Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Break Up Again – Just Before New Year 2013


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have split yet again in the New Year 2013. The break-up was the result of pushing the relationship to work when it just wasn’t, reports RadarOnline.com

A source close to Justin told RadarOnline.com:

“Justin and Selena were together for a long time. They love each other and will always care about each other, but it just isn’t working between them.

“This might really be it for the two of them. They’re over going back and forth and all the fighting and reconciling. They’re finally realizing that no matter how much they try to make it work, it won’t right now.”

After a brief breakup in November, the On-again-off-again couple Justin and Selena got back together and were spotted getting cozy in Salt Lake City, Utah, on a holiday vacation together.

But by the time they reached Mexico where they were going to welcome 2013 together, the strain on their relationship was too much and Selena flew back to Los Angeles without Justin before the New Year.

The source added:

“Their time in Mexico was much of the same for them; constant arguments and bickering. So they ended it.

“Selena is Justin’s first love and he’s still young enough that he desperately tries to make it work. But Selena is mature enough to just know when to end it and be realistic that it isn’t working.

“And Selena didn’t wallow in their breakup. She went out New Year’s Eve and had fun with her friends and did her thing.”

The source concludes that it’s doubtful Justin and Selena will get back together this time, but if they do, it won’t last.

“They’re both better off to just move on and go their separate ways. They’re just having trouble saying goodbye.”

Do you think JELENA will get back together?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • andrea beiber (guatemala)

    I new they wouldnt last but hopefully Justin is not heart broken because I love him and would hate for him to be sad

    • Isabella Bieber

      I agree and believe that should spend a long time apart; like 1 whole year! Jelena, i know know you 2 love each other but spend time away from eachother! Just try your best not to date anyone or think about eachother bcuz if u do then a fight is already preparing! Justin, i love u, but have 2 stay away from Selena for a long time just 2 keep your mind clear! If you want 2 still date her go ahead no one is stopping you! But remember whenever u guys date u always have fights! The Notebook, i think i’m going 2 cry! Jelena are The Notebook!

      • LMFAO


      • David Conway

        i still think it,s part of justin bieber and selena gomez , publicity act still , love david conway

      • genesis6182

        I agree

    • Isabella Bieber

      Justin, please read what i am saying because what i am saying to you right says, explains and means a lot and some a little personal! Selena Gomez erks me!! Meaning that she bothers me!! She do not even like Justin, & it mostly sounds Selena is just using Justin just 2 get attention that she does not really need!! Who is older, Selena (20), who is younger, Justin (18)!! Selena, even though u r older than Justin u should really act more mature & Justin looks like he is way more mature than you!! Like, i’m serious he is way mature than you!! I even see them in videos with my bare clean eyes, even in pictures!! Justin, i’m telling you Selena may be not your type of girl but a girl who is writing this is your type of i could be over over 100% times more than Selena Gomez!! Justin, don’t worry because every thing is going to “Be Alright” God will open another gate that leads to a door with the girl that is for you!! (@ijones612, follow me on twitter) Justin, believe it or not i know what you’ve been through, trust me i know what u r going through right now i’m going through it too (but i do not have a boyfriend bcuz there is only 1 guy out there in this world who i love (like really love overboard 100%) & i would to marry when im in my 20’s to 30’s!! the girl is writing to him right now!! The other sfuff i would love to say but it is too personal this is why i wish i could see you face to face in person before you turn 19!! I hope my wish comes true!!

      • yolo

        lolz what even

      • Isabella Bieber

        what even what?

      • Bitch Please

        Really?! Your posting that here when you don’t even know if he is going to read it…he might not even be aware of this page even exist….. so in other words don’t get your hopes up buddy
        Just sayin

      • ACE

        Lol!..Seriously..who can take you serious…Is Isabella get over urself..Now can you say psycho! Chances are you will never meet Justin! Girl get a clue!

