Pic: Justin Bieber Smoking Weed?


Justin Bieber was photographed smoking a blunt at a party in a hotel room the day after New Year’s breakup with Selena Gomez.  TMZ has the pics, which show Justin in a hotel room in Newport Beach, California with friends smoking up.

Note: we don’t know if thats a weed or just a regular cigarette!!

According to TMZ, Lil Twist was in the room as well. The sources say that Twist and his brother were rolling the joints and that there was a lot of pot smoke in the room.

Justin’s rep have claimed that the paparazzi, Chris Guerra, lied when he said he saw Justin smoking marijuana hours before the deathly accident. 

Justin reportedly had security people present, but no one seemed to be concerned about the photos. Justin was also talking about how he was tired because he had been staying up late. A girl crashed in his hotel room that was not Selena Gomez. Whether she and Justin slept together isn’t known.

No word from Justin’s rep on the development yet.

More pics:


    • Am crying! I see a lot of beliebers leaving Justin !!!and am also crying cuz he smokes!and an crying cuz I think that’s why selena left him! And am also crying bcuz I thought he would be strong and Handel the fame with being sane….I don’t want him ending like Miley Cyrus but like Michael Jackson! Beliebers plz don’t leave Justin ,,I. Beg u ;(

      • Why are u being so mean to me? U know what I’ve tryed to reply in a okay way! But now it’s the tough way!when some believers were being mean to Justin,they used a quite bad language but not as much as u did! U r retarded and lifeless!

      • stickin by bieber no matter what(= i sooooooooo happy he might be high but atlease he’s smiling yayaaaaa justin baby go have fun and do you your stressed then release it i dont mind at all
        And for so call ‘beliebers for life’ your fake leave justin if you want that just means you were never there from the beinging
        p.s justin baby i still and forever wil love you(;

      • Guise I think this is fake.? Because for one thing, justin NEVER wears Nike’s. and in the first pic his legs are REALLY dark. Also, why did they blur out the other people? Also, I read somewhere that this is Pattie’s house. And she’d NEVER let him do that. I’m pretty sure this is fake. TMZ is always full of shit anyway.

      • Hey guys!!!maybe it is Robbin verrecas!!!! He does loOk a lot like just! And his girlfriend has the same has like that girl next to him and they probably shaded other ppl’s faces cuz they all are Robbins friends ! I pray that what I’ve is the real story!

      • Pictures are fake. But even if it was real, no one should be leaving him. They were there to support Justin in the beginning and should always till the end, right? Justin could be doing things that is wrong, but he probably doesn’t realize it. If he’s doing this because of the whole ‘Selena’ thing, it’s best if they just go their own ways. It’s been causing a lot :(

      • It actually could have been Robin Verrecas. The girl sitting in the corner there has the same color hair as Robins girlfriend. Well don’t get worried until we hear something from Justin’s people :)

      • CALM YOUR BUTTS DOWN. I’ve solved the problem. You know that sweater that ‘Justins’ wearing? That’s robins. So what I’m trying to say is, it’s NOT Justin. It’s Robin Verrecas

      • Don’t you dare say one more thing about Miley, there’s nothing wrong with her hun, go get your facts straight. And if Justin wants to try smoking, he’s free we can’t stop him. I don’t want him to smoke but in the end, it’s none of our business. End of the story.

      • I’m more worried about his health! this could ruin him and his voice! i think lil twist is a bad influence on him… and i really hope he doesn’t keep doing this and it was a one time thing. really dissapointed in you Justin. I still love him but he’s letting us down if he keeps this up.

      • I unfollowed his ass this morning. Justin and his team lies alot. Now i wonder if Maria Yeater was telling the truth. Justin drinks alcohol and smoke weed its a fact and the sooner you guys admit it and tell him to get help it might just save his life or keep him out of prison.

        you guys want to help him tweet him to get help! and stop deny the fact that that is him smoking in the picture

      • Hey! Guyz thats not justin thats Robin Verrecas. the whole story is, Robin’s friends sold those pictures to TMZ so that people will think that Justin is bad and the girl beside his is Robin’s girlfriend. Justin is the true Role model <3

