Politics Makes Justin Bieber Uncomfortable


As previously reported, Justin Bieber’s Mom, Pattie Mallete, has been involved in the making of a short movie that pushes anti-abortion views. The Chicago Sun Times has reported that Pattie’s film makes Justin Bieber very uncomfortable.

A source tells the Sun Times :

“Justin  is uncomfortable in general about political causes, especially ones like abortion that are very divisive. He’s all about entertaining his fans with his music and not interested in pushing a political agenda. … Furthermore, I don’t believe he agrees with his mom on this issue.”

While Justin may disagree with his mom’s views, in many respects he owes his life to the views she holds, given that she became pregnant during her teens after abuse and drug problems, for many abortion may seem the ‘easy way out’.

  • Angelique

    First baby

    • Isabella Bieber

      Justin, when u said “With all I’m going through; I’m teying to better.” Now I know exactly what u meant! I”m going through something related to that very related! Justin, I love you & I think we both know that everything is go to “Be Alright” because there is “Nothing Like Us”!

      • The real biebah

        Guys plz plz !!!! People are making Justin look freakin bad in this jelena break up drama thing! And all thx to Selena !!!! For acting all angry at him in her UNICEF concert and posting pics on twitter and her friends dissing him!!! Guts seriously !!!! We need to defend him in any article that makes him look bad or any ind saying he cheated on her!!! Though u don’t have to hate in her! And now she is gonna make him look bad in he’d upcoming album and she said it was fun ! Aka fun to make Justin look bad! So she dated him for fame and now that she has this massive attention she wantsed to have some of his fans and now she wants to make him look bad and make him infamous !!!! U might not get what am saying but it sure means am super mad at her!!! Al the freakin articles defend her and make it Justin’s fault !!!!! What the hack though :@ :@

    • Kayla Bieber

      Who cares!

      • Kayla Bieber

        Who cares if your first or last!

  • Erika Lawley

    I am so glad Pattie didnt get the abortion.

    • justinbiebergirlllllll

      That would have been awful if she did!!! Im so happy she didn’t! JUSTIN!!!<3

    • JKJKJK

      Arent we all?

      • Rue b

        There goes the saying “Never talk politics at the table; it can get very messy” mama always says….

    • oxBelieberxo

      I am glad too. There wouldn’t be Justin without pattie

    • Mary Griffin

      I’m glad too

  • retarted fangirls

    Is it also cause it questions his sexual orientation? Hmm…. thoughts

    • Rue b

      What does that mean…. Im not being mean i just want to know thats all?

      • retarted fangirls

        In politics they always have an argument on legalizing gay marriage and all tha crap.

      • Rue b

        Ooohhh well thats interesting…. At my school we have this debate team stuff and im in it…. We were toing to do gay marriages but pretty much all the students who were participating including me said no because we all had the same thoughts about it being legal and stuff and it would be hard to debate on it because we all cant be on the same side so they changed it to something boring…well to is to me

      • retarted fangirls

        Won’t you get in trouble for talking about that stuff in school?

      • Rue b

        I thought that too…. It was a very risque topic… And thats why they changed it also since it was way above or level like we’re some damn professionals…but yeah it is but only gifted academy stidents get to participate in this any they say stuff like we are the more advanced so we should be advanced… And i just look at them crazy like come on i dont even know how to drive yet…. Lets debate about that shall we bring it back down to 15

      • retarted fangirls

        its not above your level, it is your ability of how well you can handle talking about a situation like that. The reason why people aren’t usually supposeto talk about this stuff in school, cause officials want school to a safe comfortable envioment.

      • Rue b

        I was ok about talking about it if it was my opinion that i wanted because at the competitions we dont pick our topic they do it out of a draw or something… So we actually have to have notes for both sides quickly…. But yeah no one would be happy about the whole draw situation so they changed it… Now it something where is the parent suppose to be legally responsible for their childs actions under the age of 16 like pay fine or damaged property

      • retarted fangirls

        True, but like they say “the mind has no limits, we’re free to think whatever and whenever they want” even if the child’s parents are held accountable for their child’s actions, the child may express those actions later in life. It all starts out young, remember that. Ex: idiots we have nowadays -___-

      • Rue b

        Yeah…. Ill take your opinion in play with the debate…/ my teacher did say we need opinions from the people… Sometimes debates can be hard to achieve due to the fact that we’ll have a crowd who will either agree or disagree… And you know people now a days and not only do we have to give the factual information but we need the people to have whats called a ethos and pathos effect for us to have an emotional connection to get them on your side… Im not that much of a peoples person… Kinda shy i guess…

      • retarted fangirls

        Hey I used to be a shy person too, but then I learned people take advantage of that and you need to learn to stand your ground and show no fear.

