Pic: Justin Bieber Signing Autograph


Justin Bieber signing autograph during a visit at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.


Justin partnered with Ryan Seacrest’s The Voice Foundation and brought joy to the little ones by taking pictures and signing autographs. More pics.

57 thoughts on “Pic: Justin Bieber Signing Autograph

    1. Norissa

      Don’t compare eminem to justin bieber they are totally different artice and you guys just hatten out of no where because he not with that slutena anymore for good to me im happy for a reason that I had dislike her from the start when she went to date taylor luathner then I have notice this girl is trying to steal Miley bf Nick Jonas and date others celebrity,copying Miley,vanessa and few others how they dress so since she did that I have the reason to dislike, I kind of think that she was getting worst to be a whore.Idk what to call her but other whise I just don’t like her my opinion not trying to let you’all start saying something back to bite my head off.

  1. ivan

    What does Eminem do that compares with what Justin does with his fans as well as terminally ill patients? Eminem always looks angry and unapproachable. Remember at the awards show when he was unfriendly toward Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears? Justin has never been like that to other music artists.

    1. Slim shady

      You don’t know what he’s been through dont judge eminem ! You wanna know what he’s been through ! Okay so when he was little his mom was a crazy person she took drugs etc and his mom said to him when he was little his dad was a evil mad and said he hated him. Then his mom always put drugs in his food
      Valiums painkillers etc and told him to eat it or else she’ll lock him in the closet. He also had to eat paint thinners ! His mom didn’t care about him she was crazy ! And when eminems cousin died his mom said she wished it was him that died ! Also at school when he was 9 years old he got beat up so bad that he had to relearn how to tie his shoes ! Also in junior high he got beat up and almost died

    2. ALYSSA

      i agree,, eminem has been thru much worse things than jb.. but wat does tht have to do wit justin tho????
      i love eminem rlly.. <3
      and he doesnt always look unapproachable… britney spears is a b*tch and justin timberlake was kind of annoying at the awards… sooo EHH :p

  2. Slim shady

    Eminem is more talented and raps good apparently u guys don’t know what good music is and why do u even respond to this

  3. ashraqat bieber


  4. $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    cuie pie i love u justin i also want to meet him justin i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu looking more hoty justin i loveuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  5. Fernanda vargas

    cute photos , justin Bieber take care of yourself plzzzzzzzzzzz not do wrongs things ok , we fans love you and support you , remember we are family .

      1. Mya

        @daughterofLordRauhl if lol if you see Kaka lol and um Retarted fangirl and they comment you don’t pay any mind they are trouble makers to mess up the page to look like crap.

      2. daughterofLordRauhl

        @Mya- Well, I usually don’t respond to the immature haters, because haters’ job is to hate. Unless they do one of two things: 1) Say something that’s not even what anyone’s talking about, or 2) Respond to my comment. Usually it’s that 2nd one. I don’t care what they say outside of that anymore, but if they respond to me, they’ll say something I can refute. Like that dumbass @yoursostewpid (an appropriate name) yesterday. I didn’t respond to him (or her?) until after it responded to me. Then we had an argument and guess what? It’s comebacks were completely stupid. That’s the only time I’ll respond, and that was the damn case here.

  6. Jd

    See this is why ur amazing because your such a good person idc Your Famous…I love that your such a caring and sweet person…


    AWWW AHAA tht pic is precious!!! :)

    tht little boy is guna look back at tht pic (cuz of course he’s to young to realize how truly amazing biebs is :) ) and be like “OMG I TOOK A PIC WIT BIEBS!!” hahaa



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