Justin Bieber: “Selena Gives Me a Headache”


Justin Bieber has admitted having a girlfriend sometimes gives him a “headache” because he can never tell what’s going on in their head.

Although he is currently in an on/off relationship with Selena Gomez – Justin thinks that he is a patient boyfriend. He admits having a girlfriend can sometimes be frustrating.

He told Top of the Tops magazine:

“In every relationship the boy definitely has to wait more for the girl than the girl has to wait for the boy. I’m used to it. Getting annoyed won’t get you anywhere anyway.

“You have to know when it is better to leave a girl alone, to wait for her to realize she is yours. And yes, sometimes they can give you a headache.”

Justin does think that he is a good boyfriend though. He claims he is always very sympathetic and understanding.

“I have my qualities. I can be attentive and I have a lot of patience. And I like to surprise my girlfriend with nice things, romantic trips, such as a picnic or something. For girls, it’s more important to be loved than to constantly get great gifts. Girls are cuddly and affectionate, but so are boys.”

Justin and Selena have had some problems in their romance in past few months. However, he whisked her away for a romantic getaway to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, together last weekend.

Reports have surfaced JELENA had a huge fight during their vacation leading to them seeing in 2013 separately.

    • Selena isn’t a slut! Do you really think that she would go through all that hate and the death threats just for attention?! Justin was happy with Selena and you can’t support then your ovbiously not a Belieber. Honestly, you’re being a bitch.

      • @bliebersince07 I totally agree with you and think that all those people who think selena is a slut need to look up the definition of a slut because they will find that they are all jealous haters.

      • Well excuse me idc what you say if I like JB I like him that don’t mean you have to support selena to be a belieber and you didn’t make the album soo.And selena idk what to say about her anymore it seem like idc like really it looks like the JB fans is getting the hate and the blame on now because of what we be saying mean threat to her like omg she so perfect and this and that, she could date any celebrity like come on all I know she just an actress that all but ya moving on now.

      • being a belieber means support your idol & defend him. it has nothing to do with selena so STFU & stop calling us fake belieber or whatever. I never liked selena from the start but l respected her cuz she was the reason of justin’s smile. But now she’s the reason why justin is in tears & she’s dating new guys. so I HAVE FULL RIGHTS TO CALL HER A SLUT KAY?

    • Selena is not a slut. If Justin is happy with her, then deal with it. I honestly don’t care who Justin dates. As long as he’s happy with that person. If you’re a belieber, you should be supporting him.

      • No hate, but I have opinions !!!! I still think that she doesnt love him as much as he loves her! And she tryed to make ppl think that he was the bad guy in the Barbara pic! And bcuz of that a lot of ppl started to think justin is a bad guy and while she was cosing and kissing other guys ….no one said anything!!!!! Ppl supported her instead! He is chasing her everywhere and she doesn’t realize how much he loves her! When she’s nice to Justin I love her a lot ! But when she starts egnouring him then it really hurts me!!!!


    • im in no way shape or form ever gonna be a selena or slutlena fan but shes human like me and you. please dont make death threats for slutlena. thx

      • dang i ended my earier conment 2 early. selena has no idea how much jb cares. idc about her though, i have my own problems :(

    • @beliebersince07 slutena is a SLUT okay and being a belieber is not loving or supporing or even respecting his girlfriends i’m a true belieber i love Justin and i’ll always support him not his girlfriend ;) and @tammy bieber i do respect Justin and i care about his happiness that’s why i don’t like slutena cuz she’s just using him and making him look like the bad guy everytime they fight ;)

      • If someone admires SG it doesn’t means that he or she doesn’t support JB. Why do you care so much about it? Maybe you are not a real belieber… An no I won’t support JB for life if he doesn’t show to me general that he deserves it with his moves. Ok? And believe what you want for me…but be careful!

      • I am a true belieber!!!!!!u are the one who isnt a true belieber !!!!!!!’. And yes a lot of Selena admirers are being more mean to Justin than us!!!!

  1. Lol! Although I hav to admit that if I were. His girlfriend(omg that needs 2 happen) then yh I probably would give him headaches 2 just by telling him how much I luuuuuuuuv him!!!!! (Hi justin!)


  3. Justin is sooooo sweet!!!! no matter how much he loves selena or shows it is just like she dont care selena either you want to stay with him or let him go apparently you dont appreciate him enough to even think like that your so quick to leave him do you even try to solve the problem??? justin really love and care for you why cant you just under stand that

  4. That’s kind of boyfriends and girlfriends job… give each other a headache. Lol. But seriously, I get what he’s saying. The statement itself? Too damn funny.

  5. Its none of ur buiness whats going on in their love life how would u like it if the entire world new about urs u dont know the story.. Also who likes one direction btw liams mine

      • Even though you don’t like one direction you don’t have to be mean about it, I dont like them and you don’t see me post bad things on them. Goodness, have respect….

    • haha it s funny to see that everyone s talking about Justin and Selena btw she s not a slut no Selenator and no Belieber.

      • she’s a slut babe. they broke up like 1 month ago. & she was seen hugging & kissing on someones cheek only after 18 days. How can she get over him so fast? Only sluts can do that. SO SHES A SLUT.

  6. They brok up there done they can come together as much as they want theire relationship will never be the same they’re done

  7. I’m confuse… I knew that was gonna happen
    Mom: oh look their back together
    Me: okay they go off
    Selena gives me a headache”
    Me: TOLD YOU!

  8. stay out of their lives,its their problem their situation and has nothing to do do with u and just because you all love justin doesn`t mean you should judge selena so seriously life`s not a fantasy so just wake up to the real world and get a life

  9. ,,Reports have surfaced JELENA had a huge fight during their vacation leading to them seeing in 2013 separately.” <—- What's that means ?

