Prediction: Justin Bieber to Become Most Followed User on Twitter, Dethroning Lady Gaga!


Ever since Lady Gaga has ruled the Twitter kingdom since August 2010 Justin Bieber has been trailing her for the #1 spot. Justin is now planning on staging a coup and taking the crown as he’s closing in on Lady Gaga even more!

For now, Lady Gaga is in the lead with 33,106,401 followers compared to Justin Bieber’s 33,040,385 followers (Wednesday January 16).

According to Twittercounter  prediction tool, Justin Bieber will overtake Lady Gaga around 4 days on Sunday, January 20, between 4:23pm and 4:24pm EST.

From  Twittercounter:

Lady Gaga, the unofficial queen of Twitter, has ruled the Twitter kingdom since August 2010 when she overtook Britney Spears as the most followed person on Twitter. Now Justin Bieber is on course to snatch the Twitter crown. For now, Lady Gaga is in the lead in follows alone. Bieber’s account, however, is growing at a faster rate and Twitter Counter’s algorithms predict that Bieber will overtake Lady Gaga’s number 1 spot on Sunday, January 20 between 4:23pm and 4:24pm.

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    They have been saying he won’t last for 6 years and they still say it. But he is proving them wrong. His last album is #8 on worldwide sales in 2012. His fanbase is growing by about 30,000 a day and he is still selling out concerts all over the world. He just won entertainer of the year and album and song in popcrush music awards and keeps winning.

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    Everybody, please go and follow Justin bieber (@justinbieber) so he will gain more followers. We can do this Beliebers! We got untill Sunday @ 4:23-4:24pm. I know he can easily pass Lady Gaga’s lead, but only with our help.

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    Half of GaGa’s followers are fake, and most of her other followers have their account dedicated to Justin. *sigh*

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    Yes there is a monitoring site that says some accounts have fake followers and they mentioned Lady Gaga President Obama, and a few others but did not mention Justin’s facebook account as one of them. Even assuming we can remove about 500,000 from Justin’s account as dead fans, fans that left him for One Direction or others, Haters signing up to trash him; he is still way ahead of everybody else with an incredible number of followers.

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    i knew it was gonna happen i was counting down i will look at lady gagas followers then justins then i wil do the math i did this almost every day

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