Pic: Justin Bieber New Tattoo -Roman Numeral on the Right Chest (Pec)!


Apparently Justin got another tattoo which appears to be a roman numeral of the year he was born “1994” her mom’s birthday.

What do you think of Justin’s new tatt?



  • JaylaBieber

    Why are y’all so damn late with things? God. Anyway, I actually like this tattoo but I thought it said TV when I first saw it earlier today.

    • Isabella Bieber

      i love it!

      • khloe99

        Me too!

    • Araibian belieber

      He looks like Miley

  • Mrs.Bieber


    • JKJKJK

      It looks good (from the pic), but soon i think its going to go “Overboard” ;)

    • oxBelieberxo

      I like it too. He gets cool tatoos which represents him

      • Madison Bieber

        I love it!!

  • Real Alisha

    Cool! I like it, luv u justin <3

    • Mrd. Bieber. Forever

      Sooooooooooo hot

  • Believe

    Nice tatoo, Justin looks hella cute. :)

    • Jsha bieber

      Yup,i agree.

  • bianca

    Oh wow Justin zebra pants

  • Marissa

    He’s sexy!!!! But seriously !!! ZEBRA PANTS

  • bianca

    SO HOT!!!!!

  • bianca

    Justin you got that sexy body

  • bianca


  • bianca

    We should hook up sometime

  • bianca

    Sexy thang

  • Marissa

    I know Bianca and we are the biggest bieber fans !!!!! All of u other girls don’t actually love him!!!! WE ARE REALY BELIEBERS!!!! We have the worst case of bieber fever!!! And HE’S SOOO SEXY I WANT HIM TO BE SHORTLESS IN THIS PHOTO!!! Lol SEXY

    • JKJKJK

      I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X

    • Mrs.Bieber♥


  • Marissa

    I mean shirtless not SHORTLESS !!!!

  • nandra

    Iam a bit disSapointeD , to him cuz he hurting him self. BuT Iam a beliberS so I will supPort Whatever he does.. Love u Justin

  • Rachel

    I like his new tattoo. Did he dye his hair and get a tan too?

    • oxBelieberxo

      I dont know. That’s what I was thinking too @Rachel

  • ivan

    He must have skinned a zebra at the zoo and made pants out of it-never a dull moment with the biebs!

  • retarted fangirls II

    What a random place to put a tattoo. Where is he getting his next tattoo on? His buttocks? Pen*s? Oh wait he is a girl. Va*ina I mean :P

    • Rue b

      oh wow…I have nothing to say but welcome and whatever you say… im not going to bash on you because it will be a waste of both our time plus I don’t do all of that YOU BITCH moments because its unnecessary but if it wont be by me then one of these girl will so welcome to the belieber version of hell!

    • JaylaBieber

      I can tell your parents must have done a ton of acid before you were born…

      • swag swag swag on you!


      • Kailua

        adorable, he looks cute, and very sweet.

    • BIEBER’s Shawty

      @retarted fangirls II, dnt blame u, i just blame those who didn’t teach u respect and manners .. ur soo sad :(

    • oxBelieberxo

      What the hell? 0-o He’s not a girl. You’re comments is totally unecesary and rude

    • Mrs.Bieber♥

      Hi,yeah,why are you here?
      Cause no one wants you:)

    • biebAAh

      bitch please this is a fansite not a hatersite so shut up!

  • Bieber Love

    I love Justin’s tattoos but i think he’s adding to much! I think he should ease up on it… but its his choice.. i’ll love him no matter what! :D #belieber4ever! ;) Mwahzz! Love you Justin! ;)

    • No Name

      gee, somebody is a mom

  • Ari

    Its actually Patties Birthday, Alfredo confirmed it on twitter.

  • Marley

    Ew. Tattoo ain’t cute this time. I like his Indian one better, even though I hate most of his tattoos.

    • Desss

      but this one is Patties birthday which is cute i love how much of a mammas boy he is

  • DaTruth

    He’s going to be the next lil wayne with tattoos.

    • JKJKJK


    • oxBelieberxo

      I don’t think so

    • Asanka


  • foodybU

    No one is mentioning his blond hair??

    • Desss

      Its the lighting i think even if wasnt he still looks cute

  • Hello

    It actually doesn’t look like it’s 1994 cause that would be MCMXCIV in roman numerals. If you look close, it looks like it ends in an IIV…so it does end in four but not sure what the first half is.

    • oxBelieberxo

      The first half is being covered with his tank top. that is why

  • Beliber4ever

    I love u 4. U but please lay off the tatts just a little pretty please :|?! :)

    • No Name

      yeah like he’ll ever listen to a 12 year old wining pretty please

  • ivan

    It’s the year of his birthdate I believe

  • :3

    it’s pattie’s birthday

  • jbiebersgirl

    I love it but people need to stop sayin hes gonna turn out like lil wayne cause hes not. his tats are small and meaningful not stupid like some people get lol. and even if he did get that many tats (he wont) I would still love him no matter what

  • Beliber4ever

    Agree able ;) $

  • Victoria

    Justin stop getting new tats

    • No Name

      u think hes gonna listen 2 u

  • justinbiebergirlllllll

    Justin I love you but please stop adding tattoos! You are so beautiful so please stop ruining your body. You will regret this in a couple years so please stop. you have enough. I still love you no matter what just please stop! <3