      • Rue b

        Well thanks i am outgoing but only to my friends… Like theres gotta be alittle more to get my friendship but im like the nice nerd to everybody and they dont mess with me soo im good… But yeah thanks for talking to me… I dont think your mean u just have an opinion i guess but yeah forget what the girls say here were just kinda protective you can say but im not them who just blow up on people i love jb and if you dont like him then i respect that as long as you respect my opinion

      • retarted fangirls

        Sure I guess ;) but hey one more if your the type of person that always worries about what other people think of them forget, cause it is so much fun not giving a crap about what others think of you. ;)

      • Rue b

        Nah just the other day a boy told me my height was his problem i just flicked him off and said ” its not like i came out my mama to please others but my self so take your short ass some where” lol i do feel bad but he deserved it

      • retarted fangirls

        Your not alone, we all have our moments. ;)

    • Rihanna

      Ehh, as a Bi guy, as much as I find Bieber attractive , I just don’t see myself married to him. There’s something off about him. Idek

      • #Believe In Biebah

        I’d rather be Justin’s sister instead of his wife…Idk why. :/

      • Rihanna

        Idk . Like he is perfect boyfriend material. Husband material he isn’t at all. Plus I’m like totally scared of gay marriage. I don’t see myself married to a guy . Idek, it seems weird to me (just me).

  • !00% Belieber


  • Tiff

    I really don’t think he disagrees with her, I just think he doesn’t want to make it a problem with his fans who do support abortion. I, for one, do not support it – however, if you’re someone who does I don’t have a problem with you because that’s your choice. I think Justin just wants to avoid controversy is all, he gets enough of it anyway.

    • Rue b

      Thats what i think too…. The justin part not the abortion part but thanks for giving your opinion in an educated answer we need more people here like that.

      • JB…and ME !!!!!

        oh yes we do !

    • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

      Tiff I agree with you, Justin Bieber gets enough controversy to begin with. If he said he believed in abortion he would be criticized, if he don’t support abortion, he would STILL be criticized.

    • adrian

      i agree with you tiff….but Bieber being a Christian and all I’m most certain he’s against abortion. He did a a charity to save the clinic his mom went to back in the day before he was born. The bible is clear about alot of things, and abortion is considered ‘killing, and being a murderer. Not trying to offend anyone…I myself, don’t believe in Abortion. Sometime’s these topics come up, and they issues that come with life. As far as politics making biebs uncomfortable…how do they even know? did justin state that himself or just guessing for him?

      • BBB.Belieberxxx

        tiff ,agree..

  • Desss

    i am 100% completely against abortion me personally i think its wrong its the easier way out but you could akways go for adoption or giving the baby to a family member you trust im 15 and if i had a kid right now abortion wouldnt even be in consideration

    • Desss

      im not against anyone though who believes in it

    • JaylaBieber

      It seems like the first thing that jumps into the mind of a 15 or 16 yr. old, who’s pregnant, is abortion. As if adoption isn’t a choice to contemplate anymore.

      • Desss

        Right and i couldnt live with myself knowing i killed a precious unborn baby

  • JaylaBieber

    I don’t think it has anything to do with disagreeing or agreeing with his mom; he’s probably just uncomfortable with the subject of abortion in general.

  • Niha bieber

    I think guys we shouldnt talk about this topic.. instead we should talk abt justin.. not about abortion or something.. Right?

  • Rihanna

    I really don’t like his mother . Idek, but she seems to like the attention too much . It’s like she hasn’t gotten over her youth or something. Just because your son is famous, it doesn’t mean you have to be so preachy and an attention seeker. No one really wants to know her stand on abortion or how long she’s stayed “like a virgin” , but that’s my opinion. Sorry Bieber.

