Justin Bieber and Ella-Paige NOT Dating! Singer Denies Rumor!


British singer Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke has taken to Twitter to make it clear that she and Justin Bieber are not DATING, despite reports claiming otherwise.

Rumors of a relationship between the two singers were triggered after they were spotted looking cozy at Justin Timberlake’s post-Brit Awards concert last week. Justin recently split from longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez.

The Mirror claimed that Justin and Ella-Paige had been introduced in Los Angeles by mutual friends, and he sent his Rolls Royce to pick her up from her home in London and take her on a date.

By Sunday, Ella-Paige was on Twitter retweeting a fan post that stated:

justin’s not dating ella paige, she’s only an acquaintance.

She also retweeted one of her followers’ comments, which stated:

so I just read a newspaper article about exactly what you think i’m talking about and it was so ridiculously untrue I actually reeled. are they just allowed to invent things? so and so and so and so have gone public/official. Well, no. what? no.

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