Justin Bieber is a Teacher!


ScooterBraun: Attention teachers and students…. Proud night. #bieberonsnl

  • Eva

    OMG! I didn’t recognize him! Haha

    • justinbiebergirlllllll

      I know right! I had to take a double take! but he was wonderful! He could definantly make it as an actor!!!!! Great Job Justin!

  • Nicole

    Wow justin looks sexy! :D

  • BBB.Belieberxxx

    wow sexy teacher

  • The real biebah

    If he was my teacher… Id come to school each and every day and work hard on my studies :)

    • khloe99

      Well, me too but I’m not so sure about my studies cuz i would be so frickin distracted by his cuteness :D :D :D

      • Mj and jb fan

        Hahaha @therealbiebah and @khloe99 accurate

    • oxBelieberxo

      Me too! @The real biebah

  • Real Alisha

    Omg! I could not recognised him. Lol!

    • K.Bieber

      Me too, he looks different !

      but still smexy …. (;

  • sup

    if he was a teacher will stpo be a bad ass

  • hey guys

    nerd nredy justin bieber <3

    • kahani


  • K.Bieber

    I would love for him to be my teacher and i would say i needed “extra help”, on my tests or something so he could help me after class ! (;


  • mrs.bieber

    Teach teach me my justin

  • Marley

    He looks so…Proper.
    I like it. U_U

  • $$$belieber ***forever$$$

    hey hey hey that,s not justin ok
    but if he is my teacher i will come school everyday wow
    so he will teach me n then i will do everything that he will say to me wow juju i love u justin i love u justin i love u i love u

    • Carly bieber

      I’m not being mean but that is justin if u remove the glasses and fix the hair it’s him but I can see y would would think that’s not him lol

  • essie j

    a sexy teacher ;)

  • sastika stands for JUSTIN

    who wouldn’t like school if the teacher is this sexy n cute?????????? JUSTIN BIEBER…. I love u JUstin!! TEACHER rocks!!!!!!!! yeah be my teacher instead of saying be my valentine lol love u

  • Nandra Belibers

    OMG … Its so funny, He looks hot …..
    I love you Justin, Your so adorable

  • Fatima Bieber official

    I recognized him right when he came out and I loved how he looked!!!!

  • iambieberpokemongirl1326

    hot teacther

    • Jsha bieber

      I agree :)

  • Xavier Jackson

    Lol I like the glasses on him there real cool :) if he was my college or trade school teacher I would have perfect attendance and ask him about selina

  • Victoria Bieber

    So sexy and beautifuul !!

  • Ellie

    Most handsome teacher I have ever soon .. He did an amazing job ( :

  • Tarini bieber

    Hey cutie sweetheart Justin I’m sending u valintine days chocolates u send me roses pls

  • KylaNeverSayNever

    He wasn’t a teacher he was a nerdy student.

  • justin bieber lover smexy

    i will come to skl everyday 24/7 even on holidays he is just so smexy i will just sketch his name or him in my book all day long

  • Desss

    omg im soo proud of him he did SOO good his acting has improved a lot especially accents but i laughed so hard on GLICE and the nerd skit was also my fav

  • lexi

    oooooo thats fr me when gets home

  • Mrs. BieberForever

    OMB!!!! I so. Want him to be . My. Teacher! I would. So everything he says. And respect him! He looks. So. Cute. Ethie way! I loved. Everythign he. Did on SNL!
    I. Want to meet. Him bad. Beyond. Bad! He. Should. Startacting. Too! He’s do good!
    He’s. So funny! I love him. So very. Much! Love you. Justin Bieber! #BELIEBER FOREVER!

  • ivan

    Your new teacher girls! Now lets study physics with Justin.

  • oxBelieberxo

    Omg! If only Justin was my teacher. I would say like “I need help on something” after school so I’ll see him allot. That would just be awesome ;)

  • destineybieber

    auuh nerdy but cute..no matter how he looks or wat he wears he is my idol an always will be ..I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER:)

  • nicole

    Omg i love justin bieber & he was great on snl lasnight !!!!

  • Samantha luvs Justin♥

    Justin is a SEXY NERD! I’d still date him even if he looked like that all the time cuz he could just take off the glasses but then he would probably have to put his bangs down…. Also, he says “There is nothing wrong with being abstinent, we can still be intimate without going all the way.” & he’s right there is nothing wrong with that! I love him even more for him wanting to save sex for marriage, I would be a little disappointed if he didn’t but I’d still love him anyway. But I’m just glad that he is waiting! If any of you guys say “No, he isn’t a virgin anymore, he had sex with Selena!” Um, how would you guys even know, do you stalk him? No, & how would they even have time to with their busy schedules? & I heard that Selena said that one of the reasons she broke up with him was bcuz he was too immature for her & having sex has to do with being mature bcuz sex is a big step in a relationship & you also have to be in love & obviously Selena didn’t love Justin if she didn’t believe him when he said that he wasn’t cheating! & I only know about all this stuff bcuz I’ve heard it before not that I’m not a virgin cuz I am & I’m waiting for marriage too, not bcuz of Justin but bcuz it’s the right thing to do, I’m a huge believer in Christ & I’m going to follow what he says & no it’s not bcuz I’m Christian either. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!♥