Pic: Justin Bieber and Lil Twist Get Facial!


Ghost face killa lol

71 thoughts on “Pic: Justin Bieber and Lil Twist Get Facial!

  1. Isabella Bieber

    Swaggy Ghosts!! At 1st i thought it was soap on their faces; yep mayb washing their faces with soap!! Love u 2 Ghosts!! Peace, swag im out!!

    1. #Alwayskidrauhl

      Of course they r still friends the sleepover was epic but I didn’t stay all day but I stayed with Pattiebut lil twist is a lil flirt

  2. Fatima Bieber official

    Justin looks very ADORABLE Love him sooo much!!! They are so fun to be around ! And look at Justin face! Lmfao but he still beautiful with any face he makes!

  3. Biebz4Evr!!

    Justin is the only person who can put anything on his face or pull any facial expression and still look perfect cute and sexy xxx

  4. sastika stands for JUSTIN

    yeah!!! whatever he does to his face the change is either he looks seXy or CUTIE……or more adorable than that… they are having fun #SWAG #LOVE N 1 thing Does he need facial kit? lol he’s perfect without that also.#WITHlove


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