott

  • Justinluva12

    I dont want to listen to the song but wat u all said i cant wait to buy the album i only read the lyrics they sound so amazing and beautiful

  • Biebz4Evr!!

    Yep it’s over! :( this song makes me cry :'(

  • Justinluva12

    The season why i dont want to listen to it because justin hates it when his things and that include his songs before they come out because he was so excited for us to buy the albums because it shows his true feeling about him and selena like when his single (i think) all around the world was comin out but everybody was linking it and he was so mad that he starting crying that broke my heart <3 <3 <3 justin te amo

  • Mrs. Bieber Forever

    There going to be. a. BELIEVE. REMIXES

  • Mrs. Bieber Forever

    Justin Bieber I want you. To. Date her. Again please!

  • Swaggy Biebs

    I cry so much everytime i listen to this.i know Justin doesnt now i exist but i will always support him.I Feel like I know him so well,yet ive never met him.words cant even describe how i feel right now.♥<3