Videos: Justin Bieber Performs at Amway Center, Orlando FL


Justin Bieber performs in concert at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. on Friday, January 25, 2013.

10+ pics inside.

Watch the video:

Justin Bieber in concert singing Beauty and a Beat on 1/25/13 at the Amway Center in Orlando on his Believe Tour.

U Smile and That SHould Be ME

Justin Bieber introducing Mike Posner – Orlando, FL l 1/25/13

    • in the pic it looks like he is saying r u ready? i love all his songs! Justin, i dont mean 2 make u sad but… ahhh, y cant i just show instead of telling! How am i going to show if i cant tell? oh well the showing will do the telling.

    • so do i and i hope i can meet you justin i love your singing i love your acting in ncis i started crying when the tradgedy happened i love you so much justin even though im only young im 10 but i listen to your music all the time me and my sister know almost all your song so justin if you read this just so you know i livw in nz in hamilton 104 dinsdale road not like you need to know that or anything i just love you so much justin

    • Awesome!! I always watch “Baby” and “one Time” to see his start. Then watch these and say: “Wow! Hes gotten so far.”

      • wow thats really cool that you said that im proud to have beliebers like you on justin team….on OUR team(: and p.s i dont care that anyboby says my baby KILLSSSS THESE F**IN DRUMS(: LOVE YOU JUSTINBABY(: YOU SOO SEXY and yes safety is ALWAYS first(;

      • and also congrats to Truebelieber4life i really do hope you have fun and have a chance to meet justin…he always tell us to believe(: take pic and make video soo that we can watch please we love justin as much as you do(: have fun ok..(:

    • u shoulda waited outside and tried to get tickets thays what i wouldve done or until the concert was over tobsee him leave amd stuff

      • Ya, but I don’t have no money for tickets If that’s what you’re trying to ask me. I’ve thought about going past that center before the concert and see if I could spot him or whatever. But I couldn’t anyways, I like about an hour away and there is no way my parents would take me past there.

      • no u know how like Scooter and the crew give tickets to the fans that are like on their knees seriously crying lmao i heard people are making FAKE M&G bands and actually getting in im going to try and do that when my concery comes around

  1. My computer could not handle all that sexiness plus the voice of an angel and it crashed multiple times. Thanks, Justin. *_*

  2. That concert was so amazing!!!! Even though I had bad seats it was perfect! Cody Simpson, Mike Posner, and of course JUSTIN BIEBER…….. Loved it more than wordscan explain

  3. wow justin i love u justin u r looking really really hotyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy justin i really love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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