Pic: Justin Bieber Indian Tattoo on his Shoulder Blade!


Justin Bieber got a new Native American Indian tattoo on his scapula aka shoulder blade!


Justin get the ink on January 2nd, by tattoo artist @chenterios.

  1. Indian tattoo…
    So Beutiful!!!
    Like tattoo
    but I think oneday we can’t see justin’s skin
    if he keep on to add tattoos

  2. ohh itxx nice..small nd cute..i thought that this tat covers his whole back…thnk god not…cant get a nice view of the tat,but its rearly nice

  3. nice tatoo…but i have a small request justin~dont get so much tatoos… cuz ur skin is beauty my dear.

  4. Why He want to Have many Tattoos? JB, do you want to be the Next Lil wayne or The next King Of Pop? You say I want to be the best not next Michael Jackson or the next pop star so what is the hell u doin’? Don’t be #badboy.

  5. whoaaaaa! im indian too!!!!!!!!! though i cant see it properly its a nice tattoo!!! bt no more tattoos justin! we dont want anothr lil wayne!!!!! :(

  6. i am new on this site but i know alot of people say stuff about you and selena but i think your like the icing on the cake Chloe robinson leeds england

    • absolutely ruining his entire body…………………all of his tattoos are really nice but there is a limit to tattoos..OH GOD, Freaaking bieber!!!!!!!! stay natural

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