Selena Gomez Feeling “Really Good” After Breakup with Justin, Making New Music!


Is Selena Gomez feeling better after breakup with Justin? You better Beliebe it!

Selena chatted with E! News ( Jan29) about how she’s doing since splitting from Justin after two years in a relationship.

“I’m good. I’m really good. I’ve been recording, having a lot of fun with my girlfriends, having a good time.”

And while she’s keeping mum on revealing too many details about her new music (she’s already recorded 16 songs!). Selena did say she’s having so much fun.

“I’m having a lot of fun expressing everything that I’m feeling.

I’ve been telling people I’m definitely a little bit more sassy now. I’m a little bit more mouthy.”

Could this be the answer to the Justin’s “Nothing Like Us” ?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
498 comments on “Selena Gomez Feeling “Really Good” After Breakup with Justin, Making New Music!
    • Isabella Bieber on said:

      R u kidding me she broke my boy’s heart now she is tryin to tell us she feels good!! Damn, i would say something but cant bcuz i was told by Justin Bieber to #berespectful!! I love u Justin!!

      • oh brother on said:

        @isabella you are so freaking dumb!. Break up happens especially in hollywood relationships. Selena and Justin are young, if things don’t work out they have the RIGHT to break up. You must be 9 years old that know nothing about relationships and how they work! stupid bitch!.

      • First you guys complain and whine like babies that Justin and Selena were together. Then you guys say Selena’s a B*TCH for breaking Justin’s heart?. You immature kids can’t even make up your freakin’ minds!. You’d think you guys would be happy that they are no longer together!.

        Justin is going to have many girlfriends and many break ups afterwards, that’s how the real world works! him being sad i’m sure won’t last, he’s a big boy and can handle it. Quit being such babies it’s not the end of the world! people split up all the time!>


      • Justin is a loooooooooooooser!!! he can’t handle a woman anyway!. No worries Selena you’ll get yourself a real man!.

      • Candise on said:

        Selena is a loser!not my justin he doing the right thing to do.And it’s his life he knows what he is doing what he has been going through which it never happened to him before in his life since he was in canada and he is not in a happiest place to be with selena.

      • this is probably the dumbest thing i have read. No logics when it comes to Justin Bieber fans. I pity you all.

      • JB...and ME !!!!! on said:

        Like Selena’s a real woman…She’s got a really small ass, no boobs or hips. she ain’t sexy and doesn’t look like a girl, she’s got no curves. so stop sayin she a girl and he’s not a guy cause she ain’t got nothing either

      • JB...and ME !!!!! on said:

        and all those retarded people who come here to say justin’s not a guy and that selena great. there are selena gomez fansites for that, that say all that crap about her, like she’s sexy and everything ! No she ain’t and she doesn’t even deserve a man. and certainly not all the guys she dated. they were talented and really hot. everything she’s not ! so stop sayin she deserves a real man, cause she doesn’t, and never will. nobody would want to date her except her retarded fans (you). so good luck to her, cause she’ll finish single somehow ! thats alll i have to say.

      • raya on said:

        Okay no no no this is what happened justin was wearing a grey outfit from the dinner date and Selena Gomez told him what hell are you wearing and he said its the Bieber baby trying to make her laugh and Selena said you’ve have got to be shitting me and stormed out the restaurant and drove home and his chase after her and went to her ho use and knocked on the Door she wouldn’t answer and wait out side for over an 2h yep and she open the door and he was trying to figure out what he did and and she argue saying your and immature u need to grow up and use curse words and told him she dont want to see him again so yeah that’s it and well to be honest I don’t think selena Gomez deserves a guy like sweet jb I mean she saying she made him cry and talking mess on Twitter and now want to get back with him now that she done partying with boys goodluck selena because your never gonna find a gentle men like JB he rented out a stappple center for u 2 to watch titanic and now u want him back if I was JB I wouldn’t want to get back with cause your just rude and don’t deserve a sweet boy like Justin

    • NinjaGirl on said:

      So what? they broke up! who gives a F*CK? it’s not the end of the world. Selena has the right to let her hair down and feel good. No woman should be depressed about some stupid flanky little boy! Selena will find a better man that will treat her much better than Justin F*g boy did.

    • Retarded fangirls on said:

      I love justin and i wanna have his babies. Oh wait! he can’t make babies cuz his D*CK is smaller than 1 inch!. No wonder Selena dumped his a** LMFAO!!!!

