Justin Bieber: ” I Miss My Bro & Sis”

Cutest pic ever! Justin sleeping with his little brother and sister.

@justinbieber: I miss my Lil bro N sis

    • That is not right for Justin to be sleeping with a 4 year old girl and a 3 year old boy half naked. Justin is almost 19 years old. It would be okay if it was just Jazzy and Jaxo, but not Justin half naked too. Gosh it’s cute, but strange. It would be a lot better if Jazzy was fully clothed.

      • It’s not like Justin’s gonna rape his own lil sister wow. Him sleeping next to his lil sister is like a dad sleeping next to his lil daughter. -_-
        You never know.. Jazmyn might not like sleeping on her own and Justin is just trying to comfort her so she knows she’s not alone = cute(:

      • I have to agree with @belieber. That’s why I responded with “…….”. Didn’t quite think that sounded right. He loves his brother and sister and they love him. It’s not like it’s a bad thing. A lot of guys sleep half naked, I thought that was pretty well known. They’re family, it’s not really wrong. Now if Jazzy was like 10, I could understand what you’re saying. But she’s 4 and maybe doesn’t wanna sleep alone, and maybe those kids were hot. Gosh damn, think a little.

      • I agree with Mrs. Bieber it is strange. There is such an age difference. It”s weird. Hes 18 and hes sleeping with two kids under5. My mom says its not right too. Brothers and sisters under five its okay to sleep together but not 16 years difference. Geeze i dont even sleep with my 2year old brother ; its not right.

      • Wow your trying to make something that is cute and sweet into something perverted. He is there older brother why would he even think Justin would do something would do something wrong to his little brother and sister. My little sister and brother sleep with me when there scared and i’m 19. There is nothing wrong with that if they were stranger kids or if it was another guy in bed they didn’t know then it would be in he wrong.

      • It’s his half brother and sister. And why would a 19 year old be on this site..Don’t you have something better to do like a job???

      • @Mrs. Bieber- Um, I’m not trying to start an argument here, but does it really matter whether it’s his half brother and sister or not? They’re still related. I don’t view my half sister as my half sister. She’s still my sister. And my 3 year old nephew sleeps with me when my sister’s not around and he’s scared. They’re family, they love each other. Like I said, if Jazzy was like 10, I could understand that. But she’s 4. It’s not really wrong. But it’s #myopinionDon’tf*ckwithit. OK? OK. Again, not argumentative, but still.

      • girl u better gone some where justin can do whatever he wont you aint his mother and who are u to be judging him i bet if he was in your face u wouldnt say that to him and u need to look at your self in the mirror cause im pretty sure u are stranger and weirder than u say he is ok so if u gonna start judging somebody starting judging u self first ok booboo ok thnk u very much ps.u are so weird and stupid and u think u the papparzzi trying to have an a opinion on somebody like he asked u for your opinion ps……justin dont listen to that hating bum u so sexy loooooooooooooove tiffany and amiracle aka mrs.beibers

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      • Knew I was gonna get hate for that, sometimes I should just keep my damn mouth shut. But anyway, that wasn’t hateful, I’m just used to people using that kind of stuff just to look all cool. Sorry ’bout that. #bigger person

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  1. Aw. Justin’s a great big brother. I know how he feels. When my little brother isn’t with me, I miss him so much. But I hope that he’ll get to see his bro and sis soon. :)

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  3. Somehow I think that Justin like Jaxon better than Jazzy. Like how come Justin’s arm is wrapped around only Jaxon and not Jazzy?

    • Dude it’s just a picture with one still moment.. He could have shifted and wrapped both of his arms around them but who knows its just one picture

  4. Guys please calm down!!! Justin is their brother!And none of them are naked!Justin just isn’t wearing a shirt prob’ cuz he felt warm okay! And it’s fine 4 a brother 2 sleep with his sister who is only FOUR okay! Stop trying 2 make it sound like he’s doing something wrong! They dont get 2 see him very often and they miss him! Just calm down.

    • Thank you. Sheesh, I don’t get these comments. They’re trying to make something sweet into something weird. But that’s this world for you. Starting drama for no real reason…

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