    • retarted fangirls

      That my day. ;)

      • Rihanna


  • Bieberfan234

    Never say politics
    (Like never say never)

  • ivan

    I am glad he stays out of politics because it’s a very divisive issue. Those who would disagree with him on any political views would have use it to hate on him.

  • stunnaisme

    i agree with justin i dont pay much attention to politics i find it boring and a waste of time. im happy he stays out of it cause it makes me uncomfortable

    • Real Alisha


  • #Believe In Biebah

    Well, who the hell likes politics? Ew. -__-‘

    • Jsha bieber

      I donno like it too.


    The Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breakup is a rumor justin and selena didnt even break up. its the media and TMZ they want mpneyand attention to make people believe JB and SG broke up and its not true. the picture of justin smoking weed is not even justin, its someone else and that photo is photoshopped.so to the haters out there quit hating because nobody has time for Bull****t. sorry for my bad language if anyones reading this. Ps DONT EVER EVER BELIEVE IN RUMORS EVER THERE ALL LIES

  • morggan cook

    i love you always jbiebes!! follow me on twitter @itsmorgxo i love you i love you i love you

  • ammo

    I feel he is uncomfortable because his mothers anti abortion is against what obama wants.to.do he is for abortion……since obama is popular with most celebrities going with what is mother thinks may lead to her bringing another belief that homosexuality is wrong and with jb standing by her side agreeing with her would hurt his career since the majority of people and celebrities think that gay is write….honestly he goe

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    i really hate politics
    y don,t they leave him alone yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    leave him alone ok
    justin don,t feel uncomfortable
    we all r with u
    i am also with u
    feel comfortable
    i love u justin i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    and i am with u

  • essie j

    this film will inspire a lot of people :)

    • Susie


  • deri

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    well im glad she ddnt get the abortion….

    but in some cases where young girls are getting pregnant NOT because they have a choice… some get forced into it and its just brought upon them…… my views for them r much diffferent than older women who kno wat they r doing and still kill a baby..

    its understanable how biebs wud b uncomfortable..
    but yea, he does owe it to her for her views in lufe, becuz biebs turned out amazing <3


  • daughterofLordRauhl

    I try to stay out of politics as much as possible, even though I do have my strong opinions. But I don’t think it’s so much that he doesn’t agree with Pattie. I think that it’s he just doesn’t want to be involved in those types of things, because the media just criticizes him for it. I think he still has in mind what happened when he was either 16 or just turned 17. He had opinions on things like this, I even think that he said something about abortion- if I remember correctly-, and the next day the media criticized him for it. I still see the big headline on MSN.com: “Dear Biebs, Stay Out of Politics”. If he still has what happened then in mind, it’s understandable that he’s uncomfortable about it and wants to stay out. I share my opinions on those things if I’m asked, but I don’t tell anyone unless I am. Politics are a shaky thing to talk about, so I’m not judging.

  • najmeh barzegar

    Sooooooo beautiful mom justin :-*:-*:-*

  • Mrs. Bieber Forever

    They. Look so Cutee together! Pattie. And Justin. Forever

  • BeLiEbER127

    Ohemmmgee. I know right? I was texting him the other days and I was like ohmygosh are you watching Obama’s inauguration and he was like ohemgee no I don’t like politics. Lulz.

    Ask him for yourself. 8592319619

  • Susie

    WHAT THE HECK?! A “source” ?! Justin has said MANY times in the past about how he thinks abortion is wrong,and it IS.Abortion is killing a innocent human being!If you don’t want it,put it up for adoption!Theres TONS of parents who want a infant and can’t have one.

  • Justin Bieber

    My weenie is small

  • alexandria vinci

    ok i love justin bieber his family his fans and selena gomez too but plz don’t be mad at selena gomez or at justin bieber be mad at the problem don’t take it out on celebrities

  • alexandria vinci


  • Mannan

    Hy man,,,,,,, your mom is so nice and beautiful,,,,,

  • Niha bieber

    Justin loves his mom very much.. we can see it in his eyes..love ya baby..