Justin Bieber’s Visit to Cancer Patient is Not a Publicity Stunt!


There’s rumors Justin Bieber delays Utah concert to visit cancer patient in light of marijuana controversy – this is not true!

A member of  Bieber’s team told the Huffington Post that people should not be concerned about Justin’s recent behavior:

“He’s a young kid doing what young kids do. Not defending it, but it happens. He goes to parties and hangs out. Some of the wrong folks are sometimes around. He’ll survive. He just needs to get things together a bit.”

This situation started rumors that he abruptly visited the 7-year-old cancer patient Millie Flamm as a means to draw attention away from the bad photographs as publicity stunt. A friend of Justin says that these rumors were completely untrue:

“This visit had nothing to do with the recent photographs. There was no press, and if a friend of the family hadn’t posted a picture on Facebook no one would have known he went. This isn’t the first time Justin has done something like this. What is more upsetting than what Justin is alleged to be doing in the photos, is the fact that a so called ‘friend’ would take them and sell them to the press. It’s sad he can’t have 10 minutes away from the spotlight to grow up like everyone else does.”

  • Turkish Belieber ♥

    Of course its not. He has a big heart ♥
    he’s our idol :’)

  • ME

    FIRST !!

    :”””””'( Really ??

    • JaylaBieber


  • ilovebieber

    This is so upsetting and annoying. Justin is a great guy. Just that fans just see him from fame and his cuteness but inside of Justin heart there is a nice sweet person that cares about people! It kind of makes me mad that people say stuff. Justin is young and he will go through smoking to drink beer. Justin is not a child anymore. All he cares about is his fans and family! He loves making us happy. Us , fans are making big excuse! Like for real if you truly love Justin , you would support him . Ugh , some fans can take everything serious . I should shut up and #1 BITCHES :D

  • bieberMYkidrauhls

    deffo NOT!!
    justin is sincere K.

  • belieber2.0

    I truly agree with both people defending Justin and I especially agree wit the second person defending him :D

    • KAILUA

      I love how the media scruitzy justin. there so retarded and stupid. Justin loves kids and is very compassionate towards kids. especially when him and Avalanna had a connection between them. he adored her very much. they even got married technially. i love how justin is very adorable with kids and that hes very sweet to them and not to mention that when he was in JAPAN he signed autographs for the all the kids over there.


    of-course its not.. he just made little girl’s dream come true.. LHSM :D

  • Belieber

    I know this a different topic but thy can make an article saying THIS rumor is false (which it is) yet they don’t want to make an article saying all them jelena rumors are false when they are?!! :(
    Now about this article- yeah I agree with @belieber2.0 :D :D :D

  • Jsha bieber

    Wtf! `\_(‘.’)_/` This not true at all. Hes not doin any Publicity stunt,hes just so so so S0oo kind. He has a big heart. Ur doin a really good work justin <3

    • Jsha bieber


  • khloe99

    Liars Justin is like the sweetest person on earth

  • JaylaBieber

    I swear stupidity is spreading like a disease.



  • justin.adele

    we already know justin always doing like that and always noticed sick people
    and it wasn’t one time
    our Avalana & other like her

  • Justin Bieber

    You know in this world anybody have Two Best friends, good friends & bad friends. “friend is like a mirror not like bad wall” u can see urself in his personalities. “Friend means 2 page of 1 Coin” there is no different between them, “They are One”. #muchlovebeliebers!!! u r my best friends ever.

  • Jazmyn

    omg,u r seriously great…salute u!!! love u jb… :)

  • Marley

    What? I didn’t even know people thought this was for publicity. Really? -_-
    The kid is so cute though.

  • Real Alisha

    Oh god! I just hate those ppl, who spread rumours, its so annoying. We all know that he always does good things to make his fans n family happy. He is such a nice guy, we luvs justin <3

  • Kidrauhl

    they need to stfu.this isnt the first time he visited a cancer patient.& its definitley not for publicity.

  • essie j

    that’s not true at all we all know he has a huge heart <3 :)

  • Niha bieber

    He has a big heart.. he is a good person.

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    liar liar liar i hate u
    justin my juju is the best he is very sweet guy and will not hurt anyone and he is the cutest guy in this whole world
    i love u justin


    He always makes these kinds of visits. He’s just that way.

    Have you guys seen the video “Baby” lately… you SHOULD watch it.



  • Believe

    I hate it when some people spread rumors that arent true. Justin is a down to earth guy. <3

  • ivan

    this shows what idiots write these stories without checking the facts creating more haters. As soon as we see a false story we should blast them-that is what I do. But I can’t do it by myself, we have to go to TMZ, D’listed, the Huffington Post,etc and correct them from spreading misinformation.
    It seems Justin has tried pot. I am sure his handlers will watch over him-don’t worry, he will be alright as the song goes.

  • OMB!

    Do not care the F*** people say Justin…Just DO YOUR THING AND WIN YOUR LIFE!! <3

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    Wow… people are so damn stupid. Has common sense left the world? No one knows that he does these things all the time. Thanks TMZ. You’re killing the good that celebs do with garbage. Everything that he does is always something bad. I can again relate it to Jesus (Yes, Jesus was perfect, Justin’s not, this isn’t a church site, don’t jump all over me. I get that, but it really relates here). Whenever Jesus did something good, the Jewish religious leaders at the time tried to make it seem bad, even though it wasn’t. TMZ and sites like them are like those religious leaders. Make it look bad. Oh well. God judges. I know I probably lost everyone at Jesus. I’m sorry, just looking for an example and that stood out. But anyway, the point is, you can’t judge something without knowing all the facts. I didn’t even know people thought that. Really? Damn idiots. Look at all the facts.

  • melanie bieber

    “He’s a young kid doing what young kids do. Not defending it, but it happens. He goes to parties and hangs out. Some of the wrong folks are sometimes around. He’ll survive. He just needs to get things together a bit.”
    does that mean he did smoke orrrr….?

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    That’s Not true at all. Justin has big heart and is such a sweetheart ! I hate stupid rumors !

  • Nicole

    This is really stupid Justin is a really nice guy he loves Kids and this isn’t the first time. Man I hate when people start rumors that aren’t true. Justin is a wonderful young man I love you Justin

  • belieberrrr

    What? That’s really stupid. Even though smoking is wrong, he still has a great heart and has done this visiting thing for ages before the weed thing came out. And its really mean that people think he visited her to shadow the weed thing!! And no, its not good to smoke but some people just do and most realize that its wrong and probably his mum, dad, scooter etc. will keep watch on him…… So don’t worry, everything’s gonna be alright ( plus he has apologized on twitter.

  • mz.Bieber

    - what is wronq w/ teens this day , iAm aa justin bieber fan all the way but come on cut Yourself really , that is so stupid takinq this way to serious he is not no qod just aa human , he made aa mistake &+ people qoinq nad crazy doinq stupid stuff #TeamSaveBieberFan.