Justin Bieber Concert at O2 Arena Dublin17th Feb [Pic & Video]


Justin Bieber hits up the stage at the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland on Sunday night (February 17). He posted on Twitter earlier in the day, “Ireland the #BELIEVEtour is back and in EUROPE! Leggo!”

Watch the video:

8+ more pics!

Justin Bieber’s dramatic entrance Believe Tour 2013 @O2 Dublin 17th February.

Justin performs “LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO”

    • i’ve goot admit…this guy is kinda fading and his fans are truly immature.
      i mean he has the most followers on twitter and i’ve heard he has alot of screaming fans every where but in school all my friends talk about is one direction. and most of them were beliebers.
      i mean you gys are truly stupid speciallyin that jelena thing ,,
      when it was rumored they were dating you guys send her death tweets and hate on her and do stupid things but when she dumps him and insult him in public and so do her friends you guys are quite? but directioners: when harry and taylor dated ONLY some hated on her and most where just mad but never hated her but when she insults him in public they show her what directiooners are …. and at the same time not sooo much hate…
      while you guys are sittting thier like fools letting her do what she wants :)
      and one direction is winning alot of awards when them and justin are nominated at the same catigory…and u guys are not really that supportive… I mean if this is happening now what would happen later?

      • ummmmm….
        you do know that justin’s believe acoustic debuted no. 1 on billboard charts right and you do know that justin and 1d where the same votes but both mtv and pca rigged? how could katy wins 5,000,000 votes at 1 hour? and mtv 1d alot? and do ypu know that justin was no.1 at billboards 21 under 21 while 1d was no.2?
        and do you know that we beliebers rule twitter and make world wide trends that stays no.1 for two days and are you deff????? can u not hear alll those screaming fans thier? oh gosh may god help you

      • The real biebah is right. fyi if people dont want to get hate for us beliebers then the shouldnt be mean to justin. this is a justin bieber fansite not one direction. we are very supportive and ifyor a hater get off this site.

      • The real biebah is right. fyi if people dont want to get hate for us beliebers then the shouldnt be mean to justin. this is a justin bieber fansite not one direction. we are very supportive and if your a hater get off this site.

    • Idk that J person said eminem was better than justin and its confusing because they are to different to even be compared like come on to confusing… But off of that note justin did Amazing in Dublin and hope UK have fun with him

  1. Eminem rap justin sings pop u cant really compare 2 artist if they do different genre of music….well u can but it really wouldnt make sense.

  2. Comparing Eminen With Justin is like comparing a ballroom dancer with a ballet dancer; they are both talented but different. The same thing applies if you compare a boy band like One Direction or The Wanted with Justin who is a solo performer-the most charismatic, exciting male performer today. It boils down to music: some love rap and hate pop and some love pop and hate rap. Whatever turns you on.

  3. Maybe that is one reason he was apparently not invited to the grammys; they were afraid he would steal the show as he usually does. He did it at the Victoria Secret show, the kids Choice Awards, the Teen Choice Awards, and the American Music Awards

  4. am i the only one who noticed that pic of justins face when he was younger on the first pic. upper right corner guys!!!! look it’s justin 2 years ago admiring justin now xD

  5. No nid to quarell peeps, i also luv jb at his do(rnb pop) nd also eminem at rap, dey are on different line of music, so pals no nid to compare

  6. wow awesome awesome awesom concert n i love u justin n these pix r awesome great fabulous fantastic sexy hotyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wow :P:P:P i love u justin i love u ilove u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u i love u

  7. I know why he wasn’t invited to the Grammys cause he sucks.!! And justin bieber isn’t that famous anymore he’s loosing fans there new people not stupid old justin bieber like Bruno mars more talented and doesn’t use auto tune don’t worry girls one day u will put grow justin bieber

    • maybe you should put in some commas (,) and periods (.). Also you should take out the “likes”.
      So, if Justin is loosing fans, at least he knows he did good and he had THE BEST fanbase.
      Most new people can’t outshine the biebz– so whatever.
      Justin Doesn’t need Auto. Who are you to say Bruno is MORE talented??…
      It, once again, doesnt matter if we “out-grow” Justin as long as we stay true and don’t turn against him. Maybe we’ll be back…

      • … and by the way there are firsts and/or times for EVERYTHING, that being said, Loosing fans and not staying as strong as that person used to be happens to everyone.

      • we just like to type fast and have abreaveations, its much faster, but thanks for the advise, ill tell my freinds to follow ur command -.-

      • abbreviations are fine,. feel free to type fast, but punctuation would be nice. No need to tell your friends cuz it wasnt a commmand.

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