Toronto Beliebers, Show Your Support!!! #TorontoBuyoutFeb2


From Vanessa (@belieberbabes) Nicole (@nicolecampea) Julia (@juliaaa_xo):

Hey Toronto Beliebers!

Justin’s album ‘Believe Acoustic’ is coming out January 29, 2013! On Saturday, February 2nd, we will be holding another BIEBER BUYOUT! This is our fourth one! If you are not familiar with a ‘buyout’, it’s when we all go to the store and clear the shelves of Justin’s new album! The buyout will start at 2:00 pm and we will all meet at Yonge/Dundas Square, across the street from the Eaton Centre Mall. Once we are all there, we will go into HMV and buyout the cds! We will probably spend around 45 minutes inside buying CDs and other merch! Once we are done, we can go back to Yonge/Dundas square, take a bunch of pictures and videos to document the day! The CD’s will be donated to the Sick Kids hospital.

Some things to remember: 1) Bring money! CD’s and lunch if you come! 2) Bring friends & your parents can come too! 3) Bring anything to represent Justin and Toronto! (Shirts, posters, etc) 4) Bring a positive attitude! (Justin always appreciates and recognizes what we do) 5) Bring a camera! We want lots of pictures and videos! 6) Dress warmly!

Details click here

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