Prediction: Justin Bieber to Become Most Followed User on Twitter, Dethroning Lady Gaga!


Ever since Lady Gaga has ruled the Twitter kingdom since August 2010 Justin Bieber has been trailing her for the #1 spot. Justin is now planning on staging a coup and taking the crown as he’s closing in on Lady Gaga even more!

For now, Lady Gaga is in the lead with 33,106,401 followers compared to Justin Bieber’s 33,040,385 followers (Wednesday January 16).

According to Twittercounter  prediction tool, Justin Bieber will overtake Lady Gaga around 4 days on Sunday, January 20, between 4:23pm and 4:24pm EST.

From  Twittercounter:

Lady Gaga, the unofficial queen of Twitter, has ruled the Twitter kingdom since August 2010 when she overtook Britney Spears as the most followed person on Twitter. Now Justin Bieber is on course to snatch the Twitter crown. For now, Lady Gaga is in the lead in follows alone. Bieber’s account, however, is growing at a faster rate and Twitter Counter’s algorithms predict that Bieber will overtake Lady Gaga’s number 1 spot on Sunday, January 20 between 4:23pm and 4:24pm.

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