Stop Rumor Guessing! Justin Bieber to Express his Feeling in New Album!


Justin to express his feeling about all crazy rumors in his Believe acoustic album. Three new songs will be included; Yellow Raincoat, I Would and Nothing Like Us.

“Excited for #20Days from now when my acoustic album will let u know how I feel about what is going on in my life instead of rumors guessing”

“Put it in the music. Guess all u want I speak for myself. #20Days”

Believe acoustic tracklist!

  1. ashton
  2. sastika stands for Justin 4ever
  3. mystery bieber
  4. Mariah-Michele
  5. oxBelieberxo
  6. ivan
    • daughterofLordRauhl
  8. @iitz_ALYSSA
  9. ivan
  10. daughterofLordRauhl
  11. woah
  12. Kailua
  13. Arielle
  14. $$$belieber ***forever$$$
  15. essie j
  16. sofie
  17. JaylaBieber
    • oxBelieberxo
      • #Believe In Biebah
      • oxBelieberxo
  18. justin.adele
  19. Sophia_bieber_xo :D
  21. ivan
    • The real biebah
  22. jojo
  23. Liliana
  24. Marley
  25. ivan
  26. MorethanAbelieber
  27. Nicole
  28. Rue b
  29. Anthony..JB,..
  30. Mrs.Kidrauhl

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