  10. You know, I don’t think I am leaving. I have fun commenting, even though sometimes I think I get ahead of myself. I might change my username, but I’m gonna keep on commenting. I changed my mind. :)

  11. im soooooooooooo glad justin has got rid of that slut,, its the best new’s ive heard this year,.. whooooooop, whooooooopp……..

    • They are together you know, And if you were a real Belieber you’d be happy if justin is happy, maybe don’t call people sluts too, because Justin won’t listen to you, if he’s in love you should be happy.

  12. Not trying to be rude at all, but Selena G. Has always given me a headache even before she had dated Justin bieber…. You know her music, acting, crappy KMart clothing line. I could imagine how it would be like dating her. Sorry Selena fans, but that’s my opinion. Btw justin is so adorable <3<3<3

    • Leave her alone Selena is a real G, I mean look at her, nagging at Justin and he doesn’t do anything. Showed jasmine v that she can keep a man without making it look like she’s using him. (She is using him.0.0) she has Justin wrapped around her finger. ;)

      • It is soo funny how u come here hating on justin the hole time…and trying to makes us feel that we are idiots for hating Selena!

      • Selena is unimportant. She is not a G it is a stupid expression too. She is also irrelevant without using a guy for extra money,and publicity.

      • She’s not irrelevant, I think your talking about Kim k or jasmine. She was already famous with or without him.

      • Actually Jasmine V became famous ON HER OWN without Justin. She was signed by two record deals before Justin was even famous. She has gone through alot of pain and struggles to get where she is now such as being abused her whole life by her mom and also by her latest boyfriend Jinsu. Sure she might of earned some popularity from Justin but its not like it was him who made her famous. Check out these 2 songs “Didn’t Mean It” by Jasmine V and “What would you Do” by her brother JDrew.

      • Oh but @retarted fangirls sorry bout that I just felt like I had to get that off my chest I know you must be like. “WTF is wrong with this b**ch telling me what to do in her long-ass paragraph about Jasmine V’s life” lol but I do agree with you on Kim K though she’s nothing but a whorish sl*t who got famous for sucking someones d**k . Just dont get how the world is obsessing over her she just gets more popular and richer everyday. Ugh! I hate her

      • Even if she had on to two record deals, Justin boosted her career with the baby video. She was never really, well wasn’t even talked about much until the baby video. Selena was way popular than jasmine ever been in her entire life. That’s sad that she got abused thought but just because if that I’m supposed to suddenly love her? Hello, have you heard of Rihanna. Although that was really sad though, too the both of them. But I just have to ask you one thing. How come no one ever heard his side of the story though.

      • Well first of all I respect your opinion and no I didn’t expect you to all of a sudden fall in love with her and again no no one heard Jinsu’s side of the story cuz he hasn’t even answered or talked to anyone about it I mean I don’t blame him for not talking and saying that “Well yeah I abused Jasmine.” Cuz that’s just wrong but it has been confirmed by sources close to Jasmine and herself and I’m 100% sure that if Jinsu didnt abuse her and it was just a rumour surely Jasmine would have said something about. And well yeah it is true that she got ALOT of popularity by being in the baby video but at least she didn’t earn ALL of her popularity by Justin and well at least Chris Brown apologized about what he did to RiRi so far haven’t heard anything from Jinsu but again I do understand what you mean but let’s just stop comparing her to Selena cuz just like jasmine Selena has got a lot of fame from Justin too cuz the ppl that I know who know Selena just knows her as “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend” not as a singer nor an actress but I gotta admit that Selena was and still is more famous than Jasmine even before Justin even though I believe that Jasmine is a WAY more talented singer than Selena and deserves more credit but I just have one question for you. What is you opinion on Jasmine V and why?

      • She is a good Singer, not going to lie, but the way she turned out to be sort of pissed me off. Twerking every now and then cussing most of the time trying to take racy poses of herself,showing of her boobs and butt(the one she thinks she has LOL) all the time. It’s not a good look. Especially when her mom sees the comments they write about her but think it’s nothing. A true fan knows when something is wrong and stands up for it. Thy don’t just sit back and go along with everything. She just disappoints me. Now she deleted all the slurry photos she posted on instagram and claims she’s going to serve GOD more in 2013, yeah right she’s back at it again.

      • Jasmine is meant for singing only not dancing, lord she needs help with her dance moves. Selena should stick to acting, singing is not her thing.

      • Well there’s something that me and you agree about on Selena and well on Jasmine I guess that probably she just like to show off her body it’s pretty normal for girls her age to do that I guess well then again you have others who like to cover up and the cursing thing well shes 19 now and 11 year olds do WAY worst than the amount of cursing she does but I get your point and I sorta agree with you. :D You know your actually a really nice person than the way I thought you were :D I’m still a close fan of Jasmine but one last question. Whats the problem between you and JB?

      • I just don’t see the hype about him. I mean you guys like Him ALOT but that’s the reason most people hate him. It’s of really about him, it’s his fans that irk people. You guys (well some that overcast all his other fans) deny everything that you guys see even if it’s true.

  13. Selena is not a bitch! Stop calling her Slutena!! YOu should be happy id Justin is Happy!!! So stop saying all these fcking rude things about Selena! >:(

    • Wells that’s the point is Justin really happy? I mean look at this on and off relationship so of course these girls are going crazy about it.

  14. I am going to ask Little Twist for some of that vodka he had on New Years. This relationship can give you a headache-they should not communicate for a while-absence makes love grow fonder. Hope they mature and be together and have little Biebers

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