Hardcore Beliebers Camp Out Under Blizzard Snow to See Justin Bieber on SNL


Hardcore beliebers already camping out on the chilly streets of New York for the chance to see Justin on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. Justin’s set to host and be the musical guest on SNL Feb 9.

As of Friday morning, reports Today, nearly 20 fans were already in line outside 30 Rock, waiting for the chance to get stand-by tickets for SNL. Stand-by tickets are handed out the Saturday morning before each show, and they don’t guarantee admission. The tickets offer an opportunity for fans to fill seats of those unable to attend that evening’s show.

As the weather reports continue to warn that New York City should expect a foot of snow, Saturday Night Live tweeted the show has kindly decided to distribute this weekend’s stand-by tickets Friday evening at 11 p.m.

Watch the video:

  • Xavier Jackson

    Lucky but happy for them hope they have a blast :) if I had a job and had money I would have saved up and went :( I want to see him badly though hopefully ill see believe 3D soon <3

    • Mrs.Bieber

      21 is old. Lol

    • MNRush

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  • Mrs.Bieber

    I did that at his rogers center concert.

  • Alyssa sweetie luvzjb

    Justin Bieber has great fans. :D who ever says he doesn’t is a liar.

  • Future Mrs. Bieber♥

    I live in New York City and i love Justin more then anything in the world but i can’t go out there in the freezing cold for 2 days straight. For those of you who don’t live in NYC the weather is below 18 degrees and there is a blizzard coming tonight. Instead im going to stay under my warm and toasty blankets with a cup off hot chocolate and watch the show and for any of you who are going to wait out there you are nuts and you will be sick for 2 months :) Justin wouldn’t want any of you doing somthing crazy like that for him.

    • Fatima Bieber

      Same here!!!!! I love Justin so much but I can’t just go and wait there and maybe not even get any tickets! I still see myself as a hardcore belieber but not like that.

      • Future Mrs. Bieber♥

        I’ve gone out there millions of times with my best friend and i never ended up getting in. For those of you who dont know there are literally more then 10000 girls already waiting so the chances of you getting in are very small. I got lucky once and i got to go to his Today show concert because one of his body gaurds came out and gave me and my best friend tickets because they were extras so yea i got to go and see him there and i had a great time. The difference is that when i went the weather was perfect and in the 80 degrees area not the freakin night before a blizzard. If you don’t have tickets to somthing and you want to go and try to get in DONT its a complete waste of time and you wont get in. All those girls which are wating out there are to get hypothermia. Justin said it himself he doesnt want girls hurting themselves to come and see him so dont any of you dare tell me that im not a real Belieber because i’ve been a belieber since 2007 unlike any of you who just started liking him this year and just because of his looks. Peace out.

      • BBB.Belieberxxx


  • daughterofLordRauhl

    God, that is pretty hard-core. That’s loyalty that should exist everywhere, but unfortunately, it doesn’t. But those are some loyal fans. Damn.

  • Nelly

    No entiendo nada D: esta en ingles

    • Ellie

      Beliebers se quedaron afuera de el estudio, para recivir bolletos para el show del en SNL. Y el le compro pizza por estar afuera.

  • ivan

    I hate that the media does not report things like this generosity on his part, but jump on any so-called scandal like a trafic stop.

  • ivan

    I taught the article mentioned that he provided free pizza for his fans outside. That is what I meant above.

  • Ellie

    The dedication is real and amazing. These girls are perfect. & Justin is amazing for buying them pizza.

    • Real Alisha

      He is such a nice guy, luv him.

  • Real Alisha

    Awww! How sweet, justin n his beliebers r the best.

  • Jsha bieber

    I wish i could be there with them :)

  • sastika stands for JUSTIN

    yeah!!!!!!!! so dedicated! that’s why JUSTIN n his beliebers along with his fans are amazing!! #PROUDbeingABELIEBER love u all love u JUSTIN

  • ileanaGj

    I was there :)

  • Lauraisa

    It’s not such a good idea to put your health at risk just to see a pop star. I’m a few miles from New York City and there is a sh*t load of snow.

    Being dedicated is fine, but this is just risking your health…

    • Julian

      And im living in New York but is not that bad like how New Jersey and the rest of the area does be getting a bad snow storm so NY is lucky all we getting is little rain coming down.

  • Lauraisa

    You all need lives…lol…if all you do is care about some boy who isn’t even that attractive you obviously have no life of your own.

  • Julian

    Noway that crazy I can not do that is so cold to be sleeping outside till morning to see Justin.

  • justin.adele

    justin have big fans in this world and they do anything for him…
    I’m so far of NYC and america and I think I can’t watch this show bcoz I don’t know it plays from what chanel of tv?

  • goldeneda-belieberx3

    we can do anything to see him , we are such a sweet fanbase . Justin and Beliebers are the BEST (: !! <3

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    yes u r right
    we can do anything for justin we love u justin
    if i was there i just die to see him wow justin i love u justin i love u i love u i love u

  • essie j

    that’s so amazing i would do the same thing if i was there :)

  • breanna

    Wow if only I could go but I wouldn’t stay outside with a blizzard

  • wambatawe

    u re greatest boy,n i lyk how u do dis to ur fans,ni deal ukuntu wihiringa ni danger ariko too bebe u re hustler,ukwituniraho yijyeho!.peace up bro,i lyk u.highfinger up on ur haters.

  • ivan

    TMZ , etc mention nothing of his great attitude toward his fans unlike most celebrities, but they have time today to report on some rapper’s advice for him to stay out of a certain drug drink when all we have are unseen pictures and unknown sources. Then the haters make hateful comments which is expected from them. Wonder why Justin hates these paps and gossip sites?

  • Desss

    thats so cool tat theyre that dedicated to see him if it was hot i would do that but you could get really sick and die like its a blizzard its not 90 degrees they could catch pnuemonia or hypothermia and die

  • Jasmine Bieber♥

    I live in New York City but i cant wait outside in the freezing cold especially now when its like below 18 degrees. Im a really hardcore belieber but theres a difference from beinga hard core belieber and being somone to put your health at risk. I’d much rather stay under my warm blankets and a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the show. Whos with me?

  • Pie.

    Channel 4.

  • destineybieber

    i wuud totally do that for justin but i hav never been to any of his conerts boohoo i kno..but i wuud do anything to go 2 a concert or even to meet him..justin has great belibers!^.^


    that is just crazy,, like seriously… u think im goin to freeze my A S S off for hours just to see biebs?!!!

    biebs i love u.. now if it wasnt a blizzard, maybe i wudve hung out for a lil bit.. haha

    but frfr, u r amazing.. soo dont think i dont think u r.. <333333333