Juno Fan Choice Award 2013 -Vote Justin Bieber!


Vote Justin Bieber NOW for the 2013 JUNO Fan Choice award!

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  1. hey i can,t vote bcs i can,t give my any information but y they do this y they want our information yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy idk i want to vote omb
    plz justin don,t be sad bcs of that twitter news don,t worry just wait and watch that what willl happen after
    so by tc i love u justinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn n u will win award wow i love u justin

  2. I am sooo excited but angry will kill the person who has hacked Justin s account let me find him once then he is a dead meat

  3. I am not confident about any of these polls or shows anymore-look what happened at The People’s Choice awards where he was cheated out of at least 2 awards. According to a person studying to be a journalist who checked the voting patterns, he should have won based on actual number of voters but lost because he was not there. Who remembers who won best artist? Katty Perry who won the fandom award was behind both Justin and One Direction and still won that award.

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