NC Woman Sells Justin Bieber’s SPIT on Ebay -Claims Being Bullied at the Gym!


Justin Bieber’s reps has denied that he swore and made fun of North Carolina radio host — Colette Harrington — while she was working out at the gym at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in NC, reports TMZ.

According to Colette, Justin strolled into the gym with two other people — one appeared to be his trainer and the other appeared to be a backup dancer or singer.

Colette says she approached Justin and asked for a picture, but Justin said no. She says she continued working out, but then heard Justin and his posse mocking her workout routine. Then, someone … she thinks it was Justin or someone in his group … SPIT blue Gatorade into her water bottle while she wasn’t looking … and she actually DRANK the spit-orade.

She explains on her Facebook page:

I lay low waiting for a chance to introduce myself and get a photo with him. I said “Hi I am Colette Harrington I host the Sweet Carolina radio show.” He said, “good for you.” I asked, “would be okay if I got a picture?” and he told me “no”‘.

Then Justin starts imitating me and whenever I’d get to 20 he and his buddy would say “Shut the F*** up”. I was stunned. They start complaining how they are so hungover from drinking-some drink that I never heard of before.

I ignore them and keep doing my counting only in a quieter voice but they keep saying “Shut the F’up” when ever I get to 20.

I am ready to punch one of them in the face or cry. I could not decide which since I felt like I was back in grade school and being made fun of.

Then they start talking about spitting in people’s drinks and that tonight at their concert yell, “remember when you drank my spit.”

Justin guzzled his blue gatorade and spits in it. So I think that their finally off of my back but NO! They start imitating my counting again even though I am whispering.

I keep on ignoring them because I am not going to cause a scene at the Ritz or lower myself to their level.

She then claims that as she went to take a drink out of her own water bottle she realiszed that it was the blue Gatorade Bieber had spat in. And she was planning to sell his Gatorade bottle on e-Bay and give the proceeds to charity. 

I spit it out right way thinking about his disgusting spit. I did not look at my water bottle before taking a drink.

Justin- I am putting your bottle and spit up on E BAY. Hopefully it will raise enough money to re build the kitchen at the Ronald Mc Donald House in Charleston.

I go there to cook for the families of sick children. They need a better kitchen. If there is any money left over I will use it to help make a Christian movie I wrote.

Justin’s rep tells TMZ …. the woman is dead wrong. Justin and his trainer were in the gym, and they were making snide comments to EACH OTHER but absolutely NONE were directed at the woman.

  • Jasmine Rose♥

    First♥ Justin would never do somthing like that to anyone. This is just another Yeater thing. lol.

    • Jsha bieber

      I agree. I don’t believe on her false talk, shes tryin to make justin sounds bad n her self a good girl n very kind as to give the proceeds to charity. No one gonna believe on her fuc*** sh*t

      • Real Alisha

        IKR! This is another fu*king stupid story, its sounds so funny. Lier!

      • Isabella Bieber

        im not rying 2 start anything but it was the same with Jelena’s love life articles! Selena is too much of a goody goody just like that lady!

    • Voice of reason

      You must be blind, Justin has been acting more full of himself than ever, the fame has caught up to him and he thinks he can get away with anything.
      It’s about time he got sense knocked into him so quit trying to defend someone who

      A) will never know who you are
      B) Sets a bad example to younger peole

      2013 will be the year he shows his true colors..l just watch.

      • sarahhhh

        I am getting so annoyed by these rumors! People are just trying so hard to put him down and it’s giving him a bad image… that he really doesn’t deservee!!!

      • Rihanna

        @Sarah: He’s doing quite a great job at giving himself a bad image ;)

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        You call yourself the Voice of Reason. That makes me marvel, because the only voice you are is the Voice of Negativity. Do you seriously believe everything in the media? Anyone who does is a complete idiot. When does the media say one good thing about celebs? Oh, that’s right, they don’t because it’s not “interesting” enough. It’s all about giving people a good story and celebs a bad image. So, that considered, quit hating on somebody and thinking you’re so reasonable when you:
        A) Don’t know enough to say ANYTHING
        B) Only know what you hear from gossipers and rumors who lie 90% of the time
        C) Focus on and seem to ignore the good that he does and the 5x worse other celebs do.

        We can defend him if we want to, you can hate him if you want to, but stop being so negative. If you want to be negative, go to a hater site. You go on here thinking you’re smarter than everyone and trying to start something, but it just makes you look like a jerk. It’s time the Voice of Reason hears some reason. I even give people that I don’t like the benefit of the doubt. Why can’t you? The thing is, there are things that are gonna come up. I just sit back and enjoy the ride. There are some bumps, sure, but everything smooths out eventually. Think about that. (Notice that I can string a sentence together?) And @Rihanna, you do a good job of picking a username, someone else who has a bad image. Look at Rihanna and the bad things she does and try to talk.

