PIC: Justin Bieber Flashing his Toned Abs

Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2013

Justin lifted up his T-Shirt and flashed his toned abs during a performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve at the studios of US channel CBS.

  1. What the H*ll!!! what the f*ck they talking about toned abs people these days be cracken me up i have more abs and larger man lookin nipples

  2. (= lol beliebers yo start bashin thier shi-t lol yall haters gheeezzzzz lol
    Anyway baby your sexy to me at lease

  3. Um, one question…@HeyGirl & @NoOne, if you dislike Justin, why are you on this Justin Bieber Fansite? I’m being nice. If you don’t leave now, things will get disgusting. And, I know Justin’s abs aren’t perfect, or actually big nice abs, but it’s not like we want him all toughed up and big. We like Justin’s medium-sized abs.

    • Then WHY the heck are you on this Justin Bieber Fansite? We aren’t stupid. We’re not giving you any info on us, say stfu and gtfo. Gay little motherf*cker.

      • You all should stfu you beliebers swear you guys are hella tough and can beat down the haters but if you want me to leave its fine ill come back again though
        yes/no who want me to leave :)

      • @HeyGirl, why the hell are you asking people if you should leave? We ALL want you to leave, n*gga, bye. I hope you die today, I mean have a nice day…

      • @believe in biebah i love you cause you like to comment on my comments i have a big crush on you ill miss you babe bye (kisses)

      • first #Believe In Biebah yor a straight classic you be havein me buggin and Hey Girl do you think your cute you must be a 8 or 9 if you tryin to pick up girls on a justin bieber site lol

  4. Justin I love you but I really don’t need to see your abbs all the time; it makes you look like a total ego maniac, not to mention it is tacky.

  5. i love justin’s abs but he is so cute and justin if me and u meat one day i want to sing for u and i hope u make ma a famous singer to

  6. wowza!! Justin u r looking very hottie malotty!! hope u keep gyming!!! ;-) oh and beliebers pls follow me on twitter @LolsLollyPop

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