Lil Twist Bad Influence on Justin Bieber? (Poll)


Justin Bieber is under the influence … of Lil Twist — and the rapper may be leading Justin down a dangerous path, reports TMZ.

Lil Twist was with Justin in a Newport Beach hotel room last week, where he was happily rolling blunts for J.B. and others.

According to TMZ … Justin and Twist have become tight … and have been smoking together on a number of other occasions.

Twist was speeding on the 405 Freeway New Year’s Day in Justin’s Ferrari when he was pulled over by cops. A photog was killed trying to snap pics of the traffic stop. Prior to the accident, Twist and Justin had spent much of the day in a room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills — where Justin frequently gets a room.

Sources involved in Justin’s life who care about him are deeply concerned that Twist has become a powerful negative influence in his life and feel very strongly Justin needs a clean break from the rapper or else bad things are going to happen.

FYI … Lil Twist is signed by Lil Wayne and close knit with the Cash Money and Young Money crews.

Do you think Lil Twist bad influence on Justin?

    • Umm yes justin decided to smoke, but that doesn’t mean that lil twist is a good example. lil twist is the blame cause he was the one with the weed. He is a very bad influence on justin!

      • How do you know he was the one with the weed?? that was just what was reported not a fact….Justin is a big boy he can make his on decisions starting with the friends he choses

  1. Hey i am a male belieber an im 18. For thoese who says he gets bad influense from twist, i tell u guys its normal. Some times i smoke a joints withfriends just because its damn funny and so bieber do. Hes young and just try some things. Let him do his own stuff, he will know what he do.
    Sorry for my english :D

  2. I already hate lil twist and I’m sure that lil influence on justin
    you always know that friends and people around you have influence on you whether you want or not
    it’s nature of friendship

      • I’m hate him for that reasons I said
        but I agree,its justin choice but this is my idea and i believe my idea.I’m just said lil have bad influence on justin but if justin want to be friend with him ,anyone can’t hand in this!!

      • Guys guys, TWIST IT, TURN IT, WHICH EVER WAY, WE ALL KNOW LIL TWIST IS A BAD INFLUENCE ON JUSTIN.And im not just saying this because he is black, or whatever some of you might say, i mean look at it, the picture says it all.

      • Justin bieber has been hanging out with lil twist since. Why NOW do people want to say he’s a bad influence on him- I’m pretty sure we’re all goin to see a story from scooter Braun saying what the ****?! That’s not true and all tht :D

  3. I think lil twist is not good, but Justin is old enough and it’s his choice to hang out with him and to smoke!


  5. He is 18,im not going too be Pattie and tell him what too do but we -as Beliebers are concerned about Justin because we love him.He can hang with anyone he wants too,its just think about what your doing Justin because you have a little brother and sister that look up too you.Love you <3

  6. I feel like ill twist is a bad influence on justin but at the same time he his 18 and he is an adult and at the end of the day it’s his choice and his decision who he hangs out with

  7. I think Lil Twist is a bad influence, I’ve always thought that. But I’m just on the outside looking in so I don’t know.

    • I feel like that about this whole situation,but at the end of the day Justin still has loyal beliebers who love him like us!

  8. no justin isnt getting influenced by lil twist, and so what if justin smokes weed..most people do it nowadays and tbh it aint even that bad..the amount of boys who i know that smoke weed and there amazing people.

    • justin’s health is more important than anything and when justin see his friend smoke if he try to not do it for one time,for two time justin influenced by his friend and teast smoking or anything
      this is so bad for justin that lil is who around him!

  9. i honestly think that lil twist is a bad influence to Justin but you can´t blame it all on him(lil twist). it´s not like he forced Justin to smoke or anything. that was his choice, Justin is mature enough to know what to do ,he was taught the effeccts of smoking in school but he just wanted to try something new. YOLO ryt!
    we know Justin is aware that he has younger fans who look up to him and told us he will try to be better. i just think the break up with selena and all the celebration got him abit confused.
    this is just my opinion beliebers.

      • thats called being stupid, and not having a stong character.
        im glad this happened to justin so all of you who blame someone for someone elses decisions can get informed in a topic that can affect anyone when you get to high school you’ll be surrounded with people like that, but at the end of the day you are making that choice alone. justin is a normal teenager and thats a thing non of us could ever avoid, youll be curious and high school thats the truth you cant avoid it, it doesnt matter if you come from a christian home or not, your country, your social status, etc. thats an issue that happens all around the world and is happening right now. get informed and lear to say no. its your choice at the end of the day.