      • fans might leave justin but not beliebers! and you might think justin can handle all this but he is going through ALOT! there are tons of things going on in his life not only things we know abou tbut things we dont know about! and dont believe TMZ there full of shit! They make up rumors all the time like the one they confirmed mariah yeaters baby was justins? that was false! and that he commited suicide and died…..3 times!? thats false! Believe what comes from Justin and scooter! not dumb ass papparazi that know nothing! Plus its not like its a daily thing! we dont know about any of this! and he would do ANYTHING for his Beliebers! we ALL know this! Plus he is a grown man (still kidrauhl;) but he is 19 ! He can do whatever he wants! were not his mothers!
        We wont leave his side…where here to stay!

        Plus dont forget about ALL the amazing things justin has done…like helping that one kid through his bullying and teh berrie children and avalanna and when he donated all that money to the charity that was closing and the school and he has an organazation! pencils for promises… If i could i could tell you all the great things he has done but being honest hear. i dont even know half of them because he has done SO many!

        And remember the records he’s been breaking and still is breaking :) becuase of our help…Beliebers! We cant let something as stupid as this Break our fandom! BELIEBERS are always by his side no matter what! JUST like we prommised when we first became a belieber! Lets stick together! this is just another stupid story by low lifes (papparzi) to try and ruin his reputation but we WONT let that happen! Why? because were his gaurd and he is ours! They cant go through us ;) dont worry :) im not Leaving….and i know alot of us who arent!

        (Ps ive seen alot of beliebers on twitter….there still by justins side. honestly all the beliebers ive seen are still by justins side ! no worries :)

      • Omg!! i saw this pic yesterday!! Here is what i said to Justin (a pic of him 18!!) I said: ” Boy u r about 2 turn 19 in the next 2 months & now u r going 2 tell me u smoke? I thought once u said that u passed by a gang group & they said u want some weed something like that & u said “no, i am not a smoker!!!” & what r u doin now smokin right, yeah thats what i thought! Now big boy u need to go back to Church & remember, remember y r u here, remeber who was there there 4 u when all of a sudden u were “Just Getting Started”, remeber the sacrifice God died on the cross 4 us, remember the sacrifice your Mother with her own loving heart did 4 u just 2 get here y u r now!! remeber y do u pray & thank God everytime of the day in ur lifetime!! Justin, chances like this only happen once a lifetime!! I am trying my best to see u since 2010 and now this!!” that is all i said!! u makin all of ur fans cry leavin u!! Justin, i swear 2 God, cross my heart that if u end up like Miley Cyrus u r going in a wrong path!! i know what u r going through, life is a gift & it is never fair sometimes!! what u r going through i am going through it too but not this way smoking, noo!! if u want 2 b happy and do the right thing!! Leave Selena for a whole year try 2 do something that will not make you think about her!! If u pay atttention 2 her closely she is just using u 4 attention!! i am not the kind of girl who loves 2 get attention!! those r the highschool sassy girls who think their daddy got them the big bucks!!! again what u r going through i know how it is sometimes u just feel like u need 2 just drop dead on the floor!! waht i am saying here is releated 2 this movie called “Cyberbully”, “Never Say Never”, & “Believe 3D” that is coming out!! Justin, make the right choice & don’t smoke; bcuz singers don’t smoke!! I am still a Belieber, but i not dare do i give up here & u came this far!! Remember 2 always “Believe” in what u already have!!

      • its okay
        people CAN get off track and thats okay we make mistakes and some are framed of doing something and they are liars and technology to make photos of things that didn’t happen.
        but if it is true i doubt it but just pray to god he’ll help justin pray for him to get back on track and if it isnt true just pray for things like liars stop and for justin to never try it cause matter of a fact it is actually bad for you whether you see of feel a side affect or not

      • true beliebers still there and miley cyrus still the best..i wont let him ! kforever belieber <3

      • people do the things they do because of stress and pressure people have to understand it is not easy being famous is a really difficult thing and its really hard for them to have privacy so its eating them up. I pray that everything works out for both parties.