      • The real biebah on said:

        Okay so this is what am thinking: @retardedfangirls and some couple of people here are being hatefully towards Justin! But all of these I mean most of them are just One person who is retardedfangirl! And about Selena! She is the most heart less person out their! He wrote almost an entire album about u being nice to u and appreciating u and all he gets from u is “am really happy and having fun”! And “I would kiss zany Malik”????!!!! Okay I know you are a very mean person but show some feelings bitch!

      • youlookstewpid on said:

        all of you are buffoons, go kiss Justin’s scrawny ugly ass and eat his corn hole!

      • Justin Bieber sucks!!! on said:

        who gives a sh.it that these two broke up anyway? quit acting like Justin is some helpless little puppy! alot of you are obsessing way too much over their relationship. Time to move on! and Justin will continue to be a man whore and contract STDS and lice because he likes to f.uck everybody!

      • The real biebah on said:

        Y’all haters must have no life so u r trying to fill it with messing up with some one else’s beautiful life. You poor thangs

      • I hate this page because Retarted fangirl is on here,Now is Kaka on the other page telling the whole world the she eat her own kaka like someone want’s to hear that and slim shady maybe but not so much like those two.They need to get the hell out of this zone they are most worst idk what I have ever seen in my life they don’t belong on here what are they doing here only the ones that like JB belong on here not those idoit saying stuff that is funny when it is not.

  1. justinbiebergirlllllll on said:

    WOOOW! Her poster is coming down from my room. He created pretty much an entire album about her that is so heartfelt and sweet and all she says is that she’s feeling better now that their broken up! *___*! No more Selena for me! #Belieberforlife

      • retarted fangirls on said:

        That sounds like Justin’s personal problem, she can’t solve all his problems in this world.

      • oh brother on said:

        grow up!. You have no clue what goes on in their relationship. Sometimes relationships dont work out. Quit making up Sh*T you know NOTHING about!.

      • justinbiebergirlllllll on said:

        Ya for real . She causes wayyy too much stress for him that he could go without. I just feel so bad for him because he obviously still loves her :( <3

      • JB...and ME !!!!! on said:

        @retarded fangirls and all the haters, we didn’t say she shouldn’t have broken up with him, maybe they weren’t happy together and everything, but she can at least show even some feelings for him. Not be depressed or anything, just not be disrespectful and saying she’s all right when she broke somebody’s heart. you guys are being immature insulting justin and sayin she’s doing the right thing. youve never been in a relationship, you guys are eight years old or what ? Well thats not very surprising, you are selena gomez fans…

      • Who the hell your calling a idiot you Retated fan girl idioat you better don’t mess with me you retarted.

      • JB...and ME !!!!! on said:

        your the retarded one, your telling selena should move on with somebody who has talent, but she doesn’t have ANY herself, why should she deserve somebody with talent. Plus, Justin has talent. Why do u think Timbaland produced one of his songs. He’s never gonna do a song with selena, he knows she aint got NO talent. but u cant really know that, your immature, at least thats what i see. can’t you guys grow a little ? It would be more interesting talking to u, but cause its not the case, see ya !

      • Warning for (retarted girl) you need to watch your nasty filthy mouth because do you know theirs little kids that comes on this site and read the nasties words that you are saying that is not really in a apporiate way to comment say back on someone comment that is not talking to you,you just comment on people for what just leave them alone and let them say of whatever they have to say they can’t really say nothing because of you heck’n other people comment and just saying bad words,with no manners becareful of what you are saying their is kids that does be coming here.And that buffoon word will get some nad cause they have no idea what the hell are you saying then their you go saying bad nasty words like can you do me a favor like stop.

    • @justinbiebergirl His album is for money!! He is using this whole “soooo heart-broken” routine to boost his image and album sales!! Its all an ACT justin could have just about any girl he wants and millions throwing themselves at him daliy do u really think that he is sitting at home crying over this break-up?? Bieber is playing u guys selena is getting played 2 by all of his bs….so sad

      • Your name is retarted you idiot fangirl idk who you are but don’t freak’n mess with me I am serious so you better keep this in mind missy.