      • Rihanna

        What does Rihanna do that’s so bad? I don’t remember her bullying anyone. Enlighten me please.

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        No one said anything about bullying you idiot. Come on, trying to lift her shirt up in public, cursing at everybody… seriously? I’m not telling you. Wanna be so smart? Look up what she does.

      • Rihanna

        Ha, so what? That’s her life. And when she curses people she only does it with humor. She never did anything close to as rude as what Bieber did here. Don’t be dumb, lifting your shirt sure as hell isn’t as classless as what Bieber has been doing lately. Double standards at their finest ;)

      • Bieber love

        I 100% agree, Justin thinks he can get away from anything now, the girl didn’t go to a tabloid she posted it on her Facebook page, even though justin “treated her bad” she’s not exploiting herself for fame, she’s raising money for a local charity. Justin needs a wake up call because the road he’s taking, he’s not going to have a very good reputation in a few months and his younger fans parents aren’t going to want their kids to listen to it.
        Alls he needs to do is take a step back into reality and relies what is important instead of making people feel bad, and partying.

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        @Rihanna- Listening to media. That makes you pretty stupid. I think that you’re the one that has the double standards. I always admit when he might have done something wrong. When she does garbage, oh, it’s her life, but when Justin does something (in the media’s world) all heck breaks loose. Forget it.

    • Biebergoldshoe

      How are we to know we wasn’t there…… He is not perfect, a lot of people his age do things like that. I have cousins and friends who are 18 and they are stupid like that. Plus why would she sell spit to charity if it weren’t his?

      • daughterofLordRauhl

        The real question is why would you put spit on E-Bay at all?

    • retarted fangirls

      This guy’s a wreck he might better stop taking drugs and spitting in women’s bottles if he wants to stay for long in the business.

      • The real biebah

        Can’t u people understand that media has been trying to make Justin look soo bad since he still a huge great pop star available in this planet earth!like he said :that people are probably waiting for me to do mistakes. Well he isn’t perfect and but the thing I know and clearly can see is that Justin is not the rude kinda guy! Remember Maria Yeatet? It’s just another one like it! People must have paid this gym chich to make Justin look like that!

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        The real biebah is right i don’t believe this rumor, it just don’t sound like him.(hes a sweet guy :) )

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        The real biebah is right i don’t believe this rumor, it just don’t sound like him. this media thing is just full of bulsh**.

    • Isabella Bieber

      I agree Justin, is a person who wants to put a smile on other ppls faces not to make them cry! Why? Why accuse Justin? Why say it was him if he was not part of the action? Why say something you didnt see instead of telling what you did see? Why dont u ppl just tell the truth thses days instead of telling lie? Well, where ever there is a lie there is always a truth; where theres a truth there was a lie!!??

      • honey

        I guess you haven’t heard about everything that is said about Rihanna all the time. I’m not saying rumors about her are true, but I swear every time I’m on youtube there’s a comment about her new sextape released. She also gets called out for her costume choice all the time and if she’s caught drinking. etc.

    • JKJKJK

      Dont Know…

      • essie j

        yeah its the media making justin look bad THIS time :) this time its not selena fault :D

  • K.Bieber

    This story makes him sound bad !!! >.<

    I dont believe he did thiss !!


    • Noranda

      Now what is this for real.

      • Jazmyn Beadle

        WHY CANT PEOPLE LET HIM BE ALONE!!!?!! i mean seriously this is bullsh*t in my opinion seriously!!?!!! really B*tch Really??!!! just STFU i already had enough!! THIS SH*T GIVES ME A HEADACHE!!! LEAVE HIM F*CKING ALONE!!!

    • Mrs.bieber

      He didn’t do this c’mon it’s Justin bieber he will never do this and if he did right now it should be all over the world but its not

  • cindy love justin bieber 4 life!!!


  • Bitch Please

    lies.lies.totally dislike that people

  • truebelieber

    WTF?i had heard that story of the gym at a book that i read about a week ago!._.

  • justin.adele

    what?I cant understand!
    someone explain plz!?

  • Kay

    This thirsty heiffer needs to go sit down somewhere! First of all, sorry you thought Justin was going to fawn all over you cause you’re a bleach-blonde bimbo celebrity wannabee! Secondly, why the hell are you couting OUT LOUD in the gym??? can’t you count in your head?? third, you sound CRAY-CRAY for swiping justins disgarded spit-bottle like the STALKER you are!