      • no the reason Selena left him was because we was a player. she would call him and hear girls in the background and he flirted with other girls. sorry but your idol is a dipshit. and Michael Jackson ended because he died not because he lost fans. get your facts dumbass

      • justin didnt deny the rumours…. look at his latest tweeetd. but think about it,he is 18 and he can smoke if he wants to… but at least he didnt do it in bublic~ and said that he didnt mean to let us down….and so what if we stoood by his side no matter what,we are true beliebers not fans thats our job!

      • Robin tweeted that the picture is not him and he wants people to stop lying on him. Robin says the picture is FAKE and it’s not him OR Justin. Calm the hell down

      • This is so funny because it’s obviously Justin. Instead of making up lies to save your whiney ass, accept that Justin smokes!

      • guys its justin! stop denying it! justin was on twiter and hasnt denyed anything… he was kinda apolagising!

    • It’s not justin bieber that is a guy who called roben look at his hand there is no tattooooo ‘!!! It is not justin bieber stop it guys !!!!

      • You guys noticed Justin has been quiet on twitter? scooter is quiet too. Justin still has not denied this rumor, Robin has asked Justin to clear all of this mess up.

      • Am sad to say that the person in the pic is really Justin,nO matter how much I tried to deny it…but it just wouldn’t work! If u see clearly in the first pic …the guy sitting next to Justin kinda looks like scooter Braun and if you look extremely closely u can see the shade of the tattoo behind his leg! Not the new one!but black one that has a guys face on it! Am still a belieber thou! I love him and I hope he stops smoking…And PS …I kinda have a feeling that justin might suicide in the coming future coz of the presure layed on him!

      • First: the break up with Selena !! Second: the smoking pix….well this certainly doesn’t seem like a year that is well coming Justin! And oh! To the ppl who keep on saying he broke Selena’s heart:whats ur proof huns??? Stop being so sarcastic! And I think that those pics were published was done for a reason! The first reason is :so that he stops it! And the second reason is:so we can find out the true beliebers!

    • guys its not justin or robin. TMZ always lie, so don’t believe them. and if you open Robins twitter, you will see that he says the truth, and he is swearing too.
      TMZ <—– bitches
      @justinbieber <—– doesn't smoke
      @robinverrecas <——– doesn't lie

    • ITS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT HE SMOKES JUST BECAUSE OF SELENA?????? OH GOD, please make him to realize if selena not the only girl in the world!!! he can looking for another girl who better than before

    • AINT LOL I WOULD HAVE SAID THAT BUT DIDNT WANT YOU KNOW THE LITTLE COMMENTS AND DRAMA BUT IT REALLY ISSSSSS(; and no others not that he’s smokin pot(but i reallydont care) it’s that his now at the point were he doesnt care about what the haters and media says go head baby im here for you(=

      • Not all of us okay!!!! I never hated on Selena but I never said that I liked or supported her either! If ur mad at beliebers bcuz they insult Selena then backfire at the beliebers who made u mad cuz they insulted Selena,not Justin!

      • @SGomez fan i hope u would not come here, again. U r not a belieber, so just go to ur gomez fansite.

    • I don’t think Justin that stupid to smoke weed and losing his career over something stupid, a cigarette maybe, I don’t ever see him smoking a cigarette or anything,.

      • I never belive this because I don’t see justin smoking in these pics but if really justin smoking weed he’s really stupid boy
        because he mar his health and he mar us life because if justin left several year from living his life , our life go to the end
        I’m just concern for justin’s health

      • This is photoshop look ı couldn’t see his tattoo his face doesn’t match with his neck and he never wears shoes like that he cant be that happy while smoking in front of the cameras and who are this people justin was with pattie that night …… Guys think about it

      • I see your side of the opinion.but some beliebers dont want him going crazy.and are worried about his health because hes like family to us and we want the best for him.and anyway the pics are photo shopped.and i know for a fact justin wouldnt do this.

    • yim really bout to crush yall sprits like ifyour not a TRUE F**KIN BELIEBER GET THE HELL OFF THIS WEBSITE LIE YALL DUMBASS FU-…(pause)…listen i love my belieber family but if your not get off this site thanks kisses haters(;

  1. Even tho he is smoking, I wont stop looking up to him as a role model. You can call yourself a “Belieber” if you can stay with Justin no matter what happen. As I promise, I’ll continue to support him. <3


  2. Yup! U r right, And even if he smokes then he is not a kid, he is almost 19, he know his limits as he already said. Atleast he is not smoking in front of his fans, he knows his responsibilties. At the end, luv u justin and i can say that i’m a true belieber.

