Justin Bieber to PLay “The Book Of Mormon” Musical?


The Book of Mormon creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker want to cast Justin Bieber in a Broadway-silver screen production. The plays is a very popular play right now. They’d hope to cast Justin as Elder Price.


During a press conference Parker said: “Who’s my dream cast? Justin Bieber for Elder Price. We’d definitely go younger than the stage cast because the camera gets so close.”

Do you want to see Justin in a Broadway show?

  1. I would rather see him in a movie as an action star. A hint of how good he could be is in that film sequence where he fights off photographers in Believe concert. Broadway is more demanding in preparing for the stage. But he works so hard at what he does he probably could do it.

  2. I wouldnt mind if he does I have a friend who is morman and super nice. just hopefully it is not offensive for them

  3. IDK, I’m Canadian. And did you guys see Kingsley’s Really B Really? Episode 2?!?! It’s so funny! I love how Heather Anne is always like, “BETCH!” :’D

  4. hi justin bieber i love u and selena gomez very much i have posters of both of you in my room i have all of yours and her albums your frangrance your pillow. not everything just trying to get everything of both of u

  5. I think it would be cool to see Justin on broadway I would definitely go see him I always go in the city to see concerts this will be my favorite if Justin is in it

  6. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u justin<3 yr amazing!<3<3

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