    • Semi belieber

      Ha ha now that s a belieber s answer to u bad girl

  • Biebz4Evr!!

    Lies people all of it is a bunch of lies JuJu would never do that!

  • Jessica Bieber


  • Angelique

    Wtf lady! What are you like 90 years old you can stand up for yourself!! Justin would never do some thing like that!! You are like Mariah yeater!! Shut up lady!

  • ForeverABelieber

    Damn media! They need to focus on the positives! Like when Justin visits hospitals.

  • LastKingsSchawg

    Sounds like complete bullshit. Ugh, everyone’s after Justin :(

  • Jade Bieber

    WTF seriously is everyone after our Justin. first smoking weed. secondly Selena dumps him and says that it’s cause drunk and almost had sex with some student nurse. thirdly his own bodyguard sues cause apparently Justin has been hitting him and know this OMB Justin please stay strong and hold on. let all the haters hate cause all the love us beliebers give u drowns all that hate right out.STAY STRONG MY LOVE.

    • alex

      errr.. he did smoke weed! stop being so blinded by everything. he even apologises even though indirectly (considering he can go to jail if he blatantly admit to smoking the weed). although the rest of the rumours seems like BS.

  • Emily

    This is a load of bullshit. First of all Justin would never do that and second, why would you want to buy it if she put her lips on it.

  • Pynklemonade

    This is total junk! First of all, do we think Justin would act like that to anyone? No. And I find it funny that her water bottle is empty except for the blue Gatorade that he supposedly spit in her bottle. I was at the concert and he didn’t say anything spitting in a bottle. She needs to get over it and leave Justin alone

  • Jsha bieber

    Follow me on twitter @Jaysha_bieber for a follow back :-D

    • Jsha bieber

      or not :D

  • astarbouy

    No! I don’t believe it, justin wouln’t do so. Hey woman just say you need money because I knw. You are spreading this rumour to get some f*** dollas

  • JaylaBieber

    Bitch, BYE.

  • brittany bieber

    Loads of bullshit justins nice not mean and how do u know she didn’t spit that in the bottle bc there’s nothing in that besides the blue gatorade or she could of just dumped it in there coz he didn’t do it, its a damn lie another stupid lie and its just like that mariah yeater girl u just doin this fo the fame and spotlight bc u want some money! So stop the lyin and start telin the truth before u make me loose my patience and ill go ninja on yo ass I swear I ain’t gonna stop the hate this or say anything about it coz I am getting tired of it now blond lady u doin this to get money an imma bout to loose my patience and trust me yo don’t want that to happen I won’t be nice about it if I get to pissed off it ain’t gonna be pretty and all these beliebers will be there with me, right? -.-

    • Jazmyn Beadle


      • brittany bieber

        Yeahh this shit is pissing me off #truebelieber

  • goldeneda-belieberx3

    she is an untalented LİAR !!!!! İt’s f***ing fake rumor ……… Justin is a good person and all the true BELİEBERS know it

  • Mannan

    No no no,,,,
    beiber can’t do it.

    • Kailua

      Seriously wow, Ppl love to makeup stories about him. Some ppl are just sick.

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    hey she is a lier
    we r with u justin don,t with anyone else justin i love uuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • ßöûñçæ

    i am a huge belieber dat my friends are starting to hate me for it but i believe justin did all dat. he is misbehaving alot lately nd denying all the allegations. der iz no way many ppl gang up just to start acusing him, der is a lil truth in wat dey say mayb dey exagerated a lil but part of it happened. ya’all can hate me but its about tym we start to c reality nd Justin neeeds help nd his mum shouls tame him even if he is almost 19.


    The lays this woman are element of dead set at Justin Bieber .


    I’m sorry ! Need be lies .

  • ivan

    I don’t believe the story is fully true-she obviously has something against him probably for refusing to take a picture for some good reason. The Hotel did not confirm her claim that she reported it to them. Also, her going to e-bay to make money of this smells. This would not be the first time someone made up something against a celebrity that turned out untrue-remember that.
    P.S. she does not know who spat in her drink so how does she know anyone spat in her drink?

  • essie j

    all lies why can’t they just leave Justin alone ??

  • ivan

    That old hag at Hollywood lies seems to relish putting out negative unproved stories about Justin everyday. I guess stories about his charitable activities are too boring for her.
    I don’t believe any such stories unless they are confirmed by named sources who can back them up. you are innocent until proven guilty in this country-apparently that does not apply to Justin according to haters at TMZ,etc.

  • proudbelieber

    how can we tell that it was really justin who spit in her drink? what if it was someone else? maybe herself or something, what do I know! just because Justin happened to be drinking Gatorade is no proof that it was really him who did it!

  • kirsten

    AS IF