  10. Yes he is i think. Since Justin is hanging out with him he is just kind of not the old justin. That doesnt mean i am leaving him. Some of u guys say that its justin’s desicion and that u dont care but then u dont care about his health and career. This all can ruin his career. U dont have to drink and use drugs to be young and free. But i still love justin.

  11. I think I’ll twist Is a bad influence to justin I am his number one fan and if justin is going to go down the wrong path then we should all blame ill twist for his behavior and we all live justin but he is a human to and he had to make wronge or right choices

  12. I think Justin should not hang out with him that much but he is a strong willed teen who has promised he won’t follow the course of other teen idols who ruined their careers and lives. So far he has been moderate and infrequent in drinking which is good. As far as hard drugs are concerned, he knows they are harmful so that if he sticks to only pot occasionally I won’t object.I am assuming he is indeed trying pot.

  13. Is this even in discussion? Of coarse he’s a bad influence. I may not know everything in his life, but you would have to be pretty damn delusional to say Justin is as clean as he says he is. And I really hate that he might become the typical rebelling rich kid of Hollywood, blocking out his family, not listening to his management, etc.
    Just my two cents, no hate.

    • He’s definitely not. His good kid image is just an image for fans, but no doubt he smokes (they just proved it), gets wasted (vodka instagram pic), and does a whole lot of other things fans will never know about.

    if your saying that hes made a bad choice your making him feel guilty for not being a good example to us and the public. so just stop saying its bad.

    • Ummm I’m a hardcore fan, but I won’t respect someone who CHOOSES to smoke something as disgusting as weed. And if it makes him feel bad, he should feel bad. Justin has to set up some boundaries that won’t get him into other eyebrow-raising stuff.

      • well @andreiaabieber it’s defiantly not a good thing. smoking any thing is not good for your lungs.

      • @Mrs.Bieber
        The guy’s name is Robin Verrecas, not Ryan, and Robin has already said that it’s not him smoking the weed in the picture. Look at his Twitter.

      • All I’m waiting for is his mother to grab him by the ear…. I do think lil twist has introduced Justin to smoking but it all runs down to the person who picks up the blunt so it will always be a time for decisions and what Justin made was his descisions not lil twist’s but hey at least Justin’s getting into the yolo life of an American teenager I guess still love him though

    • Justin never smoked weed. It was Ryan Verecass “the look alike”. If Justin did that it would detroy his vochal chords!!! Check it out on Tumblir if you don’t believe me.

      • Jayla you can’t believe Robin,,, It is him and his girlfriend smoking marijuana;even Pattie said that it wasn’t Justin and it was Robin.Thats’s how I found out!!! If you were were a real Belieber you would know Justin would never do that.

      • @Mrs.Bieber
        You dumbass. Justin is 18 and he’s around adults most of the time in the day, he’s going to do some things. And it’s not Robin because Robin’s lips are nothing like Justin’s. Get some glasses or shit and look closer. The only thing Robin and Justin have in common is the way their hair is styled and their noses. You could take one look at Robin and know he isn’t Justin.

      • I just have a question… If it wasn’t Justin some say, or if the picture was “edited” don’t you think JUSTIN WOULD HAVE ENOUGH SENSE TO TELL?

  15. Keep in mind I am not endorsing any drug or pot. I am trying to be realistic about this. We are assuming too many things about justin based on some of his friends and dubious reports.

      • if people who smoked weed went to jail, that would be nearly all boys bcos most all smoke weed.
        and weed isnt an illegal drug

      • okay, calm yo’ titties maaayn. im from southlondon so idk that its illegal in the US k? and why aint he in jail then+all these other celebs like lil twist, rihanna, wiz khalifa etccc? they all smoke weed too.

  16. i think its not fair to blame twist for this ish.
    if justin wants to smoke, he will!!!!
    people think bad about twist cuz hes black, and yall know i’m right!!!!!
    justin is not a kid anyomre. drinking and smoking is a part of a growing teenagers life! everybody does!!!!!!
    and btw he WILL NOT DIE because of smoking pot…

    • It’s not cause he’s black. Lil twist hangs out with lil Wayne (the king of f*cking ho*s, and smoking weed) so of course lil twist is going to pick of some of the behavior. Now Justin is copying him. True you don’t die from smoking it, butbhave some health side effects to it. If he keeps up with the behavior, he’s going to end up looking like a white version of wiz kalifa. Anorexic looking with tats

  17. Yes lil twist is a bad influence on Justin!!!! yea Justin is grown he make some decisions on his own and since the break up he needed something to take his mind off of it and if that is what he want to do let him do it…… and if you say you are a true belieber then you would just encourage his decision

  18. its TMZ… yes i think he is a bad influence but really? do you think justin had smoked with lil twist .. i think paps would find him….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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