Lil Twist Was Driving Justin’s Ferrari When Paparazzi Died


Rapper Lil Twist was driving Justin Bieber’s Ferrari when it was pulled over Tuesday night … moments before a paparazzi was hit by another car and killed — reports TMZ.

According to sources, 19-year-old Lil Twist was hanging with Justin at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Tuesday afternoon … when, for some reason, Lil Twist left in the white Ferrari without Justin.

Lil Twist and Justin have been hanging out and partying together now. They even celebrated New Year’s Eve together by popping champagne bottles.

  1. Justin wasn’t invloved, so did Lil Twist! The photographer just wasn’t lucky, and I’m really sorry for his tragic death! Well, journalists are annoying but I never wanted them to die!

  2. Hey this is a little random but does jb have a google + or a kik because I keep telling people he doesn’t I know he doesn’t have one but does anyone know ? Please reply back

    • I hope Justin and Selena can have alone time. While Justin gives his car to his friend. So he can reconnect with Selena. Have that quality time with her.,

  3. Wait… So Lil Twist was the one that had his car? It’s really not important, though. It wasn’t their fault. It was another idiot on the road’s fault. I understand that paps are rude and they should do their job without stalking, but that’s just sad. R.I.P pap.

    • No. a pap was trying to get a pic of Justin bieber in his car car, but Justin wasn’t in the car. So when the pap went to cross the highway to get back to his own car he got hit by a car and died. :(

  4. but it wasn’t twist’s fault so…..and what do you guys mean by “now” Justin and Twist have been hanging with each other since Justin came out

  5. it wasnt anyones fault except for the manic that hit the pop ….. it wasnt justin or lil twist fault …. i feel thhat the pop really need to leave the celebritys alone unless the celebriteys says its okay to have a stalker …..that all pop are is a stalker

  6. Justin needs to stop hanging with lil twist, it’s only making him look bad. The whole vodka thing, they were in LA at the time, which means they were under age drinking. I know under age drinking isn’t that bad, most teens do it anyway, but Justin has young fans and its going to make him look bad towards their parents.
    Then this whole dead Paparazzi thing, lil twist got pulled over in the Ferrari, and that’s when he guy went to get the photo. And the paparazzi said that Justin was smoking weed earlier that day with none other than Lil Twist.
    Justin needs to get his friends in line, or it will ruin his reputation with his younger fans and their parents.

    • i love justin way too much i will forever and alwas be his number 1 fan …..even if im his last …justin loves his fans and he should be able to have fun with a few friends like any normal kid

      • But he shouldn’t be posting pictures of him drinking online to his millions of fans. I could careless if he drinks, kids his age do all the time, but lil twist seems to be getting him in a lot of trouble!

  7. I think the pap got excatly what his bothersom ass got! Now if we can get the rest of those idiots to not be a pain in the ass aswell!

  8. you guys justin bieber is almost a grown man he can take care of himself ….he loves all his fans and sometimes he just needs some support …. so if you could all give justin bieber and lil twist some support that would be amazing …..

    <3 u justin …and lil twist ….ill alwas support u both

  9. Bieber Love is right about Lil Twist. He should cut down spending too much time with him for his reputation’s sake even though they have been friends for a few years. He has admitted that he drinks on special occasions moderately, although you can get intoxicated with one drink. As far as pot is concerned, his association with Twist and Brown as well as allegations of being seen with a pipe in his car are not undisputable proof he smokes. No trace of pot or drugs have been found as far as we know when his car was searched on various occasions. The site is investigating this matter.

  10. plot twist: a few people according to Justin Bieber Tumber claim that he and Selena had lunch Jan 2nd and were at four seasons in L.A. Is it possible he lent the car to Twist to be alone with her? possible.

  11. You little girls are so sick in more thsn one way. Someone lost their life and you nuts say he desevered it. This man was doing his job annoying or not. You little bitches act like you know justina personally you stupid bitches need a reality check

    • i would if i new them good enough…and if they were on my insurance….but bieber probally trusted him….i know i would have if we were best friends like thay were

  12. i wanna be justin,s best friend like lil twist
    wow they go everywhere together
    i love u justin plz made me your best friend
    i love to be your best friend
    i love u justin i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  13. As I stated before, this story was not credible. Too many questions. Also, my gut instinct that Justin broke up with Selena over an argument seems to be confirmed by TMZ today-I hope that part of the story is not true.

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