    • retarted fangirls

      What a great way to start off the year. Lmfao
      -they broke up
      -Justin smokes weed, now his fans are leaving him
      – he’s now getting harassed because he supposedly killed a Guy.
      2013 is definitely his year lol

      • tabitha.morales

        i know right

  • BieberzGurls

    I hate the bullshit TMZ makes. How would they know if they have broken up? Smh.

    • Music Lover

      It’s all over the internet, not just TMZ. You can google it and see what comes up..

      • Narmadha

        yep i agreed.but we dnt know who’s write and who’s wrong.they both are so busy.going tours and studio works.they dnt have time to meet each other.i’m not sure but i hope they both r alright

      • Im a belieber for real

        Come to think of it, paparazzi do think they know IT all and know what goes on in celebrities lives but they only know stuff when they see it. And when they CAN’T see anything they makeUP something and these things that they make up is called RUMORS! This article is officially and truly the true definition of a false rumor and i hope and doubt anyone is going to stick their head into this rumor and believe it :) These rumors are boring and are always the same and will stay the same :D
        Pfft and yet some people still hav the nerve to believe in these rumors and want to say jelena is the same boring couple that fights a lot?!
        Yeah sure i know i might not like selena and i may want these rumors to slightly be true :I yet i know my wish isnt going to effect justins relationship and i just hav to get over the fact jelena is the perfect couple and as long as justins happy im happy :D

      • Beiber girl

        Ya you are right Im a belieber for real these could just be rumors

  • andrea beiber (guatemala)

    Dont think they are getting back together like ever just as Taylor Swift said. Its better that way

  • Jasmine Rose♥

    Personally i don’t think Selena is the right one for Justin. I mean cmon they are braking and making up every 5 minutes. I could surely treat Justin 10x better then that and so can any of us beliebers. Selena just doesn’t deserve him.

  • Megan

    I think he’s better single, I mean who doesn’t; it’s Justin Bieber.

  • Any

    THAT MUST END!!!!! NOW HATE SELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is just sickening I hope it’s the end.

  • i_StandByBIEBER

    I HOPE IS NOT TRUE !!! I like Jelena Alot !! :( because justin seems happy with her.. and when He’s happy I’m Happy !! I HOPE THEY GO BACK AGAIN..

    • MorethanAbelieber

      i_StandByBIEBER i agree like when mrs bieber (tear,tear) passed i knew justin was sad and soo was i
      I mean if justin like well i mean….i just want my baby to be happy)=

      • Narmadha

        if u hurt selena it hurts justin.thats the truth.i dnt hate jelena.i still love them.plus justin loves selena alot.

    • Kailua

      I agree, Justin loves her so much. he,’s going to miss her like crazy when he goes on tour. Justin can’t imagine his life without her in it. I don’t want either of them dating other ppl. there each other one true love.

  • Vania

    He can have 100x better girlgriend then Selena , he could choose any belieber to be his girlfriend I just don’t konow why he doesn’t see that :(((

    • justin da bieber fan

      becasue fans are not celebrities. he would look better with another super model or taylor swift or demi lovato.

    • Kailua

      I agree. I don’t think Justin should date a fan. Cause they are not Celebs. They probably want him for his fame. Where selena loved him for him. And that she loved him for who he was. And very genuinely guy.

  • justin da bieber fan

    they broke up because he was smoking marijuana with lil twist. im not the one who said it it was the paparazzi who was following his ferrari and he told his friend. and then tmz reported it.

    • Isabella Bieber

      Justin & Lil Twist was never part of that mess! He was never smoking either, the pap made rumors that he was smoking when he never even saw Justin, when the scene happened! He thought that was Justin in the car when it wasn’t! I mean wherever u go u c some cars that r exactly the same!

  • alison

    its sad but tmz is a gossip website do his managers or pr people confirm it that they broke up?. if true its sad she’s the most normal of every former disney actor out there. and nice.well i guess im going to stop following justin now.

    • Isabella Bieber

      If u r going 2 leave the Belieber family just bcuz of this break up then u were never a true Belieber, u were a fan! True fan celebrity supporters would support them matter what! Fans, just stay 4 like 6 months then leave! True supporters stay there no matter what! imagine if u were him, think about empathy; empathize yourself in Justin’s shoes!

