1. See this? Frickin’ haters will say that Justin has only teenage girls for fans. But he has guy fans. And nothing’s wrong with it. I remember I guy who commented once on the internet that he wasn’ t gay but he liked Justin. Then another guy came and commented that he wasn’t gay either, but that he liked him and that it would be cool to be friends. Hell, my grandfather said that he has a good voice. He’s 60- something years old and listens to older songs. He wants Justin to showcase his voice a little more, though. Anyway, I appreciate guys who like him, because they say something to haters.

  2. I am a straight guy who admires justin, his style, his stage persona, his music[I admired modonna and Michael Jackson and Elevis]. Many guys fear they might be called gay if they are fans of Justin. Who cares! People admired M.J even though he looked feminine as well as James Brown who looked like a woman with that hair. By the way I am over 40.

  3. There’s NOTHING wrong with justin having guy fans! I mean come on! Its basiclly the same as us having a picture taken with some one like Rita Ora! Soz yh but get over it! (Plus one of my mates who’s a guy likes bieber and theresv noything wrong with that!!!! And if u don’t like it…toug soz but its true! I don’t mean 2 b harsh! Sorry. X

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