    • Of crouse it’s him duh who else it could be but what I understand about your comment is that this is not Justin like seriously what in the world is he doing like look at him from before and now I thought he knows what right from wrong,his mom like come that not cute at all no fans don’t wanna be around him if he didn’t wanted to bring down his fans.I don’t like looking at this at all like okay this is not funny it suprise me.

  3. so TMZ, wanna bring ma Baby’s career down, coz they dnt hv life alwayz chasing others pple’s life to damage it…………… but u failed coz i will never leave Justin.. :D so sahme on u. TMZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, :(


  5. guys its him. unfotuantley parents of his younger fans has to explain to them what he’s doing. some of the older fans would understand but his younger fans the kids parents have to explain to them. but parents and people with morals are going to be angry. me im disappointed.but its his choice to live that life style.

    • Haha guys its Robbin verrecas a look alike. Go to google and type in ‘ robin verrecas smokes weed’ the exact same pics come up. And where’s his owl tattoo?

      • Clearly you aren’t a Justin fan if you don’t know that the Owl tattoo is further up his arm near his elbow (right below the BELIEVE tattoo). His sleeve doesn’t go up that far.

  6. I don’t understand some of you.
    You’re still saying ‘SEXXXXY’ ‘He’s still my role model’ ‘OMG who cares? he’s young! let him do what he wants’
    But smoking is a serious thing. Even if it smikes sometimes, it will destroy you. It affects you physically and harms your body immensely.
    It’s not cool that he’s smoking. It’s not okay. He’s definetely not ‘sexy’ when he does that.
    Seriously guys, some of you can’t keep defending him no matter what he does.
    Smoking is a terrible habit that I don’t believe is good for him or anyone around him.
    Yes, he can do what he wants, but you don’t have to make it seem like it’s nothing.
    But I’m just speaking my opinion. No hate please.

    • Am never supporting the fact him smoking! But i love him soo much to the extend that am trying my best not to care about him smoking and
      Am sooo scared that beliebers might leave him and him fading away!

    • true you do have a point and yes it is not a thing to be proud of and it is a serious thing i want Justin to get his life back on track but if he feels terrible maybe that might be one of the things his cooping with to get over it all i know it’s not a got cooping thing to do but just because he does that
      that doesn’t give anyone the right to hate him though
      so yeah its not a good thing but maybe his not really okay deep down inside hopefully he might find a better skill to light up his world if thats hes doing to get over some things but anyway i’ve been a belieber from the start and i’ll be a belieber to the end well there will be no end because even when we all go to eaven im still gonna love him! belieber forever! hope Justin You Will Feel Better Sweetheart!
      Let us Belieber and our love take you higher in the clouds!

  7. Lol y’all need to grow up and take a chill pill. Weed is not the horrible thing the government wants to make you think it is. And is this REALLY surprising to any of you? He hangs out with rappers. Of course he smokes pot.

    Besides, it’s a lot better than the other drugs he could be doing. Which he probably is doing and hasn’t been caught yet.


    • Okay seriously to the selena gomez fans and the beliebers that have been fighting you guys need to stop justin does check this sight out you know sometimes how would he feel
      i know you selena gomez people dont care but beliebers we do about justins feelings
      i know i have commented on a selena gomez comment im sorry because it is nasty but just scrolling down the page theres too much hate
      i thought you guys supported selena and by fighting with beliebers your wasting you time that precious time could be used to support selena
      so what the heck are you guys doing selena would want your nice supporting comments not wasting time dissing other people
      so get out of here! and that also goes for that retarted fangirls person!

  8. Beliebers smoking can kill you .justin bieber i im still gonna will be a belieber. Smoking can make you have problems in ur head. Smoking weed can kill you. Once a belieber always a. Belieber. Justin I just don’t u to die. I love you. Your always in my heart. I know wouldn’t do this.beliebers I just don’t want justin bieber die just before I meet him. I’m a lil disappointment. Bye. Ps. Always be a belieber

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