      • Narmadha

        i agreed isabella bieber.

  • Michelle

    I really like Justin and Selena together. They’re so cute! I just don’t want to see Justin upset about all of this. I don’t think any Belieber wants him to be upset. I don’t care about anything that stupid TMZ. I really hope that they can work things out soon. Please don’t hate on me for my opinion.

    • luciana

      concordo com voce eles faz um casal perfeito amo eles dois juntos

  • Marlene

    I loved Jelena, they were just soo cute ! Its so sweet how justin tries to make things work out. I hope he’s not heart broken cuz I don’t like seeing him hurt :(

    • Narmadha

      IKR :/

  • Drew Bieber

    Well it did say a close friend of JUSTIN told them they were apart now cuz of to much fighting…UGH!! i hate it i want them back together! Its because of the business and all that crap they both have i hope one day theyd be back together i know they will♥ And i know Justin will never give up on her..EVER!♥

    • Isabella Bieber

      Dude u just called Justin a girl “And I know Justin will never give up on her”! FYI: Justin is not a girl, he is a boy who nice tattoos with sexy + cutey = secutey abs! R u aware of that he is a guy not a girl?

  • Real Alisha

    Again! Lets see is it true or not, cuz after some time they get back together again. I hope its true, its good for jb, i don’t like her. but his happiness matter alot.

    • Im a belieber for real

      @Real Alisha
      a true belieber :D you may not like selena but you aint hating either :)
      And i know these rumors are rumors because the next day or two they will make another article saying “turns out it was false” or “the on and off again couple back together” well one they only broke up ONCE becuz of that barbara chick and selena trust issues and TWO they never broke up again after that so idk why people and the lying sources say they on and off?!
      My point though is rumors are rumors :D most people are either going to believe or dis them
      (and is it just me because i noticed every time i read an article saying jelena broke up it says “sources say” but then when they making an article about they date it always got true facts to back it up :D)

  • 143JB


    • Isabella Bieber

      Again, Justin is a guy who has secutey abs with nice tattoos! Get it right, he is a guy not a girl!

      • Belieber

        She said it right when she Siad “she” she was talking about Selena


    jelena drama, again.. they keep breaking up every second.. wow.. :(


      love ma Bieber hope he’z finee <3

  • Natalie

    they really should just end things for good… but what i dont get is why is everyone hating on Selena.. Maybe Justin did something.. he’s not perfect either


      coz pple think every time they broke up, selena is da one to blame.. while not.. …

      • Belieber

        Well this time she is the one to blame the source had evidence and he/she told us something and that’s why we say that it’s her falt but not all the time

    • Natalie

      @bieber’s shawty exactly thank you! lol i mean sure its not always his fault its sometimes hers, but i’m sure its not always hers && @Belieber your right its not all the time but i wouldnt believe everything you hear either lol :) what source though?

      • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

        No, everyone blames Justin bieber for their breakups. To me it seems like everyone thinks Selena Gomez is some angel. No hate, and no offence.

      • Im a belieber for real

        Then again about 100% of the times they hatin on selly cuz they jelly :D

  • Alli

    I hope they get back together!!!!

  • Justinluva12

    I luv jelena so much but that selena got to stop with breaking Justin’s heart every chance she got gosh I luv her but if it gets to the point wen he is to heart broken to sing or whatever imma kill her (not really though ) why can’t they take. Month or two off u know like no callin each other nothin then maybe they be crazy in love like they was in 2011 (u know wat she said on the website Hollywoodlife.com she said that she might be thinking of dumping him because he getting to old he will all way be a couple years younger then her what does she want a two year old my goodness)

    • Im a belieber for real

      Before my heat starts boiling and my skin starts crawling, lemme tell you this: dont read any random source or web u see and just randomly believe it?! And the last lying source you would want to go to is Hollywood Life! Did u not know they once “confirmed” selena was pregnant with justins baby and made another article saying justin proposed to her like for realz?!
      And dont try to make selly or justin (ESPECIALLY not justin) look like the bad one in this love game cuz its neither one of them! Its TMZ and all them idiotic lying sites that create rumors like this that ovbiously youre the only one listening to

  • Jennifer Fitzhugh

    It is very sad to see the cutest couple ever, who loved each other endlessly, finally come to an end. I think it’s for the best though, I’m tired of seeing both of them sad all the time, and I’m tired of hearing all the drama. I thought they were going to get married someday… but I guess not. This is very upsetting, I want to cry. I’m sure they can both move on at sometime and remain friends.

