Can’t Go See Justin Bieber on Tour? Watch BELIEVE 3D Movies!


Justin wants to make sure that every one of beliebers can go see every tour he ever embarks on … but there are so many fans who can’t afford to buy concert tickets — or its sell out too fast.

Here’s what manager Scooter Braun tells MTV News:

What we want to do is … the concerts sell out so quickly, which has really been a blessing. But Justin and I were talking about how there’s so many kids out there who are in a position like he was growing up who don’t have a lot of money, who aren’t able to go to concerts.

Justin wants to put each one of his tours for the rest of his career in theaters for at least one weekend so that kid [fans] can go to the theater, pay their $10 and have that experience.

This is more about just giving them the concert and letting all the kids around the world for one weekend go to the concert together and then go back home and go online and share their experience.

Are you excited for the BELIEVE 3D movie?

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