British PM David Cameron Sells Justin Bieber In Conservative Party Auction


British Prime Minister David Cameron purportedly auctioned off a meet-and-greet with Justin at the Tories’ annual Black and White Party to raise funds for future election campaigns – UK’s conservative party (Tory Party).

According to The Sun, a wealthy financier paid over £10,000 ($15,700) for the privilege of giving four teenage girls an access backstage pass to meet Justin when his 2013 Believe Tour rolls into London’s O2 Arena on March 7, 2013.

While ya’ll might assume that Justin has a special relationship with Cameron, it turns out he was in the dark about the get-together — and Justin was NOT told.

A rep for Bieber’s camp was unavailable, but a Universal UK publicist said Justin “wouldn’t expect to be informed” about who gets backstage passes to his shows.

The UK’s conservative party refused to comment. But Labour Member of Parlement Steve McCabe accused them of a “cynical” bid to exploit Justin Bieber that would backfire.

Last month, The Chicago Sun Times reported that “Justin Bieber is uncomfortable” discussing his political causes.

“Justin is uncomfortable in general about political causes — He’s all about entertaining his fans with his music and not interested in pushing a political agenda.”

  • Biebz4Evr!!


    • Isabella Bieber

      iyai idk wat 2 say! Justin, idk y ppl do things like this! Justin, I love you & u know that!

      • Voice of reason

        Do you even speak English…. think before you type.

    • Jodie810


  • sastika stands for JUSTIN

    why do they do so????? just so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! they want to warm Justin’s reputation bt never mind that’d be unsuccessful cuz we #beliebers are there..love u Justin

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    omb what they r doing idk y ppl do this and haters i really really hate u
    i love u justinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn



    • kiki

      U’re a pig.

  • ivan

    When people in shows like Letterman, politics, or awards shows see justin they see dollar signs and ratings. Therefore they would use him although they might not even be fans. Personally, I Don’t think much of the politicians today-they are not like George Washington.


    TF? of course he isnt all exactly informed of who gets backstage passes?? #Weird
    all that is crazy.. i think its cool wat that prime minister guy did.. he gave 4 girls a chance that im sure they have been waiting 4, for a loooonng time.. i wud love it.. wish i was one of ‘em <3

    and im a republican.. lmao but i cud understand y biebs doesnt discuss it.. he loves obama but that doesnt mean he's a democrat.. u kno??!! ughh ok i dont liikeee talkin bout politics either… :D



    Voice of reason, its called short cuts, if you dont know what they mean then look it up and figure it out, but ur of corse to LAZY to do it, ur just a computer geek. do something with your life.


    Oh and I think that Justin shouldn’t wory about polotics right now, hes is very bussy and working on music and pleasing his fans with new music and he is to bussy making his self more sexy. :D LUV U JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • ivan

    My advice to Justin is don’t get involved in politics. Look at the hatred some celebrities get, both Republican and Democrat, for expressing their opinions on guns, gay marriage, etc. Also, I am glad he did not endorse any presidential candidate although apparently he favored Obama. Stay neutral Justin. You don’t need more hate.

  • daughterofLordRauhl

    This is why Justin should not be used for political crap. It’s just dumb. He has nothing to do with that, and in America, who knows what political party he is? It’s understandable that he doesn’t talk about it. When people ask me, my answer? “None of your business.” Not in a rude way, but it’s just not. Politics are really shaky. But this was just stupid. Couldn’t you raise money a different way?

  • destineybieber

    Justin is so nt worried about politics he is more focused on his carrer ,,music,, an his wonderful belibers..