• not at all r u crazy y he will again and again remember that women to whom he already forgetr u crazy he is talking about his fans his beliebers he love them and
      he says to me i love u
      justin i love u too
      my juju

    • Noway stop saying selena is like ugh just stop like seriously he just saying he love his fans and he is sorry of what happen when he got catch smoking with his friends.First of all he sings for the girls so remember that.♥ you too cutie pie.

      • Wow can he be tired anymore??!! Y’all need to stop digging so deep in the damn whole like really its like everyone now a days are suspecting negative things from him with all his gossip or facts but I don’t believe tmz that much anyways… Who knows

      • I love you too sweetheart now get some rest I’ll promise I be there when you wake{:
        You said you aint goin no where so neither am I, love you baby

  1. i know that look he’s waisted out of his mind. unfortunately if he keeps smoking that crap he will become addicted and he’s going to smoke it every day. i just hope that the kid dosen’t become another statistic among celebrities who use drugs.

  2. Love u2 honey! But dosent he look hi 2 u guys? O well I dont really care he still sexy no matter wat loljb I will allways love u<3

  3. Poor boo he is talking about Selena <3
    He look like he is going to cry and shatter into prices !!!! :(
    I hope they get back together !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Justin,My granddaughter Katie is going to your denver concert!!! Her other g ma Jill is taking her , We all love you even we old Grandmas, Katie Broyles is such a huge!!!!!! Fan of yours! If you can would you give a shout out to katie & g ma Jill? It would be soo wonderful! You make beautiful music, & have such a kind heart! God Bless you ! Cj Beliber Fan

    • @justme how the hell do u kno??? Stop actin like ur an FBI agent and u stalk everything that’s happening between them.omg.

  5. Oh my baby I love u 2!!! U just made me cry cz of that pic; uve spoken 2 us on this site b4 and so can u tell us if ur ok cz u look a bit down? Xxxxxxxx

  6. Mmmm… I don”t think he’s talking about selena I think he’s talking about the fans and he looks tryed cuz I mean my eyes look the same when I’m really really tryed but every one Can see it in their own way… <3

  7. He should stop hangin out wid dat guy (lil twist)
    He is gonna get him hooked on drugs
    Justin is so much better dan dat
    Love you to baby :)

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