Justin Bieber & Fans Caused Ustream & Twitcam Crashed – Over Capacity!




  1. :( I was getting exited to see him. Well, atleast he is making it upto us and uploading a new video on twitter .. I love that whatever happens, he never lets his beliebers down.

  2. wohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we r really awesome beliebers
    i love u justin so so so so so so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. He and One Direction were clearly snubbed by the grammys. They are a bunch of nose up in the air stiffs who think teen idols like the above are below their dignity. But guess who will have the last laugh over most of the winners who probably have a tiny fraction of the Fanbase Justin and One Direction have? Justin Timberlake fans are gloating that he performed and not what they call the false Justin. The fact is they lost millions of more viewers. One guy said Beyonce won over Justin and Lady Gaga showing what true talent is. Well, that means Beyonce is better than dozens of the greatest artists who never won- google this and you will see my point.

  4. Justin Bieber is soo hott , he is the best siinger , and the most popular , i love you justin , you are favorite . I Love You , so much .. I can’t wait ot get your new CD , Believe Acoustic <3 .

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