Justin Bieber’s Visit to Cancer Patient is Not a Publicity Stunt!


There’s rumors Justin Bieber delays Utah concert to visit cancer patient in light of marijuana controversy — this is not true!

A member of  Bieber’s team told the Huffington Post that people should not be concerned about Justin’s recent behavior:

“He’s a young kid doing what young kids do. Not defending it, but it happens. He goes to parties and hangs out. Some of the wrong folks are sometimes around. He’ll survive. He just needs to get things together a bit.”

This situation started rumors that he abruptly visited the 7-year-old cancer patient Millie Flamm as a means to draw attention away from the bad photographs as publicity stunt. A friend of Justin says that these rumors were completely untrue:

“This visit had nothing to do with the recent photographs. There was no press, and if a friend of the family hadn’t posted a picture on Facebook no one would have known he went. This isn’t the first time Justin has done something like this. What is more upsetting than what Justin is alleged to be doing in the photos, is the fact that a so called ‘friend’ would take them and sell them to the press. It’s sad he can’t have 10 minutes away from the spotlight to grow up like everyone else does.”

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