  • ivan

    There are now pics of Justin on Jan 2nd-see Justin Biebs news that show him holding what appears to be a joint at a party. This seems genuine and may indicate he is smoking occasionally. Hope it stays at that.

    • Isabella Bieber

      I see uh huh! It is a 50%50% that Justin was smonking (some) marijuana at the party. But no if you are going to look again, well cmsh it not here honey, im sorry!!

  • khloe99

    Well….all I have to say really is that….Oh come on ALL of us new they were gonna break up its not healthy in a relationship to be breaking up getting back together breaking up getting back together then break up…AGAIN like WTF?! Just bcuz your in love with someone doesn’t mean they love you back or your first love doesn’t necessarily mean is your true love. Jelena just needs to accept the fact that this is not working out and move on I know it’s hard but like seriously.

    • JaylaBieber


      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        ya right, but i want see Justin happy too, i feels so sorry for him :(

  • honey

    i don’t know what selena feels about justin
    i think she is using him for her fame whenever i ask someone do u know selena gomez the answer i get is “yes i know,she is the gf of jb”
    common guys end ur relationship it is the right time and all i want to say is that


    • kahani


  • Truebelieber4life

    Poor justin & Selena :( I hope justin isint damaged badly its looking bad and I don’t think there Gona get back any time soon but hopefully later on in the future they can sort things out and get back together but for now no poor juju

  • khloe99

    Hey you know what I just realized? No more “Buns out weiner, but I gotta keep an eye out for Selener!” Well Nicki guess you no longer gotta keep an eye out lol but I feel so bad for JuJu right now :(

  • Bieber Love

    I always knew she would ruin him! :'( She got him so stressed out an heartbroken he have decided to turn to smoking!!! :'( Everyone is saying he’s only 18 an he’s turning 19 soon so he’s just trying out new things!!! But that’s just a big plie of BS!!! Justin is hurted by his break with Selena an he’s really stressed an he’s going tru alot right now an apparently he has no one to turn to an he doesn’t feel like talking to anyone so he had decided that smoking would help him!!! But THAT’S NOT TRUE! :'( IT WILL RUIN HIM! :'( HE WILL RUIN HIS LIFE AN HIS CAREER :'( PLEASE JUSTIN DON’T!!! :'( I’M IN TEARS …. JUSTIN DON’T!! :'(

  • Rachel

    Their relationship reminds me of Taylor’s song “we are never ever getting back together”. I guess it just wasn’t ment to be.

    • Mrs.Bieber

      Hahaha….. TRUE!!!!!!!!

    • genesis6182


    • No Name

      it really wasnt and u beibers r gonna start running to him or even worse start making sobbing break song its just justin as taylor but only dating the same person then break up a week later

  • ivan

    I hope Scooter, as well as Usher, who is like a father to him has a good talk with him with his mother present. I think Lil Twist and company are not a good influence on him and he should not be around them so much. Even though most youth today smoke pot or other especially in show business, hypocrites who hate him anyway would use it against him.

  • justin da bieber fan

    guys i don’t want to bring bad news but tmz has pictures of justin smoking a blunt(marijuana or pot) so i guess people were right he smokes pot after all. its sad really a young man with a big future smoking that garbage.

    • Truebelieber4life

      It’s bullshit the paparazzi that was killed made that rumor and his grind confessed it was fake

      • Truebelieber4life


      • Megan

        no its true, check tmz

      • justin da bieber fan

        man his pr people are going to work hard on this. people gave crap to miley cyrus about her smoking. let see how this event turns out.