      • justin.adele on said:

        justin says on his twitter that he made his album to share his feeling now u see he said in interview with billboard he not in happiness place and u now say justin made this album for money!!!and he don’t care about break up!!!what u say?!!!so why justin writed NOTHING LIKE US and I WOULD and YELLOW RAINCOAT

        you never understand his pain and u r not really belieber.

      • JB...and ME !!!!! on said:

        hey, @Mya, you 6 years old or what, threatening everyone. you really think somebody afraid of u around here ? were not on a selena gomez fan site here, where everyone’s between 6 and 8 years old and very immature like their idol. so STFU !

      • @youlookstewpid did I say anything to you no so shut up I am done with you and I am not freak’n going to answer you back never ever again for the way that you getting on.

      • Me threatening everybody it was Retart fault that was calling me a idiot im not threatening no one.

      • Alexs page on said:

        @retardedfangirls @biebs! You should get 3 things!
        1st:GET a life
        2nd:GET out of here
        3rd: get a smack on your faces!
        We beliebers are free to SPEND our time here cuz we live and defend Justin but you are here just hating! So means you have nothing to do in your life and that your life’s are empty ! Well sorry this isn’t the recovering place dears! Thieves always a psychologist you know :)

      • No Name on said:

        @Alexs page u girls kill me with ur stupid ” oh im were defending justin” what the hell is there to defend

      • @Alexis Sooo im the one that doesn’t have a life but you spend your life defending and stalking a guy that doesn’t even know u exist!!?? Wowww i didn’t think u beliebers were that stupid but u just proved me right ! And @ justinadele justin could have feeling but he and his team are beating the hell out of this “heart-broken” routine its sickening!! So u brainwashed little girls can keep feeling sorry 4 him while he is laughing all the way 2 the bank !

      • Alxes page on said:

        @biebs and @no name!!! You stupid foolish people :) so what if I defend him he is my idol and an doing good anyway but you seem to visit the web site and care so much …. And poses different people ! I know that one of you is retarded fan girls soooo…

  2. Alyssa sweetie luvzjb on said:

    Wow what a spoiled brat. I definitely don’t like her after this. Poor Justin Bieber’s heart is broken and that’s what Selena has to say??? Justin shouldn’t have a selfish person like that in his life. He’ll find a better girl friend.

    • retarted fangirls on said:

      His fault for getting a broken heart, he shouldn’t of leaned so hard on her that he eventually his heart was going to be broken. Well at least she is happy.:)

      • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb on said:

        Well, my point is that she could have some emotion and not be so damn cold! Justin really loved her and did a lot nice things for her. I really hope he moves on.

      • JustinsucksScootersD.ick on said:

        What if she did have emotions behinde closed doors?. Just because she does not show it in public does not mean she isn’t sad by it. You people are pathetically obsessed over this relationship more so than Justin and Selena are with eachother. You need a mental shrink because it ain’t healthy.

      • I gotta agree with @biebs he will never be with you I just like his songs. so honestly Justin doesn’t care he says he does but if he really did why isn’t he giving back to the ones in really need, not the ones he has to do for fame and money, and Justin spends his money on cloths and shit no on things like schools, homeless shelters like he is full of him self sometimes hate to say it. but he is

    • Brendaisbeast on said:

      how the heck would you know she does not have any emotions behinde closed doors? quit acting like you know everything about Selena and Justin’s relationship. You do not even know these people! you little girl have NO LOGIC!!!. Do you expect her to be miserable forever? first you guys keep saying Selena and Justin need to split then now they have split up and you’re upset about it? man Justin’s fans are stupid!!!

      • The real biebah on said:

        We are not stupid! We just make sence :) some of us didnt like it when they were together cuz they thought she would break his heart(which she obviously did) and some wanted themselves to date him! But y we are hating On her right now is cuz ( he never disses her and made an album showing how much he still cares for her and loves her ) but all what he gets back from her is a “Iam doing really good and feeling happy and I would love to kiss zayn”!!!

  3. Mrs. Bieber on said:

    Selebators see she broke justin’s heart and now she is feeling better.this is who she is. Heartless idiot bitch….after that I hate her

    • The Ultimate Mrs.Bieber on said:

      Justin wouldn’t like to hear Beliebers, like you, to make fun of his ex. Be careful what you say because you never know when he is watching.

      • Mrs. Bieber on said:

        The girl broke his heart than make a fun of it….. I hope he sees what I say about selena becaude that’s what I feel about selena . Do you know how much it hurts seeing him broken ?? I am dying everytime I saw him sad. That’s enough I respected selena a lot but now I hate her… And I can see that she is heartless so I did nothing wrong

      • justin.adele on said:

        I really agree with The Ultimate
        its true that they’re break up but they have many good memories together justin always says he loves selena even they’re break up and I think selena made this music to forget her pain
        I love justin forever and we should respect to his idea
        bcoz if he hate selena he says but he love her and he wouldn’t like hear people say bad thing to selena!and selena just trying to forget her past with justin and try to show us she don’t care about break up but we already know its so hard for them to remember every second of their life that they’re were together
        plz don’t bother them bcoz both of they’re r heartbroken and in the hard state!

    • retarted fangirls on said:

      Well after all the stuff Justin did to her he is now going to act like a little b*tch? Cry Selena Gomez a river and build a bridge then get over it Dang. His fault. :) heartless by kanye should be his anthem.

      • Mrs. Bieber on said:

        You are so meanless …. What are u ?? You, poor girl and you have no life so you are comin justin fansite tellin meanless things and go ?!? Sad for you… Now shut the f**k up

      • retarted fangirls on said:

        Aww be happy your poor little idol you look up to is Selena’s b*tch. No need to be mad

      • Mrs. Bieber on said:

        İf my idol wants he can make selena’s end … İf he want he can make her cry and fall in to his knees but he did’t cause he is a real man not slut like selena. They ended their relationship and now he is carry on his life he will have a lots of girls after your poor slutelena ,bitch

      • retarted fangirls on said:

        Oh Selena’s the slut? At least she didn’t tongue a nurse down and gets high to calm himself haha

      • you dont know what he did to her, all that is just rumors, you too stop being so defensive about selna when you are a retarted fangirl of her.

      • JB...and ME !!!!! on said:

        u think u funny ? Well thats a fail…Plus u think she sang the cry me a river song very well, thats a fail 2…even his talent is incomparable to the one she doesn’t even have. but i cant blame u for lovin someone so stupid, im sure u look like her, so do love her, you’ll go far in life…

      • beiber fever!!!!..... on said:

        1000000000000……. n even more girlz r mad 4 J.B. . he’ll find many better gfs 4 him .!But a break up iz soooo painful……. Salena didn’t dump Justin,she dumped herself n her luck…..she may find a better bf but not like Justin and of course…his LOVE……Its not easy for any girl to get true love…..Selena iz not making a joke of JB’s love,she’s making a joke of her heartless character n herself……luv can’t n shouldn’t b hidden….may be juz tryin’ 2 hide her pain but WHY?????……..atleast care 4 JB’s feelings……..*NOTHING MEANS WITHOUT LOVE……*

      • The real biebah on said:

        Okay fine!!! She deserves to be happy but show some feelings bitch! After all what Justin did to her this is what he gets!

      • JB...and ME !!!!! on said:

        i agree 100% with @the real biebah, he gave her diamond rings and stuff. and u retarded people dont have to answer cause u to ugly for anybody to give u that sort of thing

    • You need to shut the hell up Retarted girl now I wounder your name is retarted cause you are the only retarted a** that’s on here and stop hecking on some one page.That why stuff like this is going to be canceling the website if your going to be messing around with people that not even talking to you was I no so stop it!! B*tch act like you have a life cause it seem like you don’t have one at all.

  4. Kailua on said:

    I know she misses him so much. I bet they miss each other so much. I hope they eventually get back together. they are so meant for each other. Justin and selena are the most cutest couple ever. break up are never easy on RS. Justin must be having a hard time right know. I bet in there heart they will always miss each other like crazy. just hope they can patch things up and get back together. I would love to a reunion between them. they love each other so much.

      • Yo retard! wtf is wrong with you messing with people Get out of JB zone cause you don’t know how to act on here seriously man I am so tired of you.

      • JB...and ME !!!!! on said:

        for once, i agree with u retarded people. i hope they never get back together. he’s too nice and too caring for her little ass.

      • beiber fever!!!!..... on said:

        Careless fools like u must b busy on ur own bussiness………they’ll get back soon ‘coz nothing can keep apart two hearts of LOVE……neither a break up nor guys like u who doesn’t dare to dream!…. . . .

    • #solovingjbandsel on said:

      You guy should go get a life…..I know selena isn’t okay with the fact that she isn’t with justin and so is justin. Misunderstanding between couples is normal..I love justin so do I love selena and I’m sure its gonna be okay someday. They are gonna come back together cos they are perfect together..they are also the best and youngest couples..loads of ya hating on justin its just cos y’all wish you were him

    • Retarded fangirls on said:

      and beliebers are stupid as a door knob! who the F*CK listen to him and his crappy a** music? he needs to fade FAST and he will soon! bwahahaha loser!

      • JB...and ME !!!!! on said:

        says the person who likes SELENA GOMEZ !!!! HA HA HA HA ! ask any good singer or whatever, if they listen to some of justin bieber music, they’ll say its not bad at all and that he can sing. You’ll never here any really good singer and very famous singer say that sort of thing about selena. they all think that she does music for little kids on disney and thats exactly what she does, she’s 20 and doesn’t even look 12. WOOOO ! u cant really answer that, yeah, i didn’t think so either…

    • Mya A trueBelieber on said:

      Yo B*tch you pissing me off right now!!Your stupid as a door knob that can’t keep your mouth shut but it have to be open all the time.And let me tell you something b*tch don’t let me ever ever ever< 3 let me hear the word crap that is coming out your mouth cause he isn't like you know what is music.If you retarted you better behave your a** and grow the hell up like those girls cause they don't act like their retarted as you are talking like you own this page.

      • Im going to put Kaka in your mouth so you could shut the hell up that is what im going to do.and get the hell out of this zone i don’t care what you say you need to beat it Now!!!! ——>

      • Mya ♥JB on said:

        lalalalallalalalalalal! I don’t give a crap what you are saying carry on and leave me alone im here to love Justin not to mess around on somebody saying rude things to my talent idol that don’t deserve stupid that non sence and if you don’t like him then don’t come on his websit this site is not for you is for the ones that really loves JB <3 selena she to much,can't sing I was suprise I thought something wrong with her throught cause you know you have to drink water first before you sing but no she can't even sing at all.

  5. Bieber. Forever on said:

    How . Dare. She she. Break. His. Heart! She Does’nt. care About the. Songs. He. Wrote. About her. She said. Shes ignore it. She. Bosses him around. He. Make Her. Happy and. He. Died. Everything for. Her and now. She. Doesn’t care! I want them back together! I miss you jelena

  6. MaliaBieber on said:

    This b*tch is so heartless…She basically broke Justin’s heart and says she is good and feels good about it. Now all you little JELENA lovers can see she never really cared about Justin or she would be dealing with the sadness of a break up…Unlike Justin who REALLY cared about her and is going through the pain. She needs to log onto YouTube and listen to Nothing like us. /:

    • retarted fangirls on said:

      She doesn’t have time to listen to a broke back b*tch’s song, that probably had ghost writers write the song. -___- while he’s crying she stays winning. ;)

      • MaliaBieber on said:

        B*tch did I ask you to hop up on my comment ? No. & Justin ain’t a broke b*tch. & you think Slutena is winning now, once she realizes she doesn’t have Justin to drive her around and buy all her sh*t …lets see who the broke b*tch will be… and Thanks for coming on here daily to and checking up on Justin. It shows how much you care <3

      • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb on said:

        Are you kidding? Justin is rich as hell! He’s richer than Selena Gomez. it’s Justin Bieber who bought Selena Gomez all that nice stuff. And he’ll be more rich,with his new album coming out.

      • retarted fangirls on said:

        Common sense fool, we both know Justin is rich, I meant he is spineless (use your brain for this malia, I’m sure you would figure this one out.) Oh and she really is winning I mean with all the weed Justin smokes he clearly has no Idea of what he is doing. Justin just needs to find a new girl so she can boss him around and he can be submissive as always. Cheers ;)

      • Mrs. Bieber on said:

        Justin doesnt smoke he said all do rumors are fake and everyday justin is getting huger and huger like he deserves he will show all the people who lost and who is strong ….. And you will only sir and watch how powerful he is….. Beliebers will always support him

      • @ Alyssa sweetie luvzjb um no selena brought all that stuff so that the celebritys could date her which is that is just what she wants.And be a slut but play like she perfect in public.

      • JB...and ME !!!!! on said:

        @retarded fangirls, every american who’s over 18 has already smoked weed just one time (that doesn’t mean their addicts). but since she’s still a kid, gosh she’s so immature, SHE HASN’T ! u 2, grow up !!!!!!

      • retarted fangirls on said:

        @jb and me just because some 18 years olds smoke doesn’t mean all of them do it. Idiot

    • JaylaBieber on said:

      ♥ True. He dedicated half of his motherf*cking album to this bitch and all she has to say is, “I’m good. I’m really good.” She def. needs to take SEVERAL seats with this one. At least PRETEND you give somewhat of a f*ck.

      • MaliaBieber on said:

        @retarded fan girls
        I know one thing, You better hop up off that sh*t…Stop talking to me like you know me..now BYE (:

      • retarted fangirls on said:

        Malia malia malia,
        haven’t you ever learned if you don’t want to talk to a person simply ignore them :p keep coming back cause I know your thirsty for some more b*tch. Now since you clearly contradicted yourself in the other comment, I’m sure you can get this memo trick. ;) ;) ;) ;) love you much

      • JaylaBieber on said:

        @retarted fangirls
        She didn’t contradict herself and now you just look like a dumbass.

      • JaylaBieber on said:

        You keep trying to generate a persona of higher being. You are clearly not a higher being seeing as in how you can’t come up with a clever response to these to anyone. You’re logic makes no sense at all and you’re not as bright as you try to come off. I think you need 8 more years of school to get you up to speed with everyone else. You’re one of the lamest f*cks I’ve come across in awhile. You should be embarrassed of yourself just from the sh!t you’ve posted on here and everywhere else you that you feel the need to be a d!ck. You clearly have no life seeing as you are on here day and night hating on Justin. You analyze his life as much as Beliebers do, let’s be real. And don’t bother trying to justify the fact that you have a life because everyone here can see that you don’t. I hate Selena but do I got a fansite and spend all my time on there just to talk sh!t? No because I don’t have time to waste like you do on here. I don’t have time for time off. And to be COMPLETELY honest, you’re the biggest joke to the internet as much as Givonna Plowman is. You’re a disgrace to the human race and you honestly should feel disgusted.

      • MaliaBieber on said:

        @JaylaBieber just told your ass off !! @retarted fan girls !!
        This is exactly why I love her (:

      • retarted fangirls on said:

        I need schooling? Isn’t that great. I feel so honored, the fact that you said “I don’t have time to waste like you do on here”. Hahaha you want to re-think your whole post. You pretty much wasted your time talking to me so… yeah.

      • MaliaBieber on said:

        @retarted fan girls
        Yep, I’m still around. Had to see your ass get told the truth ! XD

      • JaylaBieber on said:

        @retarted fangirls
        Take a hard look at yourself. You’re arguing on the internet with people you don’t even know, and resorting to juvenile name-calling because you have nothing better to do with your life. Clearly you don’t know anything about either of us.

        Don’t even waste anymore time on her because she is obviously not worth it.

    • Rosalina on said:

      Selena is heartless? so? Justin disses Selena in nothing like us anyway! and from what i read, Justin broke up with Selena not the other way around. Quit acting like your precious little F*G boy can’t do no wrong. Justin makes many mistakes just like Selena and they are both YOUNG!.

    • face it on said:

      OMG im soooo sick of everybody acting like justin is such a f*ckin prince charming !! He ruined the relationship he is a weed smoking, immature, cheating little punk who is using this whole breakup to make himself look good ! All of these so-called songs that he made for selena is all apart of the game to market believe ! U see scooter is promoting the hell out of Nothing like us on twitter because u dumb asses believe that its so “heart-felt” which is boosting the album. Justin is full of bull shit

      • Mj and jb fan on said:

        Ummm :) he is a prince charming to us :) that’s y we are here :) but y r u here? Ans: u got no life :)

      • Mya A trueBelieber on said:

        @Face It & @ not a fangurl You guys need to go do something with your life like really need to.And that is not because he smoke that turn him to do that kinds of stuff you jack is Because he wasn’t in a happiest place that he never been before so he wasn’t a happy teen like he use to be that why he do these kind of stuff and he said he love his fans he will not do it again but he make a good friendship with lil twist as long he don’t do like her said he not going to do and why are you talking about this.Bcause this is the only page that is looking like crap I have no idea what some of you guys are talking about this page is a mess then how it looks before.

      • face it on said:

        @Mya i dont have a life?? Am i not doing the same thing you are expressing my opinion? This is a free country…ohh i can’t because im talking about your precious idol who smokes weed, fights paparazzi, cheats on his girlfriend then exploits their break-up 2 sale record yea he is a true saint alright. But as long as he has young and dumb little fans who think they ALL have a chance with him he will continue 2 be the asshole that he is

  7. JaylaBieber on said:

    Like I’m not saying she has to walk around acting all depressed or actually being depressed but at least show you care even if it’s just a little and you’re faking it. At least show you give a damn about him and his feelings.

      • JaylaBieber on said:

        You should read into a book and learn how to spell behind and to type a sentence at least 90.8% correctly.

      • starla on said:

        @JaylaBieber, i’m sorry i didn’t realize you were a internet spelling police. You can go f*ck a pole.

      • Mrs. Bieber on said:

        What !?? İnside?!?? %98 of famous people who hide their feelings died early because of depression but I think she is what she is bad person inside and out who broke only once my idol’s heart …. So this is so normal if real beliebers hate her

      • Love Katie 14 on said:

        reeses- Hes not a black wanna be, just cause blacks wear chains, wears baggy pants, and has tattoos does not mean that if a white guy does the same thing that means he wants to be black!!

    • gomez. 4ever on said:

      no stupid. its the other way around. selena is too good 4 justin. justin and his “people” should all go die in a ditch. justin was lucky he even landed a girl like selena. he cant even sing. and for people who think his hot and has abs. well he is not hot and what u call abs r actually his ribs.

      • Love Katie 14 on said:

        Haha How is selena to good for justin?? And I think you wrote it backwards selena is the one that can’t sing! She sounds really bad when she doesn’t have that nice auto tune in the background to do the work for her. And justin does have abs. And why you calling someone stupid I think thats just rude.

      • MRS $WAGGIE WHO LOVES TO SWAG!! on said:

        No sweetie it’s all the way round idiot! Justin can’t sing? Oh yeah the proplem ain’t with us :)

      • justin.adele on said:

        selena is good for justin!!!!!
        OMG u have big dream!
        r u serious about this words!
        ha ha ha u don’t understans how much justin is good!
        and justin is so more than people like selena.
        u should know.
        selena really miss this chance!justin is a biggest chance in this world
        so I tell to justin haters
        SHOUT UP…

      • Georgia on said:

        if u guys hate justin so much than why r u at his fan site anyway?????? go to a selena site!!!

      • JB...and ME !!!!! on said:

        @gomez. 4ever, u stupid. justin has more talent than ur bitchy idol. she really has no talent, a lot of really good singers say justin’s got talent and that he can sing. nobody’s ever gonna say that about selena cause she aint got no talent and everybody knows she does music for eight year old immature little girls.

  8. Young 1st love break-ups are the worst part of growing up. Not sure why they broke up, but Selena is also a star. Not like our Justin. She’s making music, but honestly I’ve only heard 1 by her. I can’t listen to his new cd, it’s painful to hear. He will heal eventually, he’s young, but he will be much more careful. I just pray he dosen’t turn to drugs, or alcohol to ease the pain, it dosen’t help. Her new movie, shocked me, she’s trying to be a bad girl, I’m not seeing it cause I don’t care to see her like that. As for Justin, I luv him. But he needs better mentors around him too. It saddens me to know he’s in such a sad place, I know, I’ve been there, it hurts a lot, but I overcame and have been very happy with my new love. :) Luv u Justin, always!

  9. Bieber. Forever on said:

    Selena. Doesn’t care about him! She. Says she. Done with him. She. Said that at her last breakup with him. She lied. About it. I and. I hope. She done its him for. Good!
    Cause. Justin Bieber. Does’nt. Need. A. Girl whos. Mean to. Him! Justin Bieber. Likes. Girls. Who are. Sweet, funny, caring. He. Doesn’t like. Girls. Who are mean to him. And bossy and. Lies. To him. He. Needs. To find a. Nice. Girlfriend. Not a. Rude one! And. He’s. Not. Imautre! Hs is mature! Selena thinks. He’s. Not!
    I. Wil never. Be a. Selentor. Ever! I will be. A. Belieber. Always! Beilebers. Do. Not become. A selenor. You can. But. That my option! I love you. Justin Bieber. Always!

      • gomez. 4ever on said:

        i keep on tell u idiots selena loves her haters cause u aint loved by ur family. and stop putting so much damn periods. do u know want a sentence is? u need major help, go see a doctor

      • MRS $WAGGIE WHO LOVES TO SWAG!! on said:

        No! Our family loves us :) Selena is a heartless biatch! Just like you and Justin’s haters :) my world makes sence now :)

  10. jus10bieber on said:

    Rude! She should listen to “Nothing Like Us” maybe she will change. It’s such a beautiful song and it makes me want to cry about his sadness :(

    • Mya A trueBelieber on said:

      Um I think your rude and you really need too get an education cause it seem like you have a serious behavior problem like you need to go to one of them public school and how the rest of the kids how they act,how smart they are and I bet they are smarter then you.

  11. Fatima Bieber official on said:

    No Selena thats not right he still loves you and you’re gonna say you feel good about the break up NO thats not right! Stay strong Justin. Also by the way Selena he wrote “Nothing Like Us” for you and you say you feel good about the break up no I dont like that one bit. Love you Justin stay strong.

    • rosebud on said:

      why shouldn’t she feel good about the breakup?. Things must have happen behinde closed doors that you don’t even know about. So what if Selena feels happy? if the relationship is bad enough and you break up the feeling of weight being lifted from your shoulders feels pretty damn good. Obviously you have never been in a relationship before because you would have understood why she says she feels good. Oh and by the way Justin isn’t a saint, open your eyes.

      • Belieber jenne on said:

        We never told her not to be happy :) but she can at least show
        She cares for all what Justin did to her!

  12. retarded fan girls on said:

    I’m just a little jealous…(; Good looks, Talent, Girls …I wish I had that :(

      • @retarted girl you need to watch your nasty filthy mouth because do you know theirs little kids that comes on this site and read the nasties words that you are saying that is not really in a apporiate way to comment say back on someone comment that is not talking to you,you just comment on people for what just leave them alone and let them say of whatever they have to say they can’t really say nothing because of you heck’n other people comment and just saying bad words,with no manners becareful of what you are saying their is kids that does be coming here.

  13. Bieber. Forever on said:

    I hope he’s ok! Justin Bieber we. Always support you. And be. There. For. You! We all. Love you. With all of. Our. Hearts including. Beilebers,Pattie. Mallette, scooter, Usher, and. All. Of. You friends. Will. Support you! Justin Bieber I hope. You have a nice life!
    I. ‘m sad he’s. Heartbroken. ! We. Will make. You. Happy! Justin Bieber. You are. A. Great. Person. And. You. Have a. Good. Heart! We will. Be there. For you.
    Always! Justin Bieber.Justin Bieber. We. Totally. Understand. How. You. Feel!
    You are. So broken! We. Don’t want you. To. Feel. This. Way! We make. You happy!
    We. Are. Trying cause. We love. You! You don’t. Deserved to treated mean! You. Ned. Respect! We. All. Do! And. You too! We. Love you always! I love. You! You are. My biggest. Inspiration ever! You are so sweet! I. Really. Hope. To. Meet. You someday and. Be. A an OLLG! We. Love you! Get better!:)

    • reeses on said:

      You’re probably like 10 year old kid that have no sense of real life. Listen, even if Justin has his fan, he’s still going to feel lonely, you’re just a number dip sh*T he doesn’t know you exist, he sees that you as a number. Take that reality check little biotch

      • Mya A trueBelieber on said:

        Can you shut the hell like I wish I could punch you in the face cause it seem like you are one of them retarteded girls that have no education once so ever.

      • daughterofLordRauhl on said:

        @Retarded fangirls (someone different than who I used to fight with because she doesn’t spell her name like that)- Right. It’s Alex’s OPINION. That just means what he thinks. Therefore, Justin is a loser TO HIM. Not a loser period. And who the hell still uses the word broads?

    • Bieber. Forever on said:

      @GraceBieber. She’s. Treats. Him like. A jerk! I hate her.she so mean. To him! She is just plain rude. To him!

      • Retarded fangirls on said:

        oh poor baby! it hurtz your fweelings because their relationship didn’t last and Selena isn’t miserable about it. wah wah wah cry a gomez river. Poor little things.

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