Best Valentine’s Day Card Ever!


“Best Card Ever! Thank U ALL for the love and support. this made my day”

“U should know that you are beautiful . Happy Valentine’s Day”


The card is made up of all the nice tweets and romantic Valentine’s messages that Justin got from beliebers. Click here to see if Justin put your message on the card.


  1. Mrs.Bieber
  2. oxBelieberxo
  3. Becky
  4. Belieber 4 life
  5. Xavier bieber
  6. Victoria Bieber
  7. Liliana
  8. Swag
  9. Niha bieber
  10. $$$belieber ***forever$$$
  11. shashabieber
  12. virgy tweazer
  13. Nia Bieber
  14. BBB.Belieberxxx
  15. Katerina bieber
  16. #Believe In Biebah
  17. Emma
  18. Tarini bieber
  19. Mel Bieber
  20. Belieber
  21. #JUSLEE
  22. Charity
  23. maria bieber