1. That first pic… hot. That second picture… funny! Lol, look at their faces in that second pic. I just started laughing and I can’t really stop. I loved this. :)

  2. I think blaming Lil Twist for Justin’s mistakes is too simplistic. And I’d like to know if all Justin’s critics have never ever tried a joint in their lifes… hypocrits.

    • The problem is as long as Justin is hanging out with those guys, he will continue drink alcohol and smoke drugs. Justin is the one who is giving bad example to fans and being a hypocrite about pot smoking . One day he says that he is going to be better and never let fans down and on the next day posing with the same dude that provides him pot. I see where he is coming with keeping old friend around, but he should realize that Lil Twit is just a leech and will drag him down.

      • Justin should hang more with Ryan and Chaz. Lil Twist is just a f*cking idiot, and Ryan & Chaz aren’t. I don’t even care if he hangs out with Selena! Just not Twist! He can’t hang out with Barbara, or Selena will give him another death tweet (“……”) with the pic. -____- Anyways I’m not saying Justin shouldn’t ever hang out with Twist, just not all the time… And if you disagree, who gives a damn, it’s my opinion. :)

    • TF EVER.. i agree wit u…
      alot of ppl will experiment and try marijuana… its not even rlly a drug.. if its just ‘weed’ and not laced wit anything..
      the world is startin to realize that marijuana is a #CashCrop and thats y its becomin legal throughout the U.S. and other countries…
      im almost 100% sure tht justin wasnt forced to do anything… im in highschool and i smoke and drink… everyday all day..? no i dont. and im sure biebs doesnt either… its prolly just a social thing.. smokin by urself is lammmmeeeee a’f…
      there’s no problem… justin will not die from weeed and justin wont lose me as a fan either… alot of stars smoke pot… soo if yall so called “TRUE BELIEBERS” wont b his fan no more cuz of this, then bye. lmao he isnt a child star anymore… yes he has young fans.. but teenage girls and girls in their 20′s r his fan base now.. sooo u can either shut the F U C K up, sit back and enjoy the ride, or jump the F U C K off the biebs boat.. hahaaa
      love yu biebs

  3. I don’t think anyone can tell Justin who he can and can’t be friends with. thats Justin choice to make not ours. PPL lay off him about his friends

  4. wow that,s hoty pic of my justin the 1st one but he is again with twist that stupid guy who take justin to the wrong path
    justin i can,t believe that u do that
    omb but stilll
    i love u justin i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  5. Justin I love u with all my heart can’t wait to see u in San Antonio but I want u to remember something if u r not changing y r u all of a sudden sommoking y we love u and u r changing

    • LOL @JaylaBieber. :) I was thinking the same thing. All he needs is a pair of suspenders. Is it weird that I still watch that show?

    • Um… That kind of sounded racist. Not all black people are bad influences. I hang around a lot of black people and none of them are bad. It’s not like if he hangs around white people it’ll be any better. That also basically says that Usher is a bad influence on him. Think a little.

    • I’m black and I make all A’s on my report card and has always been on the honor roll and still goes to the ghetto-est school in my parish and it seems to me that I’m am not ignorant like you suspect all blacks to be so I suggest you stop with that cause I feel insulted to my race… And think if it wasn’t for a black person Justin would probably still be looking to sign him dumbass.
      aka la Reid and usher

  6. Oliver twist has never been arrested for any crime as other rappers have; aside from his smoking and drinking, he is a guy who goes to church and believes in God although he has to really live by his religion. Money and Fame has gotten to him. I do hope he goes on a straight path in life.

  7. omg im speechless ur just fn cute i just wish u came to my place to hang out nd so that way i can show off to my friend that is as ubsest with u as i am we are always aruing about whos boyfriend u are but of course ur mine i wish i could feel ur 6 pack I LOOOOOOOOVE U so much! my baby

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