Paparazzi KILLED After Chasing Justin Bieber’s Ferrari


Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) were investigating the death of a paparazzo who was hit by a car after photographing Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari.

The paparazzi, Chris Guerra, was hit by oncoming traffic in Los Angeles Tuesday while taking pictures of Justinโ€™s white Ferrari. Justin wasnโ€™t in his Ferrari at the time.


According to, the pap arrived at the scene, got out of his car and crossed Sepulveda boulevard to take photos. He was hit by another car as he crossed back across the road. Police are interviewing the driver who hit him but no arrests have been made.

The pap died at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Watch the video:

Lil twist driving Justin Bieber Ferrari when Paparazzi died.

The incident took place on Sepulveda Boulevard near Getty Center Drive shortly before 6 p.m.

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