Pic: Justin Bieber Visits 7yo Leukimia Patient at Utah Hospital


Justin Bieber made a sick little girl in Utah forget all her trouble Saturday night. 7-year-old Millie Flamm is a huge belieber who has been battling Leukemia for three years.

Justin Bieber showed up to her hospital room at Primary Children’s Medical Center just before his Tour show at EnergySolutions Arena in Utah.

Her dad said she was too sick to go to the concert, so family friends started an online campaign to get Justin to come to her.

A spokesperson for the family tells ABC 4, Justin gave Millie a hug and even sang to her. He also gave out some free tickets to his show to people in the room.

  1. when justin smokes…its all over the world! but when he does such things…its only out in some few sites! wow what a fair world this is! and ps,whats up with these sexy smiles these days! :)

  2. some of the reasons why i love Justin, he’s soo caring, insperation e.t.c.. wow, God bless diz boy, thxx 2 God her dream came truee. wow, :)

  3. Proud of my Bieber. He is hearted man . I just love him. Thanx Justin to do this things. We are proud of it. (BELIEBER)
    I love u never leave him. PROMISE

  4. we never leave u justin.never ever.u are very kind hearted.love u so much.he is amazing.he is helping people,helping for schools.but if he have a problem some beliebers are not helping him.they r saying he isn’t perfect now.who says he’s not perfect.he is amazing.love u forever justin bieber.we’re never change.beliebers forever

  5. wow soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet love u justin that,s really awesome and she is really cute i love u justin

  6. I despise sites like TMZ that never report on these things because they only care about stories embarrassing celebrities so they could laugh like hyenas at them. Justin does this all the time and people hardly know of it.

  7. So proud of you Justin!That’s why the Beliebers love you so much.Thank you for doing that.I’m still here for you Justin,I always will be.Love you

  8. The NY Daily News which is good to wrap fish already has an article on the pot story but no mention of this nice gesture on Justin’s part. they did not mention his contributing to disaster relief for N.Y.C and N.J either but they mention Rihanna,Lady Gaga, and others. No wonder some have a negative opinion on Justin!

  9. People are WAY too focused on the smoking story too see all of the good things that Justin has done!All TMZ wants is for people too believe there OBVIOUSLY FAKE story.Its okay Justin,I’ll love and support you throughout EVERYTHING!!! :)

  10. the patients who get visited by the biebs, are just sooo lucky!! <3

    :) its amazing tht biebs takes out time from his day, to go make someone elses day!!!!!!! :)

    love yu,
    @iitz_ALYSSA <———— follow!!!!!!!

  11. The media doesn’t get it. Justin does this stuff all the time, he loves kids and tries to make dreams come true. But of course, asses like TMZ don’t care about that. They only care about an “interesting” story so that they can laugh and make other people watch their stupid ass show. No one cares that Justin visits kids with diseases all the time, makes so many charitable contributions and tries to help out the world, like MJ. But the whole damn world LOVED Michael. Because of the media, no wonder so many people hate him, they don’t know these things! If they did, no one would be so concerned about this idiot smoking story. Whatever. Anyway, that’s sweet. Praying